Rasmus got amputated his leg: 'Surreal, I have not been taken seriously in anything before'

"It is not great to be lying. But if it is, then." so says the now 18-year-old Rasmus Davison, who in a desperate attempt to get a MRI scan of his smertepla

Rasmus got amputated his leg: 'Surreal, I have not been taken seriously in anything before'

"It is not great to be lying. But if it is, then."

so says the now 18-year-old Rasmus Davison, who in a desperate attempt to get a MRI scan of his smerteplagede ben lied that he was injured during a football game.

in Fact lied Rasmus Davison from Hillerød, the whole two times, when he called to 1813. But in vain.

For the doctors at the hospital felt like the Rasmus' own medical practitioner that there was no need to scan the leg.

History of the Rasmus is part of a long series of narratives of destiny in the B. T. for people who do not feel taken seriously by their doctor. People for whom it causes serious consequences when the one they have most confidence to fail.

En B. T. meetings Rasmus Davison, he sits on The eighth floor of a hospital bed.

It is a week ago, he was amputated his leg from the knee and down. Benstumpen is wrapped in bandages, and by the side of the bed is a pair of crutches and a wheelchair.

On the bedside table are a pillbox with all sorts of pills, Rasmus did not even know all the names of. But they take nervesmerterne, as shown enough will decrease, explains the young man.

"of course, I am sorry to lose my leg. But if it was it was, that I was able to keep life, then that's fine enough," he says.

the Rasmus weighs only 65 kilos. Before he became ill, he weighed 88. But the young man is determined to come back to life.

In the gym on the ground floor at the national hospital, he shows the B. T. s released, how he with the arms and knotted knuckles can lift itself good 15-20 cm from the seated position.

"It is important to have good arm muscles, when you don't have anything leg the rest of his life," notes Rasmus Davison.

Rasmus' story starts in april of this year, where he first goes to his family doctor because he has persistent pain in his leg.

the First time he has been so unlucky, that he has fallen down from a horse. The doctor connects, therefore, the pain along with the fall.

the Rasmus holds the dog firmly. He seeks out the doctor, between five and six times to get an explanation of his swollen and smerteplagede legs. But every time he gets the message that there is no need for further clarification or to be scanned, as otherwise he wants.

"I'm very irritated, and I feel røvrendt," says Rasmus Davison.

When he second time comes in the hospital after having lied herself sick in 1813, he referred to an orthopedic surgeon. But also the orthopaedic surgeon may feel confident that there is something wrong with the leg.

the Rasmus have now so hurt that he sits in a wheelchair. But he's going on vacation with his family in England, even though the leg pain, and he can't go on it anymore.

"I regret a little that I took of the place. Because I could not bear to be anywhere," says the 18-year-old man.

But the holiday becomes a turning point in the Rasmus' illness.

when his legs suddenly raises up and changes color to purple and blue, he becomes for the first time heard and seen by a doctor. An English doctor mind you.

The English physician write in the Rasmus' journal, that he should be MRI scanned, as soon as he lands in Denmark. Such as Rasmus wanted it.

So back to why Rasmus is now sitting here on The eighth floor. MR-scaninngen shows a rare kind of bone cancer: osteogent sarcoma.

"My aunt is crying. My father is crying. But I don't remember so much of what is being said. They are talking lægesprog. I'm probably in shock. I think it is completely surreal that I have not been taken seriously before," says Rasmus Davison.

It was necessary to amputate the leg to remove the cancer, which had also reached to spread to the bl.a. the lungs.

the Rasmus Davison must now go through a much genoptræningsforløb and 12 kemobehandlinger to be sure that all the cancer is gone, as well as ensure that he did not have a recurrence. He takes one day at a time and wonder not so much, what will happen when he comes home.

"Right now I don't think of the future. Right now I am thinking to get well."

It is not yet known whether the Danish Agency for patients ' complaints will criticise the doctors who have looked at Rasmus Davison, before he was MR-scanned and got his diagnosis.

Updated Date: 04 December 2019, 19:00

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