Renault Zoe Z. E. 50 (R135) in the Test: as good As the latest Version of Zoe to 2020 - Video

in Germany Alone were sold in the year 2019 about 9.400 piece - not least because of the aggressively marketed lease offer from 99 Euro per month. In Europe, th

Renault Zoe Z. E. 50 (R135) in the Test: as good As the latest Version of Zoe to 2020 - Video

in Germany Alone were sold in the year 2019 about 9.400 piece - not least because of the aggressively marketed lease offer from 99 Euro per month. In Europe, the compact Frenchman is far and away the best-selling electric car - after seven years on the market, the Zoe today, but with a much fresher competition apart. Reason enough for Renault, the best-selling a General overhaul to undergo.


Renault speaks to the Year 2020 of the “new Zoe”, in fact, it is in the Revision but to an extended Facelift, in which, however, also technically has a lot done. In addition to the new Front, which approximates the Zoe to the current conventional Renault, is the new type “R135” the most striking innovation. It is for the engine version with 100 kW (135 HP), which is offered exclusively with the largest battery pack version “e-50” 52 kilowatt-hours of capacity.

135 HP in a small promise car a feisty temper who sets this expectation in the new Zoe, but disappointed. Clear: The engine responds without delay, the passage from medium speeds is superior to any turbo diesel. Especially directly from the Stand, the drive has slowed down significantly foam. Since the competition is more fun - especially the racy e-Up! of VW with a nominally 60 kW (82 PS), we had the same time in the Test, clearly demonstrates how little predictive power the engine performance indication for the driving experience. An e-Mini or the Corsa-e are the driving dynamics are in a completely different League.

The moderate interpretation of the drive of course has its advantages, in particular, the durability of the front tyre benefits from the fact that you are not overwhelmed. However, there are no good arguments for the strong motorization - the R110-drive with a 80 kW (108 HP) does the same. Theoretically, the stronger the Motor could contribute to higher Recuperation power to the efficiency, but even in the WLTP Test the no effect. The R135-engine consumes a little bit more.

Moritz Diethelm EFAHRER battery and Charging

52 kilowatt-hours were also the last model year available. Renault uses the capacity well: Up to 56,7 kWh showed the Wallbox at full load - the supposed contradiction can be explained by the load losses that occur directly at the tank and as the heat is released. The Website of Renault promises with this capacity, a range of up to 398 kilometres. Practical driving is route difficult to.

In city traffic, the distance of 375 miles is quite low. At highway speed, the range is reduced to around 330 km, at the Motorway speed of 130 km, the fuel consumption increases remain due to the relatively large end surface (1.56 in height!) and it is a good 250 kilometres remain. During our test drives, it was around ten degrees, so hot that the heating has hardly been tried in the section on the Test, we have determined 16.8 kWh per 100 kilometers. The standard heat pump in the Zoe helps that, even at high or low temperatures, the more consumption in the frame.

a reference to The fact that higher speeds mean more fuel consumption, you can save the Zoe is almost: At the speedometer 144 (GPS-measured: 139 km/h) is already final. The Zoe takes a possible speed limit already anticipated.

In the case of Charging the Zoe from playing your old strength: As the only compact car at all, you strength are standard with a three-phase charger with 32 amps of power. The resulting 22 kW charging power mean a good three hours of waiting for the full charge of the empty battery. Practically, this means that, for example, a half-hour Shop in the supermarket Parking lot brings 65 km range. Both the Korean E-cars and e-Up and e-Golf charging modest to AC-columns with one-third of this load power. In the quick shopping in between, so it's worth it to Infect then hardly.

The renewal of the drive to a DC power Option is now: for the First time the Zoe with a CCS charge port can be ordered, processed a maximum of 50 kW of power and, theoretically, in 45 minutes to 80 per cent battery charge. Given the strong AC-charger this Option when Zoe is not absolutely necessary, especially since you will pay with 1090 Euro surcharge tax. Anyone who travels even occasionally significantly further than the range allows, of the does not come around the investment. On the re-sale value of the CCS will have a charging port with safety.

press-inform EFAHRER space and processing

No Change to the space: The head clearance in the front is lush, even tall people fit easily in the car, will disturb then but the high Seating position. Without the seat height adjustment as in our test car did not have any perfect Position is to find, especially since the steering Wheel is quite low.

The rear-seat passengers have to share the space with the battery under the seat: here is a large human head - and legroom. For longer distances, it is reasonable to only children. The trunk surprised, however, again and again: With 338 litres, the Zoe offers more than i3, e-Golf or Hyundai Kona. With rear seat backrests, the storage space increases to about 1,200 liters. Large Rectangular loads still find difficult to place, because of the high seat can be folded forward and the load area the rear seat backrest is very high.

Still, Overall, the Zoe's interior is a whole class bigger than the outside.

A big jump, the Zoe makes the material look. Where in the previous year, the model is a simple plastic predominated, there are now well processed, controls in aluminium Look, a fabric-covered dashboard, a leather steering wheel and a driving-lever, that is, as a flatterer. To the trunk of the Elan of the interior was not enough the outfitter of Renault: A simple felt Mat, which is slotted to bend ugly visible lines, the jagged sheet metal.

press-inform EFAHRER Infotainment and assistance systems

New to the Zoe, an Infotainment System with 9.3-inch Touchscreen and refurbished Software. Compared to the previous complicated solution with a mini-screen, the new free (in the basic versions, unfortunately, at an extra charge) Infotainment delay, and intuitive. Even the built-in navigation system is more than usable, and the voice input works well. Only in the case of real-time traffic data to the Navi Google Maps beaten. Well, then, that Smartphone Navigation is to incorporate by Android Auto and Apple Carplay easy.

By Android Auto shows the Zoe Cornering and track information even on the instrument panel. So it should be!

With a two-step track-the wizard has upgraded Renault also at the safety. Level one is a pure track-leaving-Warner, level two corrected interference with steering. The wizard acts pleasantly reserved, but so late that the System is in normal Fahbetrieb hardly true. The standard cruise control have to do without dynamic distance control. For a car that wants to be more of a city - as a long-distance vehicle, it is bearable. A stop-and-Go-assistant is missing, but also in the inner-city traffic jam.

Moritz Diethelm EFAHRER

conclusion: With the Update, adjusted for Renault, the main weak points of the Zoe, your old Strengths has keep. It is an absolutely suitable for everyday use, practical car and the handling is more pleasant than any small Diesel or gasoline engine. The prices for the Zoe are, unfortunately, only at first glance amazingly cheap: Our test car from the Munich-based Renault dealership with almost a complete set of equipment should cost, for example, less than 24,000 Euro. The battery rental of at least 74 euros per month and, simultaneously, limited annual mileage, but still. The new e-208 from Peugeot or its German Cousin, the Corsa e will have the Zoe with battery rental model in the future difficult. Since Renault should make improvements.

The vehicle was given to us by the Renault branch in Munich available.

*The contribution of "Renault Zoe z. e. 50 (R135) in the Test: as good As the latest Version of Zoe to 2020, is published" by Contact with the executives here.

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