Old-age poverty is not an issue - officials cash in on really good pensions

The Federal government currently employs 200,000 civil servants, and reached a new record value, such as the "Handelsblatt" reported. In just the past 24 mont

Old-age poverty is not an issue - officials cash in on really good pensions

The Federal government currently employs 200,000 civil servants, and reached a new record value, such as the "Handelsblatt" reported. In just the past 24 months the Federal around 23,500 new jobs had been created. This is not only to officials, but the Trend is unmistakable.

Also, Länder, municipalities and social insurance companies are increasing their official numbers, currently around 1.7 million lists on the content.

Pension benefits do not reach unaffordable heights

The main problem of this development are necessarily increasing personnel costs, the need to generate to the taxpayer. Much more dangerous was it that the officials high pension purchase claims, says the report.

to illustrate the magnitude of The calculated cost of pensions and aid for Federal officials jumped in 2019 to 809 billion euros , such as the "Handelsblatt", citing a new assets bill of the Federal government.

Dramatic increase in a short period of time

The increase in the expected total pension expense between 2019 and 2018, according to the reports at 51 billion euros.

Even more frightening, the Numbers in the five-year comparison: Here, the Plus is 53 percent, or 281 billion euros. Huge financial holes, of course, that because the provisions for pensions amount to, according to the report just 31.7 billion euros.

politicians and experts call for a new model

The expected Pension costs are only projections for the future, but they show the extent of the burden. No wonder, then, that the first politicians to call for a rethink: "The significant increase in the number of Federal officials has to be stopped, the personnel costs to further escalation", - quotes the report of the CDU-Bundestag member's Mark, captain, spokesman of the youth group of the Union in the Bundestag.

The Top-Economist Lars field is questioning the System in principle: "in My view, the extent of the establishment in Germany is to be far-reaching." From the point of view of the Economists with a chair at the University of Freiburg and head of the "economic wise men" would have to be neither professors nor teachers, public servants.

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The Berlin Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD), responded in a bubble on the Board and not more emerges from his teachers. According to a report by Berlin would have to pay 31 per cent of the salary payments to the teacher in addition to a pension Fund, if the current rules would be changed.

Retirement of the Baby boomers burdened System solid

From the point of view of Economists out of the next 20 years is challenging, because in this period the baby boomers go into retirement. The result is that the social funds have less of a contributor, at the same time for even more citizens of retirement income must be generated.

Specifically, this means, according to the report: by 2030, 31 percent of today's active officials go in Pension, up to the year 2040 do that even 63 percent of all state servants. This leads to massive increases in spending for the retiree.

Different height in the case of civil servants ' pensions and normal pensions

The Figures show that civil servants in the rest of the state is very expensive come. One reason: the Ex-state servants have much higher Pensions than regular workers.

The average old-age pension in Germany in the year 2018 in the case of 902 Euro , such as the Deutsche Rentenversicherung determined. Of the amount of sickness and care insurance deductions in respect of contributions already. Men came by the way, in the section on 1087 Euro , women 688 Euro .

The so-called civil servants ' pensions for former state servants is quite different. The reasons for this is that you will get as a result of the statutory provisions up to 71,75 per cent of your last – and highest – salary as a pension. This percentage value is reached after 40 years, because each full year of service brings 1,79375 percentage points. The pension level of the normal workers reached, however, in 2019, on average, only 48,16 percent .

case examples of civil servants salaries and pension benefits

The German civil service Association shows on its Website, what are the salaries of certain Federal officials, depending on the Position. Thereafter, the retirement pension is calculated.

The calculations of pensions under each of a continuous professional career of 40 years. The results of a civil service pension in the amount of 71,75% of that month's income. Income DBB, under a continuous career, is in receipt of income on the Basis of the above-mentioned content; supply height after 40 years of 71,75 %


  • In the above pension calculations, it is an ideal-typical view, which is that someone has exercised his profession without interruption.
  • In the case of the pension statistics for cases are included with interrupted employment biographies.
  • And finally, pensions are taxable, other than pensions, in the full amount. Apart from a supply of free amount the tax free.
average Pension reached already in 2015, monthly 2940 Euro.

According to supply report by the Federal government officials based in the year 2015 an average of 2940 Euro Pension . In the case of top officials and the rest of the money was, on average, 4370 euros. Only 1.2 percent of the retired officials of the time had less than 1000 euros in a month.

remember The average old-age pension reached in Germany to 2018 only 902 euros. In the value of many pensions are included, however, where interrupted careers are based on.

It is interesting to see how much pension an average earner after 40 years of continuous occupation refers to. Thus, comparison of numbers to determine the green marked values from the table above.

The requirements: Currently, the average salary of all the members of the statutory pension insurance in the old countries is 40.551 euros per year. Who deserves 40 years in the amount of the average fee - which changes annually - gets 40 pension points credited. Each pension point is currently with a height of 34.19 euros in the West. Thus, the pension of an average earner with 40 years of insurance, an amount of 1367,60 Euro . is calculated as the Average

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to say it again: The calculation of pensions is based on different legal requirements. Nonetheless, Ex-civil servants have, on average, significantly higher Pensions than the statutory Pension insurance. The burdened taxpayers to a high degree.

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