Patrick Sabatier, lex- advantage heart of the household - The Point

" gold opens all, up to the gates of the underworld. "We don't know if Patrick Sabatier, host flagship of the 1980s, has read the Greek author Menander, in t

Patrick Sabatier, lex- advantage heart  of the household - The Point

" gold opens all, up to the gates of the underworld. "We don't know if Patrick Sabatier, host flagship of the 1980s, has read the Greek author Menander, in this case, it would, no doubt, knew that after the glory, there was the disgrace ; after the peaks, the abyss. Sabatier was the king of the PAF : host tv and radio ; designer extraordinaire ; successful producer ; man million ; and the ideal son in law loved these ladies. Its the face of a young man perfect, his beguiling smile, his tone is inimitable, her sensuality had made him the superstar of the decade of the 1980s. In the field of variety, Drucker, Foucault, Sébastien or Guy Lux does boxaient not in the same category as him. The man in a hurry – discovered by Bouvard, who had announced the color : "I will change" – was the machine to cash for TF1 and, a rare thing, had some ideas. His concepts were innovative and ravissaient the housewife under 50 years of age, who was starting to have right of life or death on the programs. And yet, the empire was going to crumble. Not because of an audience that failed, but two cases : a fraud and a tax fraud. Result, he was fired from TF1 and RTL.

Who would have believed it possible at the end of the 1970s, when the young Sabatier, in a blaze of starting a career promising on RTL, arrives on TF1 for The Visitors Wednesday, the youth programs of the chain. He was 25 years old. What is striking about it is its ease microphone in hand. It is also clever to launch the animated cartoon to talk to the children or question the stars of that time. A star is born. Very quickly, Sabatier offers its concepts to the management of the chain. It must be said that the young grantee is full of ideas. And good !

The host Patrick Sabatier poses on the set of his show, "The game of truth", in the studio of the Radio house, Paris, 15 march 1985. A concept unstoppable. © JOEL ROBINE / AFPLa first is without doubt the most inventive of the tv – we exaggerate only slightly : take the class picture of a celebrity and go off in search of the whole band for an emotional reunion (and tearful). Launched in the summer of 1980 with Anne-Marie Peysson, Opinion research is a huge success. The intimate of the stars landed at 20: 45 – the emission will be small. Two years later, new creation : Asset heart brings to the stage all the afternoon, couples who tell of their encounter – the program is the ancestor of Z'amours. In 1983, Sabatier continues with Door to happiness : the teams of the facilitator in the "real people" for the reward or to make them live a unique experience – 20 years later, Arthur will build on to his Stars at home. Finally, with the Game of truth, host-producer, held its second concept unsurpassed : celebrities are interviewed live by "real" French – the years 2000 industrialiseront this simple idea as a hello Yves Mourousi.

Patrick Sabatier at the head of the show "Door to happiness" on TF1 in 1983. © BENAROCH/SIPA / SIPA / BENAROCH/SIPA

I'm the number one, but I know how much this position is random.

The programs Sabatier follow one another or coexist. The hearings are exceptional – TF1, struggling to Antenna 2, catches up its delay. Of course, the success is not without controversy. One accuses the presenter of shoot (too) easily on the heartstrings. On Friday, December 13, 1985 (it can not be invented !), it assists in the direct blast of Chantal Goya. If he defends still today, the issue looks like a trap with the icon of a least of 10 years. A caregiver accused of dumbed down children. "I'm a fairy," she says, hysterical. In the Face of a teacher, she farts sinkers, is ridicules and blames it on the production (Sabatier, so) of having invented this protagonist. Snipe is derailed and is left for a crossing of the desert for over fifteen years. Finally, the personality of Sabatier interrogates and annoys : the man can sound arrogant – we see it several times a week in the mail, in the magazines, perfect tan, and even in an advertisement for a mineral water. The delusions of grandeur. Even if he defends : "It is... I'm the number one, but I know how much this position is random ", he explains in a portrait published by The World in 1986.

