Nord Stream 2: the Mysterious living ship in the port of Sassnitz provides for speculation

the The United States wants to keep commercial use of sanctions by Nord Stream 2 remote.. the business side, the requirement of German and European policy,

Nord Stream 2: the Mysterious living ship in the port of Sassnitz provides for speculation
  • The United States wants to keep commercial use of sanctions by Nord Stream 2 remote..
  • the business side, the requirement of German and European policy, and to protect you.
  • A SPD-politician is now demanding, in return, measures to be taken against American companies.
  • A living ship houses on the island of Rügen, apparently, secretly workers for Nord Stream 2.
  • Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier wants US to prevent sanctions, necessarily.

the construction of The controversial Pipeline, Nord Stream 2 goes in the last of the trains and the US exacerbate the growing pressure on participating companies and institutions. Meanwhile, the German policy calls for counter-measures against the threatened intervention of the United States. "You could not, as a vassal state for treatment," said about an SPD member of the German Bundestag.

Meanwhile, Work on the Gas Pipeline in the Baltic sea, and with the new ships. The company Allseas pulled back because of the drohenen sanctions and withdrew its pipe-laying vessels. The rest of the almost 100 kilometres now takes on the Russian ship "Akademik Cerskij". The ship is anchored in front of Rügen, just as the mysterious living ship "Rossini".

As the "Ostsee-Zeitung" reported on the weekend, is the "Rossini" for several weeks in the city port of Sassnitz. The tractor would have brought the ship in early June there, and since then, the "Rossini harboring" of around 140 workers, according to the paper. According to the report, buses in a travel company to bring workers daily to the ferry port Mukran. The "Akademik Cerskij anchored" since may.

Nord Stream-2-Parties are silent on the role of the "Rossini"

The "Ostsee-Zeitung", according to the workers - Englishmen, Russians, Ukrainians, Italians prepare to prepare – probably the construction of the last section. Apparently out of fear of the threat of sanctions by the United States, but all Involved keep a low profile. Of the Nord Stream 2 AG it is hot, you have to do with the "Rossini" nothing. A spokesman for the port have refused information, as well as the port captain of Sassnitz – "no comment," quoted the newspaper. Mayor Frank Kracht, and another operator had not been reached, added the "Ostsee-Zeitung".

The newspaper, the secrecy of the "Rossini" on U.S. sanctions. Because they threaten, in the meantime, virtually all of the Parties to Nord Stream 2 – contractors, suppliers, lenders, insurers, ports, and even the mayor Kracht could all come to the attention of the United States.

the Federal government wants to prevent escalation, necessarily,

In the dispute over the Nord Stream Baltic sea Pipeline 2, the Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, in spite of all the threats of Sanctions from the United States on de-escalation.

"We still hope that it comes to these sanctions. We are in the Federal government agree that we are always available for discussions, in order to prevent an escalation,“ said the CDU politician on Tuesday the news Agency dpa.

the fact was that without German use of gas transit from Russia through Ukraine not to years, would have been able to be secured. "We have here in this Ministry, the crucial negotiations. In the North of Germany, we are going to build Terminals where liquefied natural gas from the United States were landed and sold in Germany can be.“ Against this Background, there is no reason for sanctions, said Altmaier. "In fact, I hope and I expect that all parties Involved keep to the requirements of international law."

European Counter-sanctions, demanded: "Must not let us as a vassal state, treat"

In the policy grows increasingly discontent with the actions of the United States: The "world" quoted Carsten Schneider, first Parliamentary Secretary of the SPD group in the Bundestag, with the words: "The US is turning in the TRANS-Atlantic relationship in a dangerous way at the escalation of the screw and the political and economic relations between Germany, Europe and the USA, aware of a growing threat."

The faction, the managing Director called on the Federal government to use its European Council presidency, to increase "the sanction of resilience in Europe," quickly: "Germany and Europe, as the world's largest single market, can not be like a vassal state deal." Schneider called for "intelligent counter-measures, which then must do U.S. exporters hurt". European companies are threatened by the sanctions, had to be helped also.

the trigger for the escalation are reports that in the USA the pressure on German and European companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream Baltic sea Pipeline 2, want to increase. US representative, would have resulted in the past few days via video conference calls with contractors of the project to remind you of "the far-reaching consequences of further cooperation in the project", told the "world on Sunday".

USA is planning to completion of Nord Stream 2

to prevent This, the company representatives had seen up to twelve representatives of the U.S. government. This would have made "in a friendly tone very clearly that they want to prevent the completion of the Pipeline," the newspaper quoted an observer of the talks: "I believe that the threat is very, very seriously."

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced last week, the controversial Baltic sea Pipeline, which should transport Gas from Russia to Germany, the case henceforth, under a law, the punitive measures against companies, the transactions with Russia, or countries such as Iran and North Korea.

The Federal government subsequently declared that they reject the extra-territorial sanctions, because these "peoples were unlawful". The German economy condemned the threats as "unfathomable low point in transatlantic relations".

construction on the Pipeline project North Stream from 2

Despite the threats, the Work on the Pipeline to go further, however. The landing station in Lubmin (Vorpommern-Greifswald) is now ready for operation, said a spokesman for the Nord Stream 2 AG on Thursday. At the landing station in Russia will still be worked on. Seaward rework how selective stone embankments had also been completed.

the US sanctions only pipe linings are affected at a depth of 100 meters. Currently there is a gap in both strands of Wire of 150 kilometers, which is still close to the Danish island of Bornholm. Overall, the line is to be 2460 kilometers long. With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany, Trump repeated the Central Obama-error FOCUS Online/Wochit With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany to repeatedly Trump Central Obama error

So commented on FOCUS Online User is this post:

"Mr Trump should prefer to return to the time door, the Dirt in front of his own house before he tries to make a name for themselves here. He would like to have its own raw materials all over the bloody Atlantic. To hear from our Green, Ms. Thunberg, or Fridays for the Future, nothing that makes me think!"

"What is this - should we not always buy cheap and inexpensive? Whether in the Small or in the Large, the Economy counts. Just because the Freiheitsgas comes from Uncle Sam, not a purchase I it but. And who sanctioned here, you can already see the desperate attempts of extortion against the construction company." Trump: Coronavirus "explodes" in Germany, Italy and France PCP Trump: Coronavirus "explodes" in Germany, Italy and France

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