Skoda Superb iV Combi in the Test: can the combination of the classic as a Plug-In-Hybrid - Video

The Skoda Superb has always been a secret tip for company car drivers: Cheaper than the technically very closely related to the VW Passat, but bigger than this,

Skoda Superb iV Combi in the Test: can the combination of the classic as a Plug-In-Hybrid - Video

The Skoda Superb has always been a secret tip for company car drivers: Cheaper than the technically very closely related to the VW Passat, but bigger than this, is he the bargain, and it focuses on the group-brother A6 on the Pelle. Now there is the variant of the Superb iV, even a plug-in Hybrid variant, which makes the Passat GTE is strong competition. How well this works, has a comprehensive practice Test.

As the GTE models from VW, and the A3 e-tron from Audi and the Skoda Superb iV relies on the well-known 1,4-litre TFSI engine from the consolidated kit. In the case of the conventional transverse-engine cars, this is replaced with direct injection for two years by a 1.5-litre variant, the plug-in Hybrid drive but continue with the old spec – sure, because it is equipped with a Hybrid drive is much easier, the Euro-6d-exhaust-to comply with the rules.

The 1.4-litre engine is not a bad choice: He is Mature, pleasant, smooth and quiet, and fits therefore very well with a comfort-oriented car like the Superb. The electric motor between the petrol engine and the gearbox pushes the car up to 85 kW, the engine delivers 115 kW (156 HP). As a system performance Skoda calls 160 kW (218 HP), the same value as for the Passat GTE.


can make the difference Software and vote at the same drive components, demonstrated by the comparison of the Superb and Passat abundantly clear: Despite the visually raised sportiness of our test car's 19-inch wheels, sport seats and Alcantara applications is missing the Skoda exactly what the Passat in the "GTE"driving mode. The VW uses the electric Boost for an extremely agile Response to the accelerator, he uses so often it goes the full electric power to manage without down short Bursts at low speed and thus offers the driving comfort of a very large suction motors.

The Skoda saves such a mode: Here, the E-Motor is there to make the gas quite superfluous, or to support him easily. And although the performances are very similar, the Skoda is the comfort-oriented Alternative in the VW group. This fits perfectly that the Transitions from the E - are felt to a glow-drive hard to or listen to. Only in the case of full load of gasoline in the case of jumps at a high speed and is moderately loud.

if you really want to, you can drive with the Hybrid-Skoda about 230 km/h fast. Who wants to do this often, you should save the Hybrid but. The Diesel can be better and more economical.


The true strength of the Superb is its size: It provides the length of a couple of feel-good inches more than the already spacious Passat. The interior offers the VW-ergonomics in combination with the good Skoda-processing. In particular, on the rear of the Superb has the qualities of a chauffeur-driven sedans. No wonder he is worldwide very popular as a Taxi. The storage volume of the Combi-Skoda gives a value of 510 litres: A surprisingly low value by the high load floor (including the battery), and the resulting flat load space up to the cover place.


Without the load space roller blind and Luggage net in the trunk is significantly larger. And with folded rear seats and a cargo area of a double-size result. However, anyone Who wants to transport high cargo, the need life compared to the nitro-Superb, with one caveat.


A Highlight of the Infotainment in the Superb is. He is one of the cars that use the new electronics of the Golf-8-Generation – and although the VW Software is that reputation due to various delays and difficulties at the Moment, well, the System works very well. This becomes especially apparent in comparison to the Passat, has to live with an older Generation of electronics (clearly visible on the small Head-Up Display).

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The Superb shines with a good voice control, with short reaction times, with quick work with Android Auto and Apple Carplay Integration, and especially with the very good predictive speed Controller, the speed limits, the card material and of signs takes. As in the current upper-class Audi, you can let the cruise control in Superb over many, many kilometres of easy to make, and in the process hardly any mistakes – which are easy to oversteer.

Some of you might interfere with the finishing surfaces of the Infotainment: The waiver of animations and other visual odds and ends to power the electronics but very tidy.

range/fuel consumption

The Hybrid drivetrain in the Superb is not an end in itself. He is to Save as, for example, by as large as possible routes to be set up electrically back. 62 kilometres to the promise of the factory specifications as the E-range, in practice, there were 48 kilometers, which could be unwound in typical commuter traffic, until the burner came on.

For a good 11 kWh of electrical energy, which can be loaded in the nominally 13 kWh large battery means an electrical consumption of 24 kWh for 100 miles. An average value in the environment of the plug-in sedans.


The other crucial consumption value of the petrol is fuel consumption on long motorway. In the EFAHRER-test Protocol, this value is adjusted to a 180-Kilometer-long highway round with a constant speed of 130 km/h (GPS) is determined. The round starts with an empty battery, so what is to be expected in the case of very long stages as consumption.

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With 8.0 liters, the Test brings with it a slight disappointment light: The value is only 0.6 litres more than the Passat GTE, he is on the same level as the Audi A6, 50 TFSIe, which is significantly harder but also significantly stronger than the Superb. Obviously, the final aerodynamic fine-missing the Superb cut and may be hidden in the Software-tuning of the drive is still optimization potential for the benefit of the Passat better.

In the test medium, the consumption amounted to just under five liters. For the car class and also in comparison to similar size, diesel engines are a good value.


conclusion: The Superb has always been a great car that can steal the group brother with the VW Logo many buyers. With small restrictions iV Combi, this is also true for the Superb. With a Tradition of plug-in Hybrid breaks down, however, With some expenses 48,500 euros, the Superb is already in the list, the price is not cheaper than the Passat GTE.

All of the promotions, and the latest discount offer from VW included (VW is to adopt the 16 per cent VAT in the case of the hybrid) is the Passat with around 33,000 euros, the price of purchase considerably cheaper than the Superb (almost 40,000 euros). A goßer charge for a little more space, Head-Up Display and advanced Infotainment electronics.

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Updated Date: 13 August 2020, 17:26

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