After a brief excursion on the 5, Sabatier returns to TF1, and continues his march towards the summit. © HAROT/TF1/SIPA / SIPALe nice Sabatier did his teenager in 1987. Giving in to the sirens (and large checks) of Silvio Berlusconi, the host file on the Five. His salary is multiplied by ten. His hearing, divided by the same number. Nothing does. Five emissions in as many months later, the prodigal son returns on TF1. One forgives everything to her child, even rotten spoiled. Train-to-train resumes. Sabatier recovery research Advice and The Game of truth ; becomes the king of Friday night ; arouses the jealousy of the facilitators-the stars (Eddy and Sebastian), because its 50 % share of the market are very attractive ; and then creates And if we said everything. The beginning of the end. In this episode, recorded in early December 1990 and validated by TF1, it receives a fake mage, Phillippe Gouezh, who claims to cure aids and cancer. The promotion in the prime time of the healer panics viewers that flock to the enterprise mounted by Gouezh – an ex-gendarme. The donations are flowing in. Sabatier and his wife are indicted for aiding and abetting fraud, complicity to attempted fraud and complicity of illegal exercise of the medicine. They will be acquitted in 1995. But it is too late, the damage is done and, in the meantime, another case has been the skin for the former star of the small screen.

Four years in prison... suspended sentence

Host Patrick Sabatier has its own house of production : Télévasion. The tax man is accused of concealing nearly $ 27 million francs (4 million euros). He denies having taken advantage of a tax credit by placing his company – which generates millions under the status of a new society. In 1993, he was sentenced to four years in prison with suspended sentence (the judge will leave a time of silence between the length of the sentence and the announcement of the suspension, a faux suspense, as in a tv game show) and 250 000 francs fine for tax evasion. TF1 and RTL, radio, on which he served, have not waited for the end of these two cases to separate this gold mine became a ball to the disastrous image. After the disgrace, the disgrace.

Patrick Sabatier to the court in 1993. © JEAN-LOUP GAUTREAU / AFP" Drucker and Foucault have managed to maintain their audience, not Sabatier. He has six months to prepare a new project ", announced in an interview with the World Étienne Mougeotte in 1992. The past six months, TF1 has already forgotten and renounced for ever his ex-darling. "Am I a man finished ?" asks the host Michel Denisot in a reality show on Canal+. "I think not ", replied the grognard of the tv. Believe-it ? Sabatier is not finished, but his purgatory either. Attempts to do so come on the public service fail. He set his sights on TMC – not present on DTT, so the hearing confidential and anime at 20: 30 a great interview For the pub. With the humility of the burn, Sabatier finds a certain freshness and proves that he is without doubt the presenter the most gifted of his generation. In 2000, he won the 7 gold earned the best host of the cable. A sesame ? Not yet. The world of tv is spiteful. "There is not far from the Capitol to the rock Tarpéienne ", said the historian. Less is known about the following : "But the man who fight for reason, for the motherland, is not so easily defeated. "In 2008, a skiing accident recovery all.

Second career

Wounded on the tracks, nagui (French speacker) convinces France 2 trust Patrick Sabatier to take over the reins of Don't forget the lyrics, the music game of the public channel. Some (bad) languages, want to see the hand of the new president of the Republic – with which the facilitator has links. The acting is going well, and that is Sabatier party for a second career... less flamboyant than the first. A lot of games, some variety shows and an end of the water coil. Despite hearing more than correct, it is to be landed in 2016 by France Televisions, which inaugurates, it is said in the scenes, a funny hunting white males over fifty years of age. The facilitator tries to bounce back with two concepts that are worn down to the rope (Notice of search and The Game of truth) on C8 – all chaperoned by the current king of the PAF, Cyril Hanouna. The success is not with go and Sabatier disappears of the radar in 2019.

may 2, 1994, Patrick Sabatier is entrusted to Frédéric Mitterrand, for a great program of redemption. © MICHEL CLEMENT / AFPIndéboulonnable debunked, Patrick Sabatier keep the stigmas of a fall as fast as unjust. In the mid-1990s, so that its image is literally destroyed, France 2 decides to organize a great program of redemption presented by Frederic Mitterrand. The project was called : Grandeur and decadence of a star. We could not have been better summed up.

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