Mercedes EQC Test: All of the data to the range, Driving, Download, quality, room - Video

Daimler's hard to find the first fully electric Mercedes: Although the EQC is officially since may of 2019 in the sale, approved last year, according to the Kr

Mercedes EQC Test: All of the data to the range, Driving, Download, quality, room - Video

Daimler's hard to find the first fully electric Mercedes: Although the EQC is officially since may of 2019 in the sale, approved last year, according to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt only 500 pieces in Germany. To private end customers, hardly any cars were delivered, and very early waiting times were announced until well into the year 2020.

The Corona-crisis and the associated interruption of production at Daimler and the supply chains, particularly from the far East, were further barriers to the introduction of the SUV. Meanwhile, the production should run but it depends first and foremost on the customer interest.

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With the increased environmental bonus from the EQC (list price from around 71,000 euros), with almost 8,000 euros discount. In comparison to the Audi e-tron, and Jaguar I-Pace (each over 80,000 Euro base price) is in the EQC's almost a special offer. Nevertheless, Daimler is helping with an All-Inclusive subscription with a monthly termination option of the sale even further.

Whether the Wait and the price for the EQC worth it has been clarified in a detailed Test.

space and comfort

The first contact with our white EQC shows that this Mercedes breaks with the stereotype of the huttragenden driver: the classic analog clock in the center console is missing, there are two-colored leather with bright, quilted Seating surfaces, door trims in quilted leather, Aluminium Profiles, as a decorative, colored ambient light and, especially the giant instruments and Infotainment Screen, of the more than half of the vehicle width expands and the with the latest IT Software the hottest Digital-frills offers.

Here, behind the EQC makes a really strong impression; in particular, the control and the Navigation voice work at the very highest level. So fully equipped the E-Benz, however, at just 90,000 euros. At least the equipment is divided into meaningful packages – the options list for the E-class is much longer.

the space in The EQC meets its vehicle class in the electrical environment this is not very impressive. The Jaguar I-brings Pace, for example, in less outside length, a larger trunk (EQC: about 500 Liter), the Model X from Tesla is a whole class is missing.

Here is the fact that the EQC is not based, in contrast to the Jaguar on a pure electric platform takes revenge. The EQC will share the basic layout with the nitro SUV, the GLC, in which a series would fit the six-cylinder or even a V8 under the front hood. This room does not lack for passengers and Luggage


On the driver's seat interferes with the more, of course. Here, everything Mