'Tarteletbæltet' in western Jutland, denmark is under pressure: More cuts down on and and rose

Is the 'green' madbølge know that wash over the Danish christmas? And, the flood reached such a force that juleand and roast pork soon achieve the same stat

'Tarteletbæltet' in western Jutland, denmark is under pressure: More cuts down on and and rose

Is the 'green' madbølge know that wash over the Danish christmas?

And, the flood reached such a force that juleand and roast pork soon achieve the same status as the soft packages under the tree?


Many danes – and the vast majority – swear still to the traditional christmas dinner with duck and roast pork, roasted potatoes, red cabbage and gravy.

But just as with the family of Christensen – who this year is running a 100 % vegan christmas – more families in the coming year, choosing green over 'brown', predicts livsstilsekspert and futurologist Liselotte Lyngsø.

"It is happening increasingly, that more nedprioriterer meat on christmas eve. And although it is still primarily a storbyfænomen, there has been a slippage, where the christmas dinner in several places in the country now called less meat, more filling."

'The west jutland tarteletbælte'

Over to B. T. stresses Liselotte Lyngsø, that christmas eve is one of the last bastions where very strong forces to be in the game, before the Danish juleand is being seriously hamstrung.

"We still have a tarteletbælte in Jutland around Esbjerg, where people swear to kødtraditionerne," says Liselotte Lyngsø, but at the same time stresses that the increasing number of vegetarians around the country have achieved new status:

"There's a completely different space and understanding, and you don't need to explain why you do not eat meat. In fact, it is rather kødspiserne, that must explain why they eat it. As a vegetarian, it is no longer the villain. You are the hero."

In the above video you can see B. T.'s food critic Thomas Alcayaga put the teeth in a vegan 'juleand' and at the same time to give his take on a delicious treretters vegetarian christmas menu.

Ready on vegetarian christmas

According to the major supermarket chains Coop and Salling Group, there is not much evidence that the duck and pig are on the road away from the danes ' juleplatte.

In a representative poll, as the Coop has just published, the equivalent of 74 % of the danes, that they should have and, while 66 % go with flæskestegen 24. december.

Anyway to match each sixth respondents in the same survey, that they either are already keeping a vegetarian christmas or are 'aware of it'.

According to Liselotte Lyngsø is one of the great 'problems' to get more over on the vegetarvognen christmas eve, that the alternatives for the good christmas dinner (still) missing.

When was flour and

In Holstebro sitting 37-year-old Louise and go to sleep with a different view.

She has just opened the webshop nuttyvegan.com where she sells bags of vital wheat gluten. Also called seitanmel.

A product that may or may not get juleklokkerne to call in many as an obvious alternative to julemenuen.

But it is, emphasises Louise. Seitanmel can be used to make vegan steaks, sausages and now when it is christmas – also 'and'.

"I have made a recipe for mock duck (vegan and), where there is a mixed red cabbage, ribesgelé and prunes in. It tastes full of christmas. And so it has the here kødagtige consistency. Thus, it is not something small," says Louise go to sleep, that link to opskiften on its website.

When was herring to tofu

Also, the Coop has taken the challenge with alternative christmas up, and something new, in december launched two meat-free christmas-alternatives:

the Plant'rose' made of mushrooms and beans and 'herring' in the curry, which in fact is the bite-sized pieces of tofu in karrycreme.

"There is a small group of danes, who would like to try a christmas without meat, and therefore we try it in selected stores. But christmas is a tradition and a tradition is created by that you do the same thing as they did last year. So the vast majority will eat duck and roast pork, as usual," says Coops analysechef, Lars Aarup.

Also from the Salling Group's head office in the scenic Brabrand is a view of a large flock of ducks towards the Danish plates.

"With us you have juleanden plenty of air under the wings, like flæskestegen still is a sure hit. However, we feel that more will want to supplement julemaden with a greening element in a more modern version," says communications consultant Jacob Krogsgaard Nielsen.

In the series the next article explains nutritionist Preben Vestergaard Hansen, chief physician Asmus Thun Bisgaard, how 'the perfect julemåltid' looks. Follow with in the morning.

Updated Date: 11 December 2019, 08:00

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