Protection class VR6 Plus: Brabus makes the G-class to the armored Fortress

For the car tuners are tank versions like the G-class is all new territory. In the past few years have been armored in the Bottrop plant already numerous vehicl

Protection class VR6 Plus: Brabus makes the G-class to the armored Fortress

For the car tuners are tank versions like the G-class is all new territory. In the past few years have been armored in the Bottrop plant already numerous vehicles for private customers, organisations and public authorities. But with the secured G-class you want to go now in series production, because Mercedes can be in his all-terrain model of success for some time a painful gap in the product portfolio. At the parent plant in Graz, otherwise a significant proportion of the Mercedes were armored classes for customers all over the world, so since the introduction of the new G-class final. However, the demand on the tank is a large market, and so there is not only in Germany, a number of companies that provide the G-class against attacks from the outside.

Great demand for armored cars

Brabus has given to his new tank versions with protection class VR6 Plus the company's own name, in order to land in the Brabus-tuning pot. On the hood no Mercedes is a star or a Brabus-B, but the newly created Invicto-Signet. The Invicto-first work based on the Mercedes G-class there are three versions. In addition to the model Pure the Invicto is also available as a Luxury and as a Mission available. The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine even in the Diesel zone FOCUS Online The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine is even meant to be in the Diesel zone

During the Pure rather for the authorities, and as a support vehicle in the Luxury VIPs are safe to feel, speaks to the Invicto Mission a completely different clientele. Special forces of police, border guards or authorities, get with the Invicto Mission in an armored vehicle, which is their most rustic requirements. This includes not only the heavy armor of the car itself, but Details such as a deployable roof hatch, remote-controllable search light on the roof, a drone or four specific individual seats, which are also complete with full battle gear, yet sufficiently comfortable heard. Brabus Invicto Mercedes G-class VR6 Plus armored

these are not covered with leather but is a textile material, the bulletproof vests knows. The inner surfaces of each of the back can lean manually to the rear pegs, so that you can take with a protection vest comfortable on one of the four seats in the place. In addition, each seat is cut so that you do not need to also take off his weapons belt and leg if you get. Similar to practically the door panels, since the plurality of freely assignable Eyelets can also be seen from the bullet-proof vests and can be anything with a handle and removed attached. Brabus Invicto Mercedes G-class VR6 Plus Here is the Auto-subscribe to Newsletter

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G-class keeps a hand grenade stand

For the armor of 4,82-Meter-long vehicle is a specially developed protective cell, which is closed in itself and in the vehicle body is screwed provides. By this construction, it can be in the body of the G-class and fixed used. For hot-formed armored steel, and protective elements made of fabric as well as ceramic and metallic composites, manufactured. In addition, the discs also after the shelling of the class VR 6 Plus are armored. Thus, resist this, as well as the vehicle itself, a Shot of caliber 7.62 x 39 from the rapid-fire rifle AK-47, but also hand grenades with explosive charges up to 12.5 PETN. "Here, protection elements for the first Time, produced the method by additive manufacturing with a 3D printer," Christian Draser, the CEO of Brabus Automotive. Peaceful use with water-cannons the police disinfected the streets of Madrid, PCP Peaceful use with water-cannons the police disinfected the streets of Madrid

From the outside the armored Mercedes G-class is hardly as such and so no one looks up when one is in the North-Western Ruhr area, in the direction of the Dutch border, on country roads and passing through towns on the way. You have to look very carefully to identify the dark glass as a safety glass and 20-inch wheels with tires in the Format 275/50 R 20 W113 act in anyway like a sport version. In the interior of the rim of a high strength plastic, is hidden a ring, with the beschossene G-class even with a broken tire, 50 miles of running. Must not be, because on the test drive is even to be feared between Bottrop and the rural Dinslaken no attack. But good to know that you would be prepared for anything, and when the traffic jam becomes longer, is trying to short, also the hidden built-in blue light-Flasher to turn on, to make the way free. Brabus Invicto Mercedes G-class VR6 Plus

Behind the wheel you can feel the VR6-Plus-armor, however, not only by the technical equipment, the operator displays in the roof or a retractable module is in the glove compartment support. The heavily armored Invicto has through the armor of more than 3.5 tonnes on the Ribs and so the turbocharged four-liter V8 needs to urge, with its 310 kW / 422 HP and 610 Nm of maximum torque just at the Light a little more action to move the mass vigorously to the front.

suspension and brakes on Extra pounds

adjusted To the additional weight of about one ton of the suspension and the braking system has been adjusted. Front ventilated 402 mm discs and six-piston delay inside calipers and 380 mm discs and four-piston calipers at the rear. After a few kilometers you get used to the additional load and the Invicto Mission feels almost like a fully loaded Mercedes G-class on the road in the summer holidays.

security has its price, and the money is invested well in most cases because it comes to your own life. Additional to the basic model of the Mercedes G-class will cost with the Invicto-protection package 354.600 euros, with an appropriately armored Mercedes G 500 starts at 464.000 Euro. The smaller G 350d with its 286 HP strong three-litre Diesel would do with the extra weight but quite heavy and the larger AMG G63, with its 585 HP you can save. When it comes to Invicto Mission on very different values.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 09:26

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