So you come up with E-scooters through the summer

The Evil lurking on the floor: curbs, tram tracks, potholes, or tree of cyclists and Scooter-riders flash can throw roots quickly from the rail. Also, who is in

So you come up with E-scooters through the summer

The Evil lurking on the floor: curbs, tram tracks, potholes, or tree of cyclists and Scooter-riders flash can throw roots quickly from the rail. Also, who is in Turn not a character, brings in danger. Therefore, for anyone on two wheels, use your eyes and full concentration on the road.

a year ago, the up to 20 km/h E-Scooter that can ride a 14-Year-old, skeptical eye. And with good reason: Not only for the scooter friends falls can be painful. Also pedestrians need to be protected from a massive collision. Because the electric scooters are so quiet that pedestrians do not hear them easily. This is also why the scooters are banned on sidewalks absolute driving. You have to use cycle paths and cycle lanes. No, you must Dodge the Scooter driver on the appropriate side of the road. About the author

Dimitar Gouberkov (Born 1983) is an expert for accident insurance. Studied Law and Economics scholars has been working since 2019 for the ERGO insurance.

For a year now, especially younger people with the scooters zipping through the streets of Germany. Not to the delight of all, because some of the townspeople are annoyed about carelessly parked Scooter to the left and to the right on the sidewalk. A year after the beginning of the admission, the insurance statistics show, but: Scooter-friends are no Cowboys. Pro-rata on the number of reported Scooter accidents is not higher than that of the cyclists.

It is up to the driver, not the vehicle

The view of the Detail shows that It has more to do with the user group as the vehicle, when a ride ends painfully. It is often caught by inexperienced drivers, can rent quickly a Scooter without being able to deal with it. Often non-resident tourists or visitors do not rush, because you know the local danger spots. In addition, the short-range specialists buzzing especially through busy - and dangerous - cities. On Land they are rather rare on the road. Also, night-time driving under the influence of alcohol - mostly among young people - lead to a bumpy descent.

check list safety

first of all: The right equipment with two independent brakes and a lighting system with reflectors and a bell are mandatory. It is important to know that an abrupt stop to a E-Scooter is far more dangerous than a Bicycle. Because of the smaller wheels of the E-Scooter flies attached to driver faster on the handlebar. A helmet not only protects against severe traumatic brain injury.

he Who heeds the advice of the experts, but on an E-Scooter is just as safe on the road like on a Bicycle.

  • Direct Practice, and brakes on a quiet place, before you venture into the road.
  • Drive to your own safety and that of Other never under the influence of alcohol. For E-Scooter-driver, the same limits apply as for drivers: 0.5 ‰ of committing an administrative offence, from 1.1 per thousand, even a criminal Offense - with the corresponding legal consequences. Of a criminal Offence but can be from 0.3 per thousand of the speech, if the driver's alcohol phenomena-related failure, such as queue lines for shows. Repeat offenders a prison sentence, even threatening.
  • And even if it is seemingly so: anyone Who moves to second on a scooter, increases in the unstable vehicle of the risk for both the driver significantly.
  • you Have the weather at a glance: electronics, battery and Motor of the car can be sensitive to Wind and rain. Moisture can also affect the effectiveness of the brakes is negative.

Sometimes all the caution helps nothing, and it comes to a fall or accident. For the Acquisition of the medical expenses, it is then on the occasion of the journey. The statutory accident insurance applies only to trips on the way to school or work or during an activity there. For a painful fall in the leisure time is not responsible. Therefore, a private accident insurance is also for the most prudent driver useful. It assumes the costs for a longer period of therapy, help and rehabilitation, or in the case of a disability of capital and pension benefits.

insurance is compulsory for every scooter friend: the Automobile liability insurance for miniature electric vehicles. She attacks, if a third Person takes through an unwanted encounter with a E-Scooter damage to life or property.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2020, 17:27

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