Tax Declaration of 2019: So much time you have left until the deadline | money

For the tax return in 2019, there is a clear deadline. Who realizes that he can't comply, should apply for an extension of time. 31. July, you should register

Tax Declaration of 2019: So much time you have left until the deadline | money

For the tax return in 2019, there is a clear deadline. Who realizes that he can't comply, should apply for an extension of time.

31. July, you should register for the tax return 2019 in the calendar. The official deadline . The good news: When Filling out the applications, you have it compared to the past a little easier.

tax Declaration 2019: deadline on December 31. July 2020

For the tax return 2019 you should write this date in the calendar: at the Latest on 31. July 2020 , you must submit the completed forms to the tax office.

unless it is a wage helps> tax assistance club or tax Advisor

deadlines are crucial for all, the need to file a tax return* . A requirement exists, for example, if someone has in addition made to the salary income of more than 410 euros. This also applies, if someone has to get a wage replacement rate of more than 410 Euro in the year, so, for example, unemployment benefit, parental allowance or short-time working money.

with the tax return,* all of which had side by side a number of employers have to deal with also. The forms that spouse must fill out, if both work wage-related and a Partner, was taxed with the tax class V or VI, or if the Couple had chosen the so-called factor method (control class IV/factor).

must a trader submit A tax return in addition, the self-employed, freelancers and trades.

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tax return in 2019: Dawdle is automatically more expensive

postponement, the office granted only for a valid reason. Who missed unexcused, the levy may pay for it, warns Stiftung Warentest , The tax office may, therefore, require a late fee. This is 0.25 per cent of the assessed tax is at least EUR 25 per late month. "Will made the statement only 14 months after the end of the tax year – i.e. in March 2021, it will set the late fee fixed." The successes automatically if the IRS has placed a claim for payment of a fixed. "Is there a refund or the tax is zero euros, it is in the discretion of the financial officers, whether or not a Supplement is due."

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tax return in 2019: it's as easy As compared to earlier

The good news: "The tax return in 2019 is faster than before – not only online but even on paper", the experts of Stiftung Warentest* explain. In the case of the forms, some of the rows and fields are highlighted in green and with a small "e" marked. The Fill is a little easier: "All of the data had to enter the taxpayer there yet, a now bears the tax authorities", - stated in Employer, health insurance or pension insurance must have this data until the end of February submitted electronically. "The information submitted to the information of the tax payer. Therefore, all should check your tax bill later."

The green fields were to be found in the appendices N, R, and pension expense. You have, therefore, especially for workers and pensioners are important. Practical: "workers do not need to, for example, transfer the values from your income tax certificate. If you leave the fields for gross pay or the paid wage tax easy." The same is true for contributions to the social insurance funds in the system benefit costs. "Retirees no longer need to specify in the system R, their pension amount* or the beginning of your retirement," according to Stiftung Warentest more.

in addition to employment tax data , and pensions* contributions to the Riester - or Rürup-pensions, capital benefits or unemployment benefits as an E-transmitted data to the tax office. "Taxpayers should leave the boxes marked free and you only have to fill out if you are sure that the transmitted data are incorrect or incomplete. In these fields, something is triggered to the tax office automatically a personal inspection by an officer. This is request probably evidence to show why the submitted data are incorrect or incomplete."

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tax return in 2019: No documents

" supporting documents to send with the billing must be accompanied by – no donations receipts and tax certificates of the Bank", according to the experts of Stiftung Warentest. Investors would only provide loss of certificates always. The disability lump sum, the evidence is at least easier than in the past. "Only if the lump sum is first requested, or something changes, you must a taxpayer submit evidence."

The experts advise: "pick up all the documents of receipt of the tax notice-decision is still a year long. The officials request you if necessary. You can submit documents electronically – for example, scanned via E-Mail."

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sources: dpa, Stiftung Warentest,


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