Superéthanol E85 : how to ride to (almost) half price | Automotive

And if the gasoline powered vehicle had not said its last word ? Buried by those who condemn him, for some to the 2030 horizon, the heat engine retains, however

Superéthanol E85 : how to ride to (almost) half price | Automotive

And if the gasoline powered vehicle had not said its last word ? Buried by those who condemn him, for some to the 2030 horizon, the heat engine retains, however, strong arguments. Even if it is based on a fireworks tax, the superéthanol of agricultural origin, often referred to as bioethanol or E85, is a fuel that fits perfectly to the gasoline engine, it is sufficient to add a small box of adaptation which the average cost installed is about 1 000 euros.

It will obviously amortize this adjustment, but it may be less expensive as it has been given to an operation launched by the company flex fuel has proposed in this case to 699 euros on a hybrid car gasoline. Because it is a fuel able to substitute for all species and it is also the case of hybrids like the Toyota Auris, which may combine the advantages of the electric traction point and the fuel gas to E85 especially respectful of the environment. The object of this promotion, this case has helped to lower the fuel budget of 3 euros per 100 km for a consumption of 4.5 l in average.

above all, the fuel of organic origin. provides the interest decrease of 90% in emissions of fine particles and 50 % net CO2 emissions compared to a fossil fuel. Only 90 000 French are glimpses of this technical asset, and the core tax non-negligible at the pump. It is astonishing that so many users neglect this technology. France, still close to the agricultural sector, however, makes a speciality of bioethanol, ahead of Germany, producing 12 million hectoliters of fuel, or a quarter of the european production. This has a great impact since the E85 allows you to reduce 71 % of the emissions of greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels on the life cycle analysis.

Restore virginity to an opportunity

The advantage tax, the price differential between the super and the E85 remains almost constant © DR

This is the reason why the government actively supports this fuel with a fiscal policy that is particularly comprehensive, which is also a sword of Damocles, because it can be reported the next day. It does not seem to be in the air with the green movement in the new government Castex and the very strong willingness of Brussels to get down costs the average emissions of the vehicles.

How to proceed ? The ideal is of course to buy a new vehicle already adapted and, if there has been in the past quite a lot of proposed by the manufacturers, this range has meanwhile evaporated. It should bounce, however given the air time and we've seen it at Ford for example with a Kuga previous generation running on E85. Adapted from original by Ford, this vehicle retains the ability at any time to mix in its tank, a variable quantity of lead-free petrol, and even to operate fully as well. But the bill at the pump will then act as a deterrent.

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In reality, to escape from the models set by the manufacturers, the casing of the processing is more flexible since no less than ten million vehicles on the road can be equipped, thus leaving a choice, almost the total of the model to the motorist, non diesel of course. We can then consider the case of models that are very recent in checking their eligibility or give a virginity to an old car more polluting due to the conversion to E85. Once the installation is done, it is necessary to apply for a new carte grise, so that the latter is marked as " FE " (or, FL, FN, FG, FH) in the box P3. This change is free of charge in all metropolitan areas (except in the Centre-Val-de-Loire and in Brittany, where it is half the price) and determines the issuance of the vignette Crit'Air..

The flexibility of the dual-fuel

Ford Kuga Flexifuel © Rouffignac Bernard / Ford

The bioethanol is produced from crops grown locally by farmers in france, and it is transformed on-site by bio-refineries. They deal with the waste from the beet, for example, without actually impacting the human food or animal feed. The production of superéthanol is still very marginal, as in February 2020, it represented only 3.9% of the market of gasolines distributed in France (out of a total of 340 million liters). But if she can easily substitute for traditional gasoline, it can again according to the principle of the dual-fuel to call it in case an unlikely event where you wouldn't meet on the road one of the 1 850 stations that carry (20% of points of sale) in France in the superéthanol E85.

The search of the right pump is a lot less kafkaesque than that of a terminal of electric charging and, especially, the full is done in a conventional way in as little time as a petrol pump. The difference is that the current price of the superéthanol is of the order of 65 euro cents per liter vs. 1.33 € for the SP95 E10, which is half the price. But if we take into account a consumption of 25 % compared to gasoline, the advantage is still of the order of 40 % on the fuel budget of a household.

The chain of superéthanol has calculated that, over a distance of 776 km leading to a Parisian in Marseilles, it will save 28 euros on its fuel budget. The concern is that on a car not factory fitted, which is most of the time the case, it will go through a conversion kit E85 approved by the State. Four manufacturers of box E85 have received this accreditation and it is better to address to them or to a network, auto maintenance, such as Autobacs. Shots of an inch of certain regions make it possible in addition to reduce the price of this installation, which will normally be amortised in 2 years of standard use. With the citizen satisfaction of not polluting and thus to be able to access the city centres.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 21:33

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