Renault wants to delete the 15,000 Jobs - sports car brand Alpine, which

A small factory for mechanical parts in the vicinity of Paris are to be made until 2022, sealing, announced that Renault President Jean-Dominique Senard on Frid

Renault wants to delete the 15,000 Jobs - sports car brand Alpine, which

A small factory for mechanical parts in the vicinity of Paris are to be made until 2022, sealing, announced that Renault President Jean-Dominique Senard on Friday in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris. Further closures were not planned, not abroad: "This is not a Plan for factory closures, the savings plan." Renault has so far, in France alone, 14 locations.

On the Paris stock exchange, the share price fell at noon to about 6 per cent to a little over 20 Euro. In March 2018, the share price was in the tip, about 100 euros. The company expects because of the cost reduction plans, first of all, a load of around 1.2 billion euros. It is questionable whether the carmaker could implement its cost reduction plans in the manner planned, wrote RBC Analyst Tom Narayan in a on Friday present study. In addition, the expert doubts whether Renault can get the level of Sales as planned in an upright position. Some models, according to the media eliminated, including the combined Talisman, as well as the Vans Espace and Scénic reports completely.

austerity program, but formula 1 commitment remains

When planning to have a socially acceptable removal of approximately 4600 is attributable to France, and in other countries around the world, it should be over 10,000. The three-year austerity program, has a circumference of about two billion euros. "We need to be more profitable," said interim head of Clotilde Delbos. Despite the problems, the manufacturer will remain in formula 1.

The group with approximately 180,000 employees worldwide, wrote last year in the red. The Corona pandemic, and the crisis has amplified the problems. The group needs a government-guaranteed loan of five billion Euro; Senard was confident that the contract can soon be signed. The company is not working threatened: "Renault, Renault lives," said the former head of tyre giant Michelin . LAT No exit: Renault has continued to function to the formula 1

", Renault, Renault lives"

The entire industry with hundreds of thousands of jobs is changing. In the case of other car companies hard tag and cut programs to run also. The world of work in the industry changes radically, the companies need to invest billions in the difficult change in the direction of E-mobility and digitisation. The slump in demand in the Corona-crisis-now also increases the pressure to make savings: fewer and fewer consumers are interested in the purchase of a car. Investments will be curtailed, many more Jobs are in the balance.

In France, the car crisis is now a matter for the boss. The head of state, Emmanuel Macron, presented earlier this week, a multibillion-dollar rescue plan for the domestic auto industry. The goal: to Be the country in the production of clean cars in Europe. For the billion of loan Commitments from Renault for two plants in the North of France, needed, had Macron demanded. The state has to say, with a share of 15 percent in the case of the manufacturer, still a lot of to. Renault Alpine S will cost 66,000 euros

sports car Alpine without a future

it looks Bad for the sports car brand Alpine, which had revived Renault as recently as a few years back. "Renault sees as part of its deep restructuring, no Chance for a continued existence of the Alpine plant in Dieppe. At the launch of its savings plans, the carmaker said on Friday, you think about a rededication of the plant in Dieppe 'after the expiry of the production of the Alpine A110', according to the "Automobilwoche". The new Alpine was sold, however, beyond France, a real Fan community was missing for the famous sports car. Toyota, for example, in contrast to Renault the advantage that his sports car Supra not only in Japan but also in Europe and even more in the USA, a cult-Status.

the state holds 15 percent of Renault

Renault is now on Strengths such as the E-car. Senard said the factories in the home country are only utilized to around 60 percent. The global production capacity of four million cars in a year should fall within a period of four years, to 3.3 million vehicles. Senard adopted finally by the expansion rate of the former top managers, Carlos Ghosn. His resignation had plunged the manufacturer in the past year in turmoil. Ghosn had been detained in Japan due to allegations of fixed and later escaped to Lebanon. Zoe 2020: electric-Renault with a range of 400 km for less than€ 20,000 PCP Zoe 2020: electric-Renault with a range of 400 km for less than€ 20,000

Senard made it clear that it had to be in domestic plants changes. He called the factory in the Northern French city of Dieppe, where the sports car Alpine will be built. The Macron mentioned works of Douai and Maubeuge is to be a centre for electric cars and light commercial vehicles. In the large factory in Flins, in the Paris Metropolitan area, which according to the media, so far, around 2 400 tribal employees, the creation of a recycling center. For more strategic decisions and Renault to the designated General Director Luca de Meo, the former Seat-Chairman of the Board, to wait on 1. July to Boulogne-Billancourt to come. As the AFP news Agency reported, announced the moderate CFDT trade Union resistance against the austerity plan.

Renault-Nissan Alliance must be re -

Renault set-up had already announced on Wednesday, together with the Japanese companies Nissan and Mitsubishi to step on the brake The former car boss Ghosn had led the Alliance with a heavy Hand. Renault holds 43.4 percent stake in Nissan, the Japanese manufacturer has been deep in the red. Nissan was long greatly to the profits of Renault, these times are over now. The French-Japanese Alliance was in sales in 2019 in the world behind the industry's giants, VW and Toyota.

In Germany, BMW builds builds in the coming years, thousands of jobs. In General, this Not-to succeed through measures such as Filling vacant positions, the works Council from the castle and also redundancies. Daimler had already targeted before the pandemic, a reduction in the low five-digit range. Renault is connected with Daimler about a cooperation to be revived, according to Senard again.

In the case of VW, a "digital Roadmap solves" the austerity program "future Pact": The biggest car company in the world builds up a new employment in new areas, such as its own battery cell production, similar to the Franco-German battery Alliance PSA /Opel and juice. Senard confirmed that Renault wished to join the Franco-German battery Alliance.

unlike in France, the industry required the purchase premiums for vehicles in Germany are not decided yet. Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), spoke with the heads of government of the two other "car country" of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Markus Söder (CSU), and Winfried Kretschmann (Green), for rapid decisions. Otherwise, small suppliers and threatened, especially crashing.

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Updated Date: 29 May 2020, 09:26

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