Post-car affair: a rebuke for the Federal Council

The small room looked on Wednesday is a repeat of the post-car-scandal. On the occasion several initiatives, which had formulated its business review Commission

Post-car affair: a rebuke for the Federal Council

The small room looked on Wednesday is a repeat of the post-car-scandal. On the occasion several initiatives, which had formulated its business review Commission (GPK) of goods. They had investigated the affair, and last November, in its report published.

the GPK makes the Federal Council and the administration, the Post had with illegal accounting tricks to high subsidies for post-car note. One reason is the requirement of the Bundesrat, to generate profits, although this is prohibited in the subsidised regional passenger traffic.

It was a combination of weak points in the Federal Council and the administration, said GCC President Maya Graf (Green/BL). The reaction according to the known to be have been appropriate, but many questions remained to be clarified. To bring light into the darkness, has formulated the GPK a Motion and six postulates. The Council of States adopted, however, only those recommended by the Federal Council for adoption.

In its opinion, the government had rejected the allegations of the GPK. Transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga reminded that the Federal Council was going to let the Federal middle companies within the strategic objectives of entrepreneurial freedom. These strategic objectives would not be above the law.

Lessons from the affair

pull Agree Sommaruga agreed with the order, a total balance sheet to a post-auto-pull affair, as soon as the current administrative penalty procedure is completed. The clarification of the various questions depends on the output of said count. The GCC expect that the Swiss Federal Council setting out General Lessons from the affair moving.

Video: Postbus will pay 205 million to the Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities back The company has for many years been lying subsidies in the millions difficult. (Video: SDA-Keystone)

do Not agree Sommaruga, however, was with the order, to allow an external investigation to clarify whether the Federal office of transport has made in the supervision of the post-auto accounting error. This question had not been studied so far, said Marco Chiesa (SVP/TI). Sommaruga contradicted: The BAV've made these clarifications, and the Controlling System is adapted accordingly. The Council of States rejected the GCC postulate in the sequence.

No new Committee

Also, a binding order, a standing Committee for the strategic control and supervision of state-linked companies to set up has failed. This should improve the coordination between the Departments, the deliberations and decisions of the Federal Council to prepare and regularly talks with the representatives of the Federal lead company. The responsibility rested with the entire Federal Council, said Sommaruga. These have the possibility of an Ad hoc Supervisory Committee. "We don't see the advantage of an additional Committee," said Sommaruga.

Nothing Sommaruga was able to start with a postulate to the France adventure CarPostal France. The post car-daughter was in France in the first instance, a violation of the free trade agreement convicted.

The GCC wanted the legality of the controversial subsidies to investigate. The question is unclear, because the process is ended in France, with a comparison. The free trade agreement was not affected, said Sommaruga. The Council of States rejected this postulate.

discussion about gains

Agree with the Federal Council had declared, however, with three other testing programs. On behalf of the Council of States, he will examine the issue of profits. The GPK postulate raises the question of whether the legal basis for the use of Surpluses need to be revised in the regional passenger transport. GPK-speaker Daniel Fässler (CVP/AI) recalled the prohibition of the conflict between expectations of return and Profit. There is a need for a fundamental discussion of the topic.

another postulate is used to determine whether the distribution of competence between the Confederation and the cantons must be adapted to the supervision of the regional passenger traffic. Finally, the Council of States wants to allow the Federal Council to examine whether it would be appropriate, all Federal corporations in the future as "companies of public interest" to be classified. Such will be subjected to a more stringent Revision. The GCC has formulated, in its report in addition to the Initiatives, a total of 15 recommendations. Most of them want to implement the Federal Council. (fal/sda)

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