So you can retire earlier

All of the retirees will get 1. July 2020, significantly higher old-age pensions: In the old Federal länder, there is a 3.45 per cent more. In East Germany the

So you can retire earlier

All of the retirees will get 1. July 2020, significantly higher old-age pensions: In the old Federal länder, there is a 3.45 per cent more. In East Germany the surcharge reached 4.2 per cent – so the differences in pension level between the West and the East will be further reduced.

The pension plus the result of good economic development in the year 2019. Because of the high demand for labor, wages increased significantly, which leads to increases in the current year the above pension increases.

interesting : old-age pensions: pensioners more than 50 Euro to get from July in addition,

However, in the coming year will look quite different. Millions of workers are on short-time work, they earn less money. Wage increases are expected to be in 2020 in most of the industries. This means that pensions will rise in 2021. However, there is a consolation for retirees: The laws prohibit that their pensions will fall – no matter how bad the situation on the labour market will develop.

Earlier in retirement: a well-earned retirement In this FOCUS Online assembled PDF guide you will receive all important information, if you are planning an early Start in the rest.To the PDF guide

As an earlier retirement, the impact of

Model: in January, 1958-born employee in the public service, in the works since 1977, consistently, and contributions in the pension insurance pays. He acquires rights to a company pension and saves since January 2006, with full support for Riester-pension.

Early Retirement: 1. January 2021

Stiftung Warentest

Good income leads to a high (Early)retirement

The calculation of the pension amount is based on two sizes:

  • merit
  • insurance term

people Who have earned long years of good and high posts in the German pension insurance has paid, you can look forward to a high pension. This applies even in the event of early Retirement. At least then, when an early retirement pension without deductions is possible. This applies to all who can demonstrate 45 years of Insurance. You can be Assured the old-age pension for "very long year" use.

note: is The entry in the rule old-age pension is differentiated according to year groups. The current rule, the age limit is for the Year 1954 at the age of 65 years and 8 months. Who came on 1.7.1954 to the world, was able to go in March 2020 in early retirement. With each additional Year of the date of the entry into the old-age pension.

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35 years of insurance to early retirees a loss in

in addition to this, full pension after 45 years of insurance, there is the pension for the "years with 35 years of insurance years Insured". These retirees need to come up with financial smears clear. The losses can, however, mitigate, for example, with part-time jobs at the age. The following applies: for Each month of advanced retirement reduces the monthly pension by 0.3 percent.

How much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

example: of The Vintage 1958 may go with the 66 years of the tee-free pension. Who is the retirement for a year, prefer, monthly, waive 3.6 percent pension (12 x 0.3 percent). In the case of a pension of 1000 Euro, the losses amounted to 36 Euro per month.

Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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Also, the acquisition of impaired and severely disabled early retirement

in addition, there are two other cases in which workers receive a pension before the standard retirement age: Who's been incapacitated for work, or disabled, can go in special cases, early retirement. These opportunities are but not limited to, citizens with severe health Handicaps. Mostly you need to retire because they can no longer work at all. In addition, the medical assessors of the German pension insurance ultimately decide. The advises the Foundation were Planning to test

: Think with 60 years when their retirement want to compete. With this age it is already possible to pay voluntary contributions to the statutory pension insurance. Such reductions can be offset, or the old-age pension increase. Also, you should consider Alternatives to early retirement – for example, a reduction in their working hours.

advice: About to enter retirement early, advises the German pension insurance. A free consultation appointment can be requested: by phone 0800/10 00 48 00 or online under the German pension insurance .de. the caution: you have to adjust to long waiting periods for an appointment!

Make: Plan in addition to your finances, your new gained free time. Countless facilities are looking for volunteers.

discounts for early retirement

For the Insured, the want to go before the statutory retirement age in retirement, to compensate for the additional payment option is interesting. You can voluntarily make additional contributions and, therefore, pre-early retirement reductions to offset. The for already from the age of 50. Years of age.

the amount of the compensation

adoption: For a full old-age pension 40 earnings points (EP) are necessary to be calculated. The Insured, however, want to go two years before retirement. He must, therefore, accept a discount of 24 x 0.3 percent = 7.2 percent. Access factor (ZF) is 100 – to 7.2 = 92.8 percent = 0,928. The average annual income is 2019, for 38.901 Euro.

1. Step: determination of the lack of pay points

2. Step calculation for the shortfall in income to the average income on the basis of the access factor (ZF)

3. Step Individual false income = step 2 x the lack of pay points

4. Step payment amount = failed income changes in the contribution rate FOCUS Online

note: calculation on the Basis of the up 30.6.2020 valid specifications. 1. July 2020, the bill sizes change. The average income per year rises to 40.551 euros (provisional figure). For this amount, there is then 1,0 pension points (RP).The value of a pension point increases in the West from 33,05 to a height of 34.19 Euro, in the East of 32,03 on the 33.23 euros.

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