Pension: caution, before you get it, it is still quite a bit of money deducted | money

you have received your Pension statement and now know how much money you will receive in the age on a monthly basis? But be careful: It taxes and social securit

Pension: caution, before you get it, it is still quite a bit of money deducted | money

you have received your Pension statement and now know how much money you will receive in the age on a monthly basis? But be careful: It taxes and social security contributions to fall.

you believe the state pension enough for you, if you go into retirement? Then you should do the math better again - and, in addition, private pension plans think. Finally, only a part of the German pension insurance pension calculated in claims for lands in them. Previously, health insurance and tax office to keep the Hand. These deductions you expect:

1. Statutory retirement


What many don't know: payments from the statutory pension Fund are partially tax . Up to the year 2040 they should even be taxed progressively completely. The so-called " deferred taxation " started in 2005 with a taxable pension share of 50 percent.

Who went 2019 in retirement, had this proportion exceeds, however, already 78 percent of its pension tax - when the tax-free amount of 9.168 Euro or 18.336 Euro (for along-assessed married couples). So that means that 22 percent of the pension are tax-free. In the first pension year valid free amount remains life-long.

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But Since the pensions are expected to rise in the coming years, it may happen that you, if you had to pay no taxes, but still subject to tax. By the way: by 2020, increasing the tax obligations as a proportion of the pension for each new Born to two percentage points . From then on, it should be according to Focus Online "only" one percentage point a year.

social security

you Were most of her professional life in the Statutory health insurance mandatory, voluntary or family insurance, you will be assigned to as a compulsory insured pensioners ' health insurance (KVdR) . The health insurance contribution is on 7.3 per cent of the relevant additional contribution of the respective health insurance company , as reported by Focus Online.

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The other 7.3 percent of the General contribution rate (14.6 percent), the earlier the employer has applied, paid the pension Fund. By the way: S ind you the retired and the childless, for long-term care insurance to 3.3 percent of the pension contribution, with pensioners, with kids, there are 3.05 percent (as of 2019).

you can Refer to in addition to the statutory pension and have other income, you must pay on this income contributions. Since 2019,the contribution assessment ceiling at 4.537, 50 Euro per month is . You will come across this limit, you must pay any additional contributions.

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2. Private pension and company pension


you Have according to the 2004 private pensions and/or life insurance completed? Then the tax deduction is higher. Finally, now citizens are allowed to deduct their contributions for tax purposes. In return, pensioners have to tax the so-called income share best. The height depends of the same from the age of the Insured at the time of Retirement .

for example, go regularly with the age of 65 years for retirement, and have completed a private pension. This pays you a pension of 200 euros a month, that makes 2,400 euros a year. According to the calculations of the tax office according to income, part will be sent to you of 18 percent. This means that you have to pay tax on 432 euros per year with your personal tax rate.

Good to know: For Riester - and Rürup-pensions , as well as occupational pensions and direct insurance payouts in old age, even are subject to 100 percent of the personal tax rate , such as the Finance portal reported.

At the end of the total amount of all income, which determines the personal tax rate decides about how much of those pensions remaining.

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you Are a pensioner and voluntary statutory health , to be assured, it will be even more expensive. Then you need to make up to an income of about EUR 4,500 per month , not only on pensions but also on the so - called Riester and Rürup pensions as well as in addition to income and capital assets for the full health and nursing care insurance contribution.

Private insurance in the age of expensive - you can expect to m several hundred Euro fee in monthly . The grant of the pension Fund remains, however, constant. Currently, he is capped to 7.3 per cent of the assessment basis (January 2020).

you Should get to your retirement the beginning of a one-time payment from a direct insurance , are also sick immediately - and nursing care insurance contributions are deducted. The can be several thousand euros. The be: charges, usually over ten years .

This also applies (retroactively) for payments from pension plans, pension funds or Riester contracts, which run through your employer (even if they were completed prior to 2004).

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