Posts will explode: patients fight back in private against rip-off

About 8.7 million people have private health insurance. Here is the calculation of the monthly contributions is fundamentally different from the model for the h

Posts will explode: patients fight back in private against rip-off

About 8.7 million people have private health insurance. Here is the calculation of the monthly contributions is fundamentally different from the model for the health insurance: members of the private health insurance (PKV) based on the amount of Premiums on the health condition in the health insurance, the premium is calculated according to the income.

Also, therefore, the premium increases for private health insurance members with age and thus failing health. Although there is a buffer in the case of monthly premium payments, but private health insurance to members of the massive contribution increases to accept brackets. In the extreme case, it may come to the annual tariff jumps of up to 20 percent.

millions of citizens have private health insurance vdek

In the year 2018, the wait insured, 10.5 per cent of the Federal citizens ' private health.

be Concerned not, But in any case, defenseless. It Finanztip indicates"". A judgment of the higher regional court of Cologne against the private health insurance provider, Axa Insured hope that you can leave parts of your contributions refund (OLG Köln, judgment of 28. January, 2020, Az. 9 U 138/19). The court of appeal criticised the fact that the Axa premium increases have not concrete enough to be justified.

According to the opinion of lawyers of the higher regional court-judgment for the Insured other PKVs is. Affected can make claims for the past ten years. It is, therefore, substantial.

So Concerned against contribution increases procedure
  • Let the post increase your PHI to a lawyer to look it over.
  • to do this, Select a firm that has specialized in insurance law.
  • another possibility is to achieve an internal change of tariff with your current provider for a contribution reduction.
PKV provider may. awards are not to your liking

increase The insurer must comply with the contribution calculation "strict mathematical rules", such as the Association of Private health insurance performs"Contributions such as contribution changes arising from the application of many of the statistics and accounting formulas", it says on the Association Website.

Incorrect reasons makes the increase in Premiums is invalid

It follows: Based contribution increases on the above-mentioned requirements, the increases are invalid. Have this by law not allowed premiums the Insured paid increases, you can challenge the too much money paid for three years back. If appropriate, this period is extended to ten years.

a example : Many private health insurance providers share with the Insured person in your cover Letter that you will regularly review the posts and, in the case of higher costs, the premiums would have to raise. This is now the case.

However, this formulation is too vague. The provider must inform its customers that the increase in the expenditure, a percentage is exceeded has. This percentage must be identified in Writing and a reference to the specific contribution increase in written Insured be made. If the provider writes so: "We need to increase its contribution to x euros", is due to the increase in formally incorrect.

the increases are ineffective. Concerned can call on the full increases for the past ten years, plus interest. This can be to amounts of more than 10,000 Euro.

in order To take legal steps correctly, you should be Concerned, a lawyer was sought. The cover letter is usually the PKV and the amount of reclaim – what the insurance company does rarely lying down.

In a next step, contributors can sue for the refund. the tip: a legal protection insurance, If you assume this is usually the full cost. (display), you your legal concern of the experts to examine!

bargain offers to attract customers

Some insurers new customers to entice with cheap tariffs to be raised at the earliest possible date. This happens only because the original tariffs were to be calculated is low, such an increase may be ineffective. The insurance Supervisory law specifies in § 155 Para. 3 VAG.


So can be calculated a refund

In the case of ineffective increases in premiums has to reimburse the insurance company in the last few years, a lot of paid contributions, including interest.

The relevant period can increase to ten years, if the ten-year period of limitation (§ 199 Abs. 4 of the civil code) will be used. This question awaits but there is still no judicial clarification. In any case, the customer must pay to an ineffective increase in contributions, only the old bonus, which was prior to the unacceptable increase.

an Alternative to reduce the monthly premium

to reduce Who is afraid of the legal process, can take advantage of other opportunities to its private health insurance costs. The PKV-Association leads to:

- private health insurance-members have a legal right to change at any time in a other heading with the same type of insurance protection your insurance company. At the request of the Insured, a change to a Tariff with a lesser protection is possible. Therefore, interested people should clarify for themselves: What kind of performance is absolutely necessary, what can I do without? The waiver about possible naturopath treatment can reduce the collective load.

In the case of a change of tariff to the current provider refrains from health examination and waiting periods.

- the Insured can also check whether a increase your deductible your private health insurance lowers costs. To do this, you should cost on the Basis of last year's disease to determine whether this variant is worth it. Because your private health insurance reimburses only costs, if the self-provided keep full.

Who got into financial trouble, gets his insurance two statutory PKV-social tariffs offered. This is the standard rate and base fare . Both have lower benefits in case of illness, and points with a lower cost. The need to care for the needy and family members know

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