Merger of the community colleges: Gmund-Dürnbach and Bayrischzell, Miesbach are out |

The two loose candidates remained hard. The folk high school clubs, Gmund-Dürnbach and Bayrischzell have denied their accession to the new vhs Oberland. Coun

Merger of the community colleges: Gmund-Dürnbach and Bayrischzell, Miesbach are out |

The two loose candidates remained hard. The folk high school clubs, Gmund-Dürnbach and Bayrischzell have denied their accession to the new vhs Oberland.

County –A historical, comparative, Cornelius Schlehlein chose in his greeting word. Until 1990, in Germany on 17. June, the day of German unity is celebrated. 17. June 2020 to be the Foundation stone of the unity of the Volkshochschulen (vhs) in the district of Miesbach, explained the structure of the adviser to the Bavarian adult education Association (BVV) in the case of the opening of the extraordinary General assemblies of members in the Waitzinger Keller Miesbach. A few hours later, it was clear that this date is more likely to be remembered as the "day of division" in the history of adult education in the district. Because the vhs-associations Gmund-refused to Dürnbach and Bayrischzell with a narrow majority of their accession to the new Federation.

Actually, everything was well prepared. For more than two years, the adult education rings in the district of a new structure (we reported). As a starting point, new requirements for quality management, which are to be fulfilled for entitlement to state grants. Because only the vhs Holzkirchen-Otterfing meets these requirements, it was agreed ultimately to a merger. The five vhs clubs, Miesbach, Schliersee, Bayrischzell, Tegernsee valley, and Gmund-Dürnbach and the district Association to merge with the wood Kirchner vhs, and then, together with the municipal vhs Hausham the new vhs Oberland.

now, there are only five instead of seven members. Both dievhs Gmund-Dürnbach, as well as the vhs Bayrischzell, have in their members the necessary meetings, majorities required for the merger – if only slightly – is not achieved. Their critical attitude towards the reform of the structure had been in advance of well-known (we reported). That it comes but to actually opt-out, of which the proponents of the merger are not expected.

The greater the disappointment is. "I'm sad that, despite all the talks seems to have failed them all," says the Chairman of the vhs-circle of Association, Sibylle von Löwis. It was "very, very sorry" that the community colleges Gmund-have Dürnbach and the Bavarian missed cell the "Bounce to the future". Also Schlehlein regrets meetings, the decision of the two members. "Actually, all should have the same goal," says structural consultant. That the respective associations and the local authorities would have pushed alternately, the balls that have facilitated the preparatory talks.

Nevertheless, one should accept the democratic vote, says Schlehlein. And also Löwis, looking ahead. The vhs Oberland, will now be established initially only five instead of seven community colleges. Its members had agreed to the merger but with "an overwhelming majority" part. As soon as the entry in the register of the court was made by the notary, he could convene the constituent General Assembly and a Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board to choose. On an interim basis to act for their respective Offices at the "receiving" vhs Holzkirchen-Otterfing – district administrator Olaf von Löwis, as Chairman, and Thomas Mandl as a Director.

the future of The individual fighters in Gmund-Dürnbach and Bayrischzell is meanwhile open, says Löwis. "You must klamüsern now legally apart and see what is left for you left."

reactions from Gmund and Bayrischzell

It was exciting until the end, but now the decision has fallen: The Volkshochschule (vhs) Gmund-Dürnbach is not involved – as well as Bayrischzell – in the case of the new vhs Oberland. The day before yesterday's extraordinary General meeting of the members of the vhs-circle of Association in Miesbach, have spoken to the 19 Board members against the merger agreement.

As the Gmund vhs-Chairman Anna-Maria reported Strongly agreed with ten members in favour and nine against, "however, for a consent to contract a Three-fourths majority would have been necessary, so on 15 votes". After she was able to sleep on it, whether you've come to the conclusion: "I have no reason to celebrate, but the world does not collapse also." The club will use the next few weeks, a concept for the future.

fact: The vhs Gmund-Dürnbach has to provide in the fall a program on the legs, and without government grant income. "Until then, it goes on without restrictions," says Strong. It stresses that Gmund have well-lined and ordinary reserves. With last 2700 double hours it was good.

mayor Alfons Besel (FWG) is reacting cautiously to the decision: "It is important to accept and to set the course anew." The Council must now be discussed whether a candidate for the Oberland composite but still makes sense. He expects that the vhs set clear goals and to the community approach. "The reorganisation is in order. There needs to be clear who bears the responsibility.“ To tell the possible consequences Besel: "The only way you can mobilize either to force or run into a dead end."

Bayrischzells mayor Georg kitten Rainer (CSU) had it coming. At the Info event of the Board of Trustees (20 members) of the Bavarian Zeller Volkshochschule reservations had been feeling towards accession to the new vhs Oberland. Now decided, the panel is actually against the accession.

In the merger agreement, the special concerns of the local facility had not been taken into account, apparently, sufficiently, says kitten Rainer. And a major concern is – in-the-money. The bayrisch Zell, vhs has a very considerable fortune, which must be used for adult education, on-the-spot. This also happens when the money is transferred to a higher-level vhs, it had not been guaranteed in the contract apparently. For the step he had ultimately to understanding, says the mayor. "On the other hand, it is a pity, because larger structures sometimes make a lot of sense."

The vhs will continue to be run by volunteers, and an appropriate educational program is maintained. At funding – away from that of the community ought to probably refrain. This in turn was "not so dramatic".

By Daniel Krehl

Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 13:33