State emergency health : the Parliament says yes to an outing organized - The Point

We hardly dare to write it... France is experiencing its last days under the state health emergency. It should end on 11 July. Thursday evening, the Parliament

State emergency health : the Parliament says yes to an outing organized - The Point

We hardly dare to write it... France is experiencing its last days under the state health emergency. It should end on 11 July. Thursday evening, the Parliament had adopted the draft law that organizes the output of this state of emergency, but looks at possible restrictions that would last until the fall of 2020. In the end, the deputies of the palais Bourbon voted last time in favour of the text with 50 votes for the bill, 12 against and one abstention, with the support of the party of the presidential majority, the MoDem and Acting, but without the votes of the other groups on the right as on the left.

The Senate is dominated by the right-wing opposition, had previously examined one last time in the morning, rejecting it from the outset. Entered into force on 24 march to address the epidemic of Covid-19, the state of a health emergency, which allows you to restrict certain public freedoms, had been extended in may until the 10th of July. The government intends to put an end to it, with the exception of Guyana and Mayotte, where it will be extended "until October 30, inclusive", because the virus is still circulating actively, and even very active in Guyana, where the peak of the epidemic is expected "in mid-July-end of July".

The government insists on the vigilance in order to avoid a second wave of "lethal"

For the rest of the country, the text allows for the same period of restrictions on the movement of people, the reception of the public in certain institutions or gatherings. Defending "a ridge line", "only alternative" between an "out dry" of the state of emergency and an extension, the government has hammered the need for "vigilance" in the face of the danger of the "second killing wave" of the virus.

To the minister of Health, Olivier Véran, the bulk of the state health emergency "disappears", but "not to keep certain measures, it would be as if the risk of a restart (of the epidemic) did not exist". If it were necessary to decide whether a new containment, such as the one in place from the 17 march, the government should again declare a state health emergency.

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"The goal is to do everything to avoid it", said Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the regional daily Press Thursday evening, the head of State, stressing that "we are not out of the health crisis, but its most acute" and referring to a phase of "high vigilance". The restrictions on freedoms permitted by the text, considered too strict by the Senate, have prevented the agreement with the mps last week.

A kind of "grey area" according to the opposition

The president of the Law commission of the upper chamber, Philippe Bas (LR), reiterated Thursday morning to have the impression that the government "wants to retain the means of the state of emergency without saying it". The Senate had sought in the first reading to be "constructive", by reducing the scope of possible restrictions. But the deputies were then reintroduced the possibility to prohibit the movement or order the temporary closure of schools in some parts of the territory in which is found an active circulation of the virus. The text also allows for the imposition of tests for the persons arriving by aircraft between the territories ultramarins and the Hexagon.

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The rapporteur at the Meeting Mary Guévenoux (LREM) has again challenged Thursday a "state of emergency, which does not say its name". She advocated the need not to be "helpless" and to be able to react quickly in a way "targeted" in the face of "clusters". But the opposition from the right as from the left have renewed their criticism against a form of "grey zone". On behalf of LR, Thibault Bazin spoke of a "watered-down version of the state of health emergency", the IDU formulating as reluctant on this "lighter" version.

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Even complains that a "false" output at the other end of the chamber with a state of emergency "in trompe l'oeil (PS), "in disguise" (EDS) or "dangerous" (PCF), Alexis Corbière, denouncing a project "reducing freedoms" and are concerned about such barriers to the right to demonstrate while the back to school social will be "hard". A "trial of intent" unwarranted for the majority, who defended the text as "balanced" and "perishable".

Guillaume Vuilletet (LREM) has accused the opposition of "resume a policy to old, to accuse the government of all evils, to go to the plot", while the "only objective is to fight against the epidemic". The bill also allows the extension of the retention of certain data collected by health information systems for epidemiological surveillance and research, without identification of individuals.

Updated Date: 02 July 2020, 18:33

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