So stores to protect customers and employees from the Virus

Whether it's watches, jewelry, Smartphones, or Laptops: Many customers want to take a product first Hand or try way before you buy it. In many stores, it is sh

So stores to protect customers and employees from the Virus

Whether it's watches, jewelry, Smartphones, or Laptops: Many customers want to take a product first Hand or try way before you buy it. In many stores, it is shopping experience, consumers can touch the exhibited consumer goods. But it is in times of spreading new pathogen is still justifiable that potential viruses skidding in sales lying around?

A survey of providers of consumer electronics and luxury products shows that The demonstration models continue to be issued, but they are cleaned often. The employees in the stores are encouraged to comply with the requirements of the Federal office for health. Moreover, more and more sales move to the Information of the customers and prevention in the stores themselves.

The Lucerne-based watch group, Bucherer indicates their customers in the 17 boutiques on the General hygiene of the recommendations of the Confederation. "Everywhere in the shops, we provide all visitors and employees easily accessible disinfectant for the hands and also point explicitly to the fact," says a spokeswoman from Bucherer.

Sunrise is based pandemic Team

in Addition, may carry employees on a Mouth guard if you wish. Bucherer has set up an internal task force, which pursued the Situation and the recommendations of the competent authorities. The permit, additional requirements, quickly implement them, says the spokeswoman. Bucherer is especially well-known tourist places such as Luzern, Interlaken, Zermatt and Locarno present.

demonstration equipment from Hand to Hand. Photo: Keystone

a pandemic-Team Sunrise has been established. According to company information, this working group recommends a daily basis. In the 98 stores the employees are required to clean all of the projection equipment regularly, and disinfect. In addition, the second-largest Telecom provider in Switzerland, has in its shops the well-known Warnplakat the Federal authorities on several occasions out. This to employees, visitors and customers aware of the protection measures.

For employees in the Shops are subject to special rules: "if you feel sick, stay home. Anyone who is uncertain or symptoms, contact his doctor and behaves according to doctor's orders," said a Sunrise spokeswoman. In the case of the sinks in the toilets at the Shops Sunrise disinfectant, and instructions for proper hands attached to wash. "In addition, we will soon be automatic disinfection devices in the entrance areas of Shops," said the spokeswoman.

gloves are allowed

The Swisscom has instructed the appointed cleaning company, to clean the country, with 116 stores "more thoroughly", as a spokeswoman for the Switzerland's largest Telecom operator says. Staff members are encouraged by the Federal government recommended hygiene measures to "strictly adhere to be". The employees of disinfectant were available. "On request, you can work with gloves on," says Swisscom spokeswoman.

The home electronics chain inter discount has created for its 179 stores, a daily cleaning schedule, as it is called in the case of the Coop subsidiary on request. To include "the exhibition of devices," says a Interdiscount spokeswoman. Basically, the company the recommendations of the health authorities consider.

The Smartphone sales chain mobile zone advance of sending in your Switzerland 118 stores already before the outbreak of the Coronavirus high standards of hygiene. The reason was that the employee had in the stores every Season of the year is in contact with a high number of people – for example, during the flu season.

"We recommend that the staff thorough hand hygiene, Sneeze and cough into the crook of one arm, and rates, to refrain from shaking hands," says a spokesperson of the mobile zone. "Further, we ask our staff to remain in the case of cough and fever at home." In addition, the mobile zone has equipped all stores with hand sanitizer.

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