More time for discussions - but also more conflicts: this happens to managers in the Lockdown

The results of a survey of the RIK – Institute for conflict research and preventive counseling of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), to the more than 1,8

More time for discussions - but also more conflicts: this happens to managers in the Lockdown

The results of a survey of the RIK – Institute for conflict research and preventive counseling of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), to the more than 1,800 executives took part. The scientists wanted to obtain insights to the challenges and changes in the Phase of easing.

to say That managers for dealing with employees

Specifically agreed to by a majority of the survey participants to deal with your employees the following points to:

  • increased solidarity (64 per cent )
  • higher expectation of managers (78 per cent)
  • increased requirements for the leadership (90 percent)
  • increased the Stress of the executives (77 percent)
  • higher communication needs of the employees (71 percent)
  • changes in the communication of the managers (74 per cent)

behaviour In a more personally guided discussions between management and employees, not just Corona, and the implementation of the required Hygiene and safety requirements, were important topics here. Rather, personal challenges, Fears and Concerns, such as job loss, short-time work, the economic livelihood or family were approached topics, the survey shows.

More time for discussions with employees - but also more tuning is needed

in Part, the mood will be assessed with each other as worse. Managers can see here in the care for their employees through encouragement, Motivation, reassurance and empathy. "The significant reduction of Outdoor and travel dates leads to a gain in time, allows for a more intensive communication with the employees," explains Bettina Janssen from the RIK. "The presence of communication and informal exchange, however, is missing many." The great content, Check (display)

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in Particular, clear rules, detailed requirements, and more frequent tuning intervals as well as assistance and Review of the tasks and objectives are necessary now. In addition to the commonly used video conferences and phone calls, in the meantime, a lot of been documented would. E-Mail communication have increased significantly.

tell executives to communicate with each other

For the mood of the image between the managers draw the following trends:

  • increased solidarity (53 per cent)
  • higher expectation of the executives (70 per cent)
  • higher need for Communication (70 per cent)
  • changes in communication behavior (57 percent)

At the heart of the communication between managers is the lateral exchange, and the timely coordination of a common approach. Specifically, it matters how the necessary Hygiene measures and distance regulations, a flexible organization, and the economic impact (short term, insolvency, and future).

harder tone and nervous mood to take

"It is clearly formulated in a way that conflicts and a harder tone in the leadership circle due to the tense situations and a nervous mood increase," says Janssen. Different points of the Corona-crisis and the related measures, as well as a not sufficient irritated communication seem to create points of Friction and misunderstanding.

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competition and "turf wars" were the result. The consequence of this is that many focus only on the own Department. Everyone doing "his thing", so the research team.

the majority dispensed with external help

The vast majority of managers consider the Corona practiced for crises and conflict management in your company is quite helpful (72 percent). Most of them (73 percent) take no further external support, for example, by a Mediator, Coach or Supervisor to resolve difficult situations. You cope well alone.

A large part is to continue on a decentralised basis (61 per cent) and to feel mostly safe (80 percent). For 30 percent it is still unclear whether the Corona-crisis-related changes (more the home office, less travel) to exist even after the crisis, stay, 31 percent think this is unlikely.

note : The survey took place in the period from 12. to 25. In may 2020. There were 1850 people, more than 80 percent are men. They work according to their own information, mainly in large enterprises with more than 250 employees, 42 percent) (in non-system-relevant areas (57 percent) and under hierarchical organization structures (77 percent), as the management/the Board, 30 percent; area/head of Department, 31 percent; Team-/ group-/ project leader 24 percent; self-employed/freelance 15 percent. Tarte - flash recipe: the fast Alternative to the classic PCP's Flammkuchen - the flash recipe: the fast Alternative to the classic

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Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 21:28

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