Saint-Étienne : an assault filmed and broadcast on Snapchat goes viral - The Point

" take off, we told you ! ", " Naked, naked ! ", " Go naked ! ": a video extremely violent has been filmed by two boys and released on their account Snapc

Saint-Étienne : an assault filmed and broadcast on Snapchat goes viral - The Point

" take off, we told you ! ", " Naked, naked ! ", " Go naked ! ": a video extremely violent has been filmed by two boys and released on their account Snapchat showing a young girl tortured by another teenager. Spitting, insults, beatings, the victim is stripped of strength despite her entreaties to the jeers and shouts of the two spectators.

After you have leaked on Twitter, the video has been viewed over a million times, and reported heavily by users on the platform, the government Pharos, which allows you to report something suspicious or illegal on the Internet.

A preliminary investigation open

After you have been informed of the existence of this video, the prosecutor's office of Saint-Étienne opened Monday morning an investigation for assault with intent and sexual assault. The victim's 14-year-old would visibly her abuser, she-even at the age of fifteen years.

However, David Charmatz, the prosecutor of the Republic to Saint-Étienne, has made it clear in Paris that the attack " has absolutely nothing to do with a motif racial ".

The vigilantes of the Net

Since then, many accounts on Instagram have been created in order to spoof the identity of the abuser, some even to pay homage to him in the form of " accounts fans ". Relayed and shared, the video animates the debate and several policies, each other and the stars of the reality tv denounce on Instagram and Twitter the assault.

Among them, a youtubeur whose video has been viewed nearly 2 million times and was one of the first to spread the aggression in order to denounce it. In his stories about Instagram, its message is clear and powerful : "It must be all (sic) so to find the culprits, and that this serve as a lesson ", " thank you for the repost massively ". While the identities of the abuser and his victim had not yet been disclosed, the youtubeur has posted a call for research : "If you have the identity of the persons who were present, and the one who beats the girl, send them to me and I display it in the story directly, with no mercy. "

Supported and encouraged, the youtubeur, is filming in turn, encourages the aggressors to make : "We will find you [...] go to the office otherwise you are displayed on the social networks. "If it has not been difficult for its subscribers to find the account Instagram of the abuser and report it, the situation quickly escalated : in spite of the warnings of the youtubeur, in a second time, about the danger of disclosing personal information on social networks, users have started to make public the address, telephone number and the name of the establishment of the abuser.

A survey available online on the social networks

The power of social networking, much maligned by some, provides users with the theatre of a investigation 2.0, where privacy gives way to revenge. It is sufficient, therefore, to go on Instagram or Twitter to find without difficulty the identities of the assailants and their photos, as well as several other videos to assemble the puzzle of aggression. The victim, meanwhile, did not hesitate to give his own version of the attack to his opponents, who wonder about the origin of the brawl. Filmed while she is en route to the office by his friends, she even organized with the youtubeur a "live Instagram" in order to answer the questions of the subscribers, and to tell his story.

In the form of teasings and announcements, such as : "The brother of one of the accomplices will be speaking on the live to 18 hours," the assault does not take long to become a public trial is entirely available on the social networks. The buzz is as the brother of the abuser, recognised and insulted, is to make a video to tell users about the intricate connections he has with his younger sister : being justified to the public, " I have nothing to do with my sister [...], I denied ", he asked the spectators to leave out of this story and stop of the track.

And even if the users call to " let justice do its work ", all are pleased to have managed to investigate and unmask the perpetrator " through the power of social networks ". As repeated with pride the youtubeur : "Alone we go fast, together we go far. "

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