Parents raging over the lack of Tinka-beanies

Ford has announced that the children can meet up at their local Ford dealer and get a red hue similar to the, Tinka has on the in TV 2's popular advent calenda

Parents raging over the lack of Tinka-beanies

Ford has announced that the children can meet up at their local Ford dealer and get a red hue similar to the, Tinka has on the in TV 2's popular advent calendar 'Tinka and Kongespiillet'.

to get a Tinka-hue, the children must either have colorized a leaflet, that comes with TV 2's lågekalender, or they have got a cap card in a package with Tinka-map, which is provided in Kvickly, superbrugsen now or DagligBrugsen when you buy goods for more than 100 crowns.

Both parts must be handed in at a Ford dealer, as an official sponsor of the Tinka-society will provide a red Tinka-hue. But many children have gone in vain with their cards and drawings. Most Ford dealers are run out of beanies. And it has got many parents and grandparents up in the red field.

"Sorry, but I think it really is too bad that you can't get the nissehue more. Our children spend really much time and energy chasing the nissehue. My daughter has finally got the last card, she was missing (nissehuen), and now she can't get her nissehue. Really bad style," writes a parent on Ford's Facebook page.

At Ford's Facebook page, pouring it in with angry messages from parents who have stood with weeping and disappointed children in front of their local Ford dealer.

"Have a child who was really unhappy, and I'm 100% sure I'm not the only one who is faced with a child who was really disappointed and upset. It is really disappointing to spend the money to get samlekortene, and then, when you finally get nissehue card, so you can damn well not get nissehuen anyway," writes a parent on the German bilforhandlers Danish Facebook page.

Ford called a week ago, the parents to take their children with them, when the cards were delivered, so they can get the full experience of the Tinka-universe at the dealer'.

When the first angry parents began to write about crying children and sold-out beanies, promised Ford that several hats were on their way to the dealers, and that you could be written up to a hue with its local dealer. Now reads the announcement from Ford that are sold out in many places, and that there not be more to come Tinka-caps.

"Nissehuen has been very sought after, and this raises some dealers are already about sold out. We have written, that it applies as long as stock, and the stock is, unfortunately, slipped up before time," writes Ford on Facebook.

But the explanation gives the parents are not much for.

"How the f..... you can make more cards than christmas hats. In should be able to fit all of the disappointed children who have been fooled to buy samlehæfter at the Coop with large, hoping to find the card, so you can get a nissehue," writes a parent in a comment on Ford's Facebook page, accompanied by a great deal fire, acid smilyes.

Lene Dahlquist, who is the communication director in the Ford, sorry to B. T., that many children have gone in vain.

"We have, together with TV 2 agreed what was an appropriate number. We have ordered 50,000 and caps, which is equivalent to that we give a hat for 5.5 percent of all Danish children between two and 15 years. It is two and a half times as many as in 2017, but we didn't know that 'Tinka and Kongespillet' would be as big a success," says Lene Dahlquist.

Nothing, however, suggest that the great interest does not come completely back of the Ford. Already in november predicted the car company, that there would be demand for the red caps.

"Back in 2017 came the success of the Tinkas nissehue the back of the Ford, ran out of nissehuerne before christmas. Cooperation resultererede in long queues at the country's Ford dealers, where the number of visitors set a record. Parents and grandparents crossed the land to get your fingers in the little red riding hood to their children and grandchildren. Ford has an expectation that the fight for the Tinkas nissehue again becomes the great point of attraction at the Ford dealers over the country in december, and calls on all Tinka-fans not to wait too long, if you want to secure the famous nissehue," wrote Ford in a press release 30. november of this year.

judging from comments on Facebook is sold out of beanies at Ford in Slagelse, Ringsted, Denmark, Svendborg, Copenhagen, Nykøbing Falster, denmark, Køge, denmark, London and throughout Nsw. Lene Dahlquist argues that there is still a Tinka-beanies back in Copenhagen.

Updated Date: 15 December 2019, 22:00

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