Passion play Oberammergau: pottery lamp manufactures clay jars and hidden secret messages | Oberammergau

In the temple he goes to break. Jesus smashed the jug. He does that in every performance of the passion play. Each of the vessels, pottery, Barbara lamp, and th

Passion play Oberammergau: pottery lamp manufactures clay jars and hidden secret messages | Oberammergau

In the temple he goes to break. Jesus smashed the jug. He does that in every performance of the passion play. Each of the vessels, pottery, Barbara lamp, and their sons in their workshop in Oberammergau and hide secret messages Inside.

Oberammergau – we Say it how it is, the Bayer would say they have fucked Barbara lamp ten years ago. From Crete they flew the jugs. 130 piece. The were a few euros cheaper than the self-built from Oberammergau. There was a mass discount. Shortly before the Passion, Barbara lamp, met by panic and hustle and bustle asked the makers of the games, when she could finally the jugs pottery. As in 2000. 1990. Like her father before that. The Greek carafes had concealed her. They said: "The pitchers are already under the stage. You want to see?“ Barbara lamp has seen it and is gone.

this Time you have asked the lamp again. "Want do you? Your were the most beautiful.“ No, she answered. Never again. "I was pretty upset," she explains. That was in January.

pension waiting - for real this time

this week, Barbara lamp has the jars of 83 to 87 of pottery. Ten finished has driven her son Benjamin to the Theater. Exactly ten fit in the old Volvo. About 300 Kilograms Of Clay. Lamp has baptized Corona jugs. Not in the first place, because of the Virus, but because the Corona (Latin) is to English crown, and the pitchers will crown the life of a Potter. These 130 ships – the Lampes to say – your last. At the end of the year, Barbara lamp, the workshop of her son, Tobias, a Metaller. She goes in pension. For real this time. Six years ago, "it said pension," says the 71-Year-old. She has worked after that, just continue. The Pension was not enough. In your workshop with a note that is written on the wall: "I'm worth it, to be for a good job well paid." But who pays for the hand work? Lovers and regular customers, says lamp. Without the rentals, she had a pottery, operated for five generations, much earlier need to close.

you then said "Yes" to the jugs. Reason of the Pride away. For the Tobi, her eldest son, is of the order of an elegant initial, for you are the most beautiful-possible walkout. "I'm glad God that I have the job." God gave her the gift. Jesus smashed the pitcher in the temple, gives "me maintenance". This allegory like you always have. The scene in the temple also. For you, there's no better.

Everything is going to be more relaxed from

Christian Stückl, the Director, wept as he announced to the world the postponement of the Passion. The village sobbed, but Lampes furnace did not cease to burn. In two years, you start yet again, where everything goes without any pressure to the end. A little more than 700 days until the Games in 2022. The pots will be ready. What a rabble-rousing, it was in the times in which you töpferte in the morning, afternoon, as action woman entered the stage and the night was on fire. This will be a fun two years. Suddenly, time, ratchet, to the theatre, take a stroll. The kinship from America wants to come. "Ah, that will be nice."

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plays back one of the black women that you referred to teasingly as "Groupies of Jesus". 80 performers, the Oldest 80, the Youngest a few months old. Women would have talked in life, before the Passion never to each other. But that is the Passion, invisible adhesive. Meanwhile, the women meet twice a year. Lampes sister, Monika Long, has fought for in 1989, the game rights for married women and women over 35 in court in the first place. With many more Courageous. At a stroke, 250 volunteers of the women came forward. Some men find nothing Better, as a business snapping at you, and game Director Stückl a nasty message in the garden. The Passion is Tradition, and Tradition can not only act as glue, but sometimes people disconnect. Benjamin lamp should not have been involved in this year. In October of 2019, he had come from Swiss francs back. In two years, he is eligible to play. The Youngest of three sons, also a Potter, is helping the mom anyway. With his brother.

birthday greetings on the inside

Barbara lamp is now 71. Your left shoulder is broken. "I can't bind once hair." Your "passion" to grow further entice. When all is said and done, the left shoulder up. After 55 years and many gold medals as instruments of the most valuable tool of a Potter is allowed to be exchanged once already. The right one has already started a new joint. Works great. You no longer lifts as heavy as earlier. Half a plaster mold of the pitchers weighs 150 kilograms. "This is men's work."

+ team work: Barbara lamp, and her son Benjamin's add the two half-plaster forms.©Mayr

In a pitcher, two pottery Potter. On the Blueprint, many of the Numbers come tumbling back and forth. Those who are not familiar, could keep the sketch for a Scribble. Three variants has been developed in the family. All lead to the goal. The fastest sees about 30 minutes of construction time. But then no one is allowed to ratchet in the workshop and also hangover Chili to a tasty treat begging. First the walls, then the floor, each half for himself. Before a crane connects to the gypsum blocks, numbered Barbara lamp every pot and adds a personal message. "Limited Edition," she says. In some of the vessels engraved birthday greetings, others tell of Corona, of masks. In a is laconic: "Jesus was there." Benjamin lamp, 39, is playing against guests like Tic-Tac-Toe on tone. He wins often. Then his mother makes a photo. Strangely enough, you remember the pictures of ultrasound pictures of Pregnant women. "The secret is inside."

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when the jug is broken

+ Three wins: Benjamin lamp plays with guests like Tic-Tac-Toe with the pitchers.©Mayr

The Greek vessels ten years ago, came without any secret messages that can only read the dealer if you glue the shards together after the show tedious. At the end of the Passion they sell the pots in the village. The proceeds from the merchants celebrate the season with a large and support a social project. Ten years ago, you have restored the fountain at the Altherrenweg.

After eight, sometimes ten hours to free the jars from the plaster mold. Barbara lamp, pulls the Handle in a movement that could compare with the milking. Her grandfather Anton Lang looks on. The portrait of Jesus ' cast member from 1900, 1910 and 1922 adorns the wall. Two weeks ago, a pot dries. After that, your sons to raise the tone of colossus in the oven, about 1000 degrees hot.

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1960 are melted to her father once tens of jugs in a wood oven. He had tried a new coal-fired places of Silesia. With a pickaxe and a chisel, the desperate man struck the gingerbread of the same Structure. In 1990, molded Barbara lamp, the jugs still free hands on the wheel, ten years later, she developed the plaster mold technique. The model 2020 is modelled on its predecessor and about ten percent smaller. 20 jars burns the family in addition for the sale. The in-house Store offers replicas in mini form. Not even allowed her ten years ago. But well, this story is forgiven, and in two years, probably forget, as soon as the first clay pot is broken with a thunderous, dark burst, 4800 people scared and Barbara lamp creeps, the goose bumps up.

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