Staff-Chaos at VW: It is the iron Hand of the Patriarch is missing

rolls If VW currently something, especially heads: An unprecedented personnel castling should ensure that the group produce again what it has actually to be set

Staff-Chaos at VW: It is the iron Hand of the Patriarch is missing

rolls If VW currently something, especially heads: An unprecedented personnel castling should ensure that the group produce again what it has actually to be set as destination: modern and clean cars.

the big heads Started rolling two months ago, as the group's chief, Herbert Diess, was able to hold a meeting of the Supervisory Board only with sorrow and distress of his Position, but the responsibility for the core Volkswagen brand lost.

Then it went on and on: The successful head of the VW subsidiary Skoda, Bernhard Maier, a potential successor of Diess, had to just go as Andreas Renschler and Joachim Drees, chief of the truck daughters Traton and lost their positions.

According to a new employment can go also Software CEO Christian Senger and the boss of VW-Nutzfahrzeuge Thomas Sedran. Volkswagen 146,50 EUR -2,50 (-1,68%) Xetra

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Volkswagen with unprecedented roadside series

The changes at the Top Positions go hand in hand with an unprecedented series of glitches that have shaken the group. It shows that both the VW core competence, the art of engineering, as well as the duration of the topic of corporate culture are damaged.

Under the first category, the long-smoldering falls diesel scandal. He wins these days a new dimension, because a responsible-made top executives from prison in the U.S., deported to Germany transferred to: Oliver Schmidt was convicted by a district court in Detroit because of violation against environmental laws, and conspiracy to commit fraud to seven years in prison and a $ 400,000 fine. This month, a judge approved the delivery of up to the time of his arrest three years ago, highly loyal to the Database. Schmidt is likely to be for the German authorities, the determine in the diesel scandal, a more interesting conversation partner.

Under the lack of the art of engineering problems in the most recent edition of the mass model Golf and the market introduction of the electric car ID 3. In Golf, the delivery was delayed because of a breakdown in the emergency call system, which is now fixed. The ID 3 due to Software problems first, only as a stripped-down Version on the market, the position of Tesla as a market leader in this Segment, he will not be able to shake.

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Under the second category, "lack of an enterprise culture“ could be events such as a promotional clip on Instagram fall. Was to see how the oversized fingers of a white Hand pushing a black man who stands on a street next to a yellow Golf, first to one side and then in a building by flipping over the “Petit Colon” is what can be seen as an allusion to the European colonial history.

Then there is the lettering "The new Golf" appeared – however, he was shown so that just the letters N,E,G,E and R were to be seen. VW has deleted the advertising quickly, the discussion as to how such a thing could happen, submitted to the Board of Directors.

leak at the VW Board of management

There is a lot of hard and discussed how recent confidential protocols of meetings in the past few years suggest, have come to the Public. Specifically, in the case of the published protocols for dealing with a rebellious perceived supplier The prevent group had put up a fight in 2017, in the course of price negotiations with the VW group with a strike against the expectations of VW and their supplies for a few days exposed. Chief financial officer - Live will-Online-conference on 3. August!

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the production at VW was Stalled. To a solution of the current conflict, the Board debated about measures that one could dispense with the services of Prevent. A Team of the Diess-successor at the head of the core VW brand, Ralf Brandstätter, discussed at the time, the pros and Cons of the "level" of Prevent: Thus, in the VW realm of the waiver of individual suppliers called.

The protocols are revealed for two reasons sensitive: its content, as VW treat with medium-sized supplier companies. And the fact that the logs are released to the outside, is a Testament to the targeted intrigues, the power in the inner circle of the VW spread.

It is also a question of Power

Against this Background, the Personnel castlings are not likely to be completed at VW, with the recent changes. In addition to the responsibility for successful and unsuccessful projects, it is also each Time to the preservation or Expansion of positions of power.

one striking feature of this three things: One, the personnel changes bounce off like the proverbial Rock in the Surf, works Council chief Bernd Osterloh. He has been in office for almost one and a half decades as Chairman of the group works Council and was able to assert itself against all hostile.

Secondly, The limits of the controllability of the world group VW to be clear, since the former Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch has withdrawn five years ago, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and, in the meantime, passed away. Visible: The Father, who had often held with an iron Hand the group together, is missing today is painful.

And, thirdly, to: shareholders of the group can't shake. You know: as Long as against the state of lower Saxony as a major shareholder, no one can do anything, remains of the VW on the stock exchange in calm waters. Despite all the mishaps and castlings, the share price has remained in the past five years.


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*The contribution of "staff-Chaos at VW to see - this year": It is the iron Hand of the Patriarch is missing" published by economy courier. Contact with the executives here.

Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 09:27

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