Swiss cancelling half of their capacity

The Lufthansa group, with its subsidiary Swiss attacks due to the booking of collapse as a result of the Coronavirus to take drastic measures. Cuts in flight ca

Swiss cancelling half of their capacity

The Lufthansa group, with its subsidiary Swiss attacks due to the booking of collapse as a result of the Coronavirus to take drastic measures. Cuts in flight capacity in the next few weeks, up to 50 percent.

Meanwhile, affected areas of the Reservation drops all traffic, as the German group announced on Friday in a Communiqué. The further reduction in the flights serve to reduce the financial consequences of the slump in Demand.

The Swiss, for their part, want to reduce in March and April, their capacity by up to 50 per cent, as announced. The deletions concern in particular the short-haul.

The Swiss check now, various measures to reduce costs. "The introduction of short-time working is not currently provided but," said spokeswoman Karin Müller, the news Agency AWP said.

from the current developments in expected Earnings is not currently estimable. The Swiss will. in the framework of the annual media conference on 19 March to Express. On the same day, the Lufthansa announces group figures.

short-time working at Lufthansa

The airline wants to send because of the impact of the Coronavirus employees in forced leave. We speak currently of the Federal Agency for work, a spokeswoman said on Friday in Frankfurt, the Reuters news Agency.

Also, the Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines wants a newspaper report that their employees because of the impact of the Coronavirus shorter work. A spokeswoman for the Austrian Airline said, and you drag multiple measures into account, including short-time working. It is currently being negotiated with employee representatives.

In addition, Lufthansa is examining the extent of the entire Airbus A380 fleet with 14 aircraft in Frankfurt and Munich temporarily out of service can be provided.

thousands of flights

painted on the previous day, the largest European airline group had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus epidemic until the end of March, around 7'100 flights. The calculator corresponded to a capacity of 150 aircraft.

the Swiss had been reduced to the day before your flight activities. The changes to the Route concerned from Zurich and Geneva, the entire Short - and medium-haul network, as well as on the long-haul destinations of Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore.

Tel Aviv is the plan, starting from Sunday until the end of the winter flight on 28. March of the Swiss and other airlines in the Lufthansa group even more flying. Alone by the flight cancellations of the Swiss to Tel Aviv over 13'000 passengers were affected, said a spokeswoman on request.

Flexible reclassifications

The Swiss offers its clients, effective immediately more flexible rebooking options. The new goodwill rules apply to the transfers for existing as well as future bookings worldwide.

Specifically, the Airline waivers up to 31. March for all newly booked flights on the rebooking fees. For existing bookings, the new goodwill rules for flights with a departure date of up to 30 applies. April 2020, it means more. Passengers could. your ticket without fee to a new date to 31 December December 2020 to rebook.

The group has approximately 780 aircraft in the fleet have completed in the past year, an average of 3'226 flights per day. Focus of Cancellations by Thursday, the intra-German Connections with high frequencies, as well as flights to Italy. The staff was asked to go into voluntary part-time work or unpaid leave to be submitted.

The industry Association IATA had estimated that the possible drop in sales in the global passenger business on a margin of between 63 and 113 billion dollars. It was up to 19 percent of the total volume, and in the Dimension with the financial crisis of 2008/2009, comparable. The impact on the freight business were not yet estimated. (aru/sda)

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