Stadiums, casinos, cinemas : the government is accelerating the déconfinement - The Point

The French will be able to find a little more freedom as of Monday. Thanks to advances in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus, the government announce

Stadiums, casinos, cinemas : the government is accelerating the déconfinement - The Point

The French will be able to find a little more freedom as of Monday. Thanks to advances in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus, the government announced an acceleration of the déconfinement for the summer. Movie theatres, holiday centres, casinos and gaming rooms will reopen on the 22nd of June "in respect of sanitary rules in the strict, pointed to a press release from the Council of Defence and national Security (CDSN), which met on Friday under the authority of the president and Emmanuel Macron. It should be noted that the re-opening of the cinema had already been announced by the Prime minister Edouard Philippe on 28 may.

The government has authorized the resumption of the activities of sports from Monday, "with appropriate prevention actions". Combat sports are banned. Then, on 11 July, the stadiums, and racetracks will be re-opened to the public, with a "gauge maximum" of 5 000 people. As for the show rooms, the activities, bringing together more than 1 500 people will have to be previously declared. "The improvement of the health situation allows you to remove certain prohibitions to the condition that each maintained a posture vigilant in the face of the epidemic, especially during the summer period," added the text.

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A decrease in the epidemic

France has recorded 14 deaths additional related to the Covid-19 in hospitals in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths since the start of the epidemic to 29 617, according to the review published on Friday by the Directorate-general of health (DGS). The number of patients in the Covid-19 resuscitation continues at the same time lowering with 727 patients, or 25 less than on Thursday, according to a press release of the DGS.

The resumption of leisure activities and sports is the first package of measures of déconfinement announced by the prime minister after the meeting of the CSDN. It has "conducted a review of the status of the epidemic, examined the state of preparedness of the country for a possible second wave of the epidemic". The second package of measures to déconfinement, including the re-opening of stadiums and racecourses, will enter into application on 11 July, a date that will mark the end of the state of health emergency on the metropolitan territory. Entered into force on 24 march to address the epidemic of Covid-19, this health emergency, which allows you to restrict certain public freedoms, had been extended in may until the 10th of July.

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Clubs and fairs will have to wait until September

on The 11th of July, in addition , river cruises will once again be allowed. "In coordination with our european partners, it may be decided to resume the cruises in the sea between european ports, for the vessels whose capacity does not exceed a limit set by ministerial decree," according to the press release of the prime minister. From September finally "and subject to a new assessment of the epidemiological situation, the return will be marked by new stimulus". This is the opening of fairs, exhibitions and shows, and "where appropriate" from the opening of nightclubs and cruise maritime international.

"This new step in the plan of déconfinement reaffirms the freedom as a rule and prohibition the exception. It thus rests first on the sense of responsibility of the French, who must continue to demonstrate an exemplary attitude to combat the epidemic," according to the press release. In the Overseas, the state health emergency will be maintained in Guyana, where "the virus is circulating actively," and demand as a result of special protection measures. The government will make a decree next week to postpone the municipal elections.

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On the whole of France, the government appears to rule out already a new containment in case of a second epidemic wave. "The response strategy, in particular to protect the most vulnerable people without recourse to a reconfinement general, as well as the health system, will be presented by the government in the next few days. Special arrangements will be made for the summer," says the press release. The total number of hospitalized persons fell below the bar of 10 000, with 9 970 people. But "the virus is still present on the whole national territory and should be careful", warned Friday the DGS.

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