Six wisdoms, the you of index-inventor Charles Dow can learn

Charles Dow's career is the best example of how you can make it with diligence and zeal, a real financial professional can. Because the 1851, the son of a farm

Six wisdoms, the you of index-inventor Charles Dow can learn

Charles Dow's career is the best example of how you can make it with diligence and zeal, a real financial professional can. Because the 1851, the son of a farmer, born in Dow, the best conditions for a steep career in business were not necessarily placed in the cradle.

a Lot of people seem to believe that someone who is a broker on Wall Street, can say the future of the market in advance. Nothing is further removed from it. to order
Charles Dow

But instead of the fields of his ancestors, moved it to Charles Dow at the age of 21 to journalism. His keen interest in economy and history of played him here, particularly in the cards, because his superiors recognized his potential and set him specifically for Interviews with bankers and Industrialists.

In the course of time will prevail always.
Charles Dow

just like decades later, Kenneth Griffin, was also Charles Dow at the right time in the right place. Instead of on the Golf the complex lawn is secretly - and business strategies of entrepreneurs to listen, you got served, the Dow first-Hand. As he moved in 1877 to the financial magazine "the Journal", was kindled his passion for economic matters is already full. A little later, it dragged him then to where the big money was handled: to New York.

The more someone's about speculation knows, the more uncertain he is worked with regard to any market movement
Charles Dow

In New York, the Dow initially for the stock exchange information service, "Kiernan News Agency," before he started in 1882, with Mr Edward Davis Jones independently and on its own information Agency by the name of "Dow, Jones & Company" was founded.

The goal of your Agency: neutral stock market reports and regular analyses of the various base values. To be able to still accomplish better, they brought to the support of the renowned journalist Charles Milford Bergstresser on Board. Together they managed several times a day, the current developments on the stock market simple and easy to understand summarize and bring it under the people.

The Maxim of 'buy low, sell high' is as old as speculation itself, but it leaves unresolved the question of when a security or a commodity is cheap or expensive, and this is the essential point.
Charles Dow

Only a year later, they already issued the so-called "Customers Afternoon Letter", a then multi-page daily summary. The demand increased over the years, which is why the size of the sheet is advanced continuously and the conclusion was finally in 1899 to the "Wall Street Journal".

in the "Afternoon Letter", developed by Dow with his colleagues a new Overview, with the help of which you provided the 20 most important and largest companies in the New York Stock Exchange in a price index United and a better Overview of the development of the American economy: the Dow Jones Industrial Average. For the calculation of the course, all existing shares were summed courses and by the number of index members shared. Each company was weighted at the beginning, each with five percent.

money is earned with conservative Trading, and not with the attempt to make large profits by taking large risks.
Charles Dow

With the Wall Street Journal changed the American stock exchanges. Because in addition to the resulting index, established the magazine, a new way of dealing with market data.

much to the delight of private investors, which had as a reader of the journal for the first time on transparent and reliable information to the development of the companies and their securities.

Charles Dow and Edward Jones had made it in just under 20 years to be the publishers of the most-read business magazine in the United States. Nearly 7,000 employees and nearly two million readers, it mattered in the course of the 20th century. Century. In addition, it has been translated into eleven languages and in approximately 66 countries in the world.

no one who grows grain, digging up the seeds after one or two days, to see if they worked. In the case of shares, but most of the lunch want to open an account, and in the evening, the win cash.
Charles Dow

In 2007, bought by the media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, the Wall Street journal for for 5.6 billion US dollars.

This article was written by Moritz Vine

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