More is the Bike-Trend 2020

About 70'000 bikers from home and abroad are expected through Sunday evening in the Messe Zürich. The annual presentation of the Model products for the coming

More is the Bike-Trend 2020

About 70'000 bikers from home and abroad are expected through Sunday evening in the Messe Zürich. The annual presentation of the Model products for the coming season – on-the-spot are more than 400 brands in the motorcycle, scooter, apparel, accessories and tuning area in the Swiss two-Wheeler scene is traditionally the start of the new season.

Andreas Sieber, head of communication at Swiss Moto, has compiled the most important Trends to 2020. In this case, the word "more" plays a significant role:

Power: That several well-known manufacturers, although street-approved, but it is mainly for the race track designed sports equipment, the 200-horsepower barrier, far left, is the snow of yesterday. Now, motorized Bikes come similar on the market designed mainly for the road and still more than 200 PS. The Ducati Streetfighter V4, the war looks like, with its 208 HP just so, as the Name promises, and the various versions of the available MV Agusta Brutale 1000 include.

More Power than many passenger cars: the Agusta Brutale 1000. Photo: PD

electronics: Freely selectable and programmable driving modes, adjustable traction controls, bi-directional Quickshifter (changing gear without using the Clutch up and down), Ride-by-Wire Throttle that in an inclined position effective ABS systems ("cornering ABS"), and LED lightings are today in the middle and upper class are practically standard equipment. The same will apply in a few years, and also for cornering light, E-Call emergency call systems and even for electronically controlled suspension, as well as in the Supersport Segment via electronic adjustable engine braking.

More connectivity: The networking of the motorcycle, the driver and the environment has developed into a Central theme. For 2020, many models can be converted to TFT-cockpit, via smartphone networking to multimedia platforms. Phone calls and music via the helmet communication systems (Intercom) listen and Handlebar-mounted Controller, now, more and more motorcyclists reality. Not market, but in the way of electronic assistance are Mature systems for proximity detection, collision warning and emergency braking. The development of the apparel integrated, electronically controlled optical warning systems for other road users, as well as to the helmet visor or goggles built-in Head-up Displays is far advanced.

Sleek and luxurious: the AMB 001, the motorcycle of the British luxury manufacturer Aston Martin . Photo: PD

More Retro and Vintage: Retro, Vintage and Custom Trend of the past few years is unbroken. The successful concept is: It combines contemporary technique with a Vintage look that adds to an electronic network, a playful drivability and a wide range of customization offering, and the product becomes the focus of the trend-oriented, primarily urban population.

and More middle-class: Despite the continued market success of the "bike SUV", so the long-legged, heavy, and with all the contemporary Electronic bells and whistles fitted, expensive travel Enduros, to bring the renowned manufacturers increasingly have middle-class motorcycles, the more reasonable weight and performance values, but still state of the art equipped, to interesting prices on the market.

environmental impact: The continuing Trend to larger motors also has environmental and political reasons. In the context of the since this year, the current Euro-5 standards with stricter measurement cycle lower limit values for carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions in the exhaust gas are required. The larger, but less high-revving engines and closer to the engine placed catalysts (better values during cold start-up) best to implement. Most of the manufacturers have responded and their existing models are technically adapted, without losing a single HP losses.

Greater China , The Chinese manufacturer have bought in the past decade, mainly for Italian companies, including naming rights and are now pushing in all segments, with new models from other manufacturers often surprisingly similar products on the market.

More luxury: In the past years, the VIP has detected and luxury industry, the motorcycle (again). Last year, cinema super-star Keanu Reeves, presented in Zurich in person its over 100'000 Dollar KRGT-1, now Aston feil offers Martin together with Brough Superior from 108'000 Euro, the AMB 001 as a two-wheeled piece of equipment for self-styled James Bonds.

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