Palavas-les-Flots : the people no longer support their tourists - The Point

On the social networks, the comments are on fire. "Palavas became the hideout of the bastards ", " All the nights, we are treated to the noise of altercation

Palavas-les-Flots : the people no longer support their tourists - The Point

On the social networks, the comments are on fire. "Palavas became the hideout of the bastards ", " All the nights, we are treated to the noise of altercations and name-calling... ", " What is the population of weird this year ", " The tourists are disgusting and disrespectful to leave the beach, leaving behind their waste. It gets worse and worse ", "The class and the mentality of the tourists are in the process of change."

Drunkenness on the public highway, use of nitrous oxide to achieve the effect hilarious, rodeos urban... in the Face of these nuisances that they believe in increase, the Palavasiens are to notch. A group called Citizens palavasiens fed joined together to protest on Friday 7 August. An opportunity that was not missed by Marine Le Pen to support the people, denouncing "a political class powerless" in the face of insecurity. The fishing village is also electorally favourable for several years : in the last european, the national Rally came largely in the head (37,67 %), while in the presidential elections, the Palavasiens the put in the lead in the second round (51,33 %).

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"A season of unprecedented"

To respond to the frustrations of a portion of its population, the mayor of The Republican Christian Jeanjean has recently introduced a number of measures : closing after 22 hours of the boulevard Sarrail into the sea, denial of access to the beach between 23 hours and 6 hours, and reducing the speed to 30 km/h. Two temporary assistants of the municipal police were added to the 25 agents already present. On Facebook, these devices are, however, strongly contested by the local residents. "There is no one to enforce these decrees. Yesterday, at 1: 30 in the morning, there were a lot of people on the sand and no police to enforce it, " said one internet user. Another seems to be also very cautious : "as long as there will be no real reinforcements to assist the forces of law and order, which are understaffed and can not turn in all the corners of Palavas..."

But to The Point, Christian Jeanjean defends itself. "This season is a new one. Compared to usual, we have a lot of overhead in attendance, " notes the municipal official. And to clarify : "With the health crisis, some borders remained closed, including those of the Maghreb. Discos and other places to let off steam for fun did not open. The rise in antisocial behaviour and is therefore mathematical. "A change of tone since his interview on BFM TV, where Christian Jeanjean explained that it was necessary" that youth is happening ". According to this former mp, " the containment has not made serene the French population, leading to a doubt about the future. Young people no longer support anything. On the other side, the Palavasiens say too much is too much, and demanding a return to calm, because they are comfortable with them."

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A population is multiplied by 16 in the summer !

in The afternoon, Palavas is actually very courted. In the summer season, the common pass of 6,000 residents to a little less than 100 000 around August 15. On the left bank, on the docks or in the main shopping street, walking in slow motion often stuck tight. Here, the mask-wearing was not made compulsory by the municipality. The families are numerous in this popular seaside resort. They come from Lyon, Saint-Étienne, in the Ile-de-France. There are also many locals who had come for the day only. For some people, cohabitation has become difficult and the tourists are designated as responsible for antisocial behaviour.

in The midst of the smells of frying and cotton candy, the tourists are all there for the same thing : enjoy ice cream, drink a pot of friends, browse through the boutiques. One clump to go on a tour boat, it fight nicely on the pontoon. Others prefer the spectacle of jousting and water sports. A setting well away from the many testimonies collected damning them because of a progression of delinquency.

On the beach, the influx is massive. Here again, there is not much distancing physical. The vacationers seem to be a bit crowded one on the other. Equipped with speakers, some groups distribute music. Not the choice not to listen to it. Nearby, the trash cans are all filled. They are overflowing even. All around, garbage littering the ground. Incivility, or lack of waste collection ? Next, the queue of public toilets is always packed. But no matter, for Philippe, a merchant in the sale of beach accessories. According to him, the tourist would not be disciplined. "There's a lot of letting go in education. We are faced with a minority that does not respect nothing ", is in despair there. According to Marie-Helene and Frederic, customary places, " the phenomenon is not new, but is amplified this year."

"We're not going to attach the young people in them"

In the dark of the night, the centre is emptied. The public is renewed. Now Place couples come share a summer evening. The families are deployed to the funfair. A guitarist sings to " put the balm to the heart of the Palavasiens ", other young people looking for a place to watch the football match PSG in the champions League. A resident in the year, Jean-Paul, living in the ground floor, will orient the screen of his television on the side of the street by opening wide the windows to enjoy meeting the many onlookers. Among them, Babeth, who runs a textile shop. For her, the challenges are primarily economic, but does not relate to the crime. "Young people do not know where to go, we're not going to tie them at home ! sighs-she. It is a year so particular that it is necessary to be tolerant. The owners need to understand this. We must all learn to live together. "

along the sea, other parents with their children are sitting on the low wall which separates the beach from the road. All lined up on several tens of meters, vacationers enjoy one last candy before the attractions of a mini golf course and a trampoline. It's talkative, that cries, that laughs at it. It is 23 hours. Access to the sand becomes officially prohibited. 23 h 30 : the last bus in the direction of the tram to montpellier starts. Passengers are sparse. The return is done in the quiet.

The city council has not granted the permission to follow a team of municipal police. The gendarmerie, itself, waits for the end of the season to provide a quantitative picture of its interventions.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2020, 05:33

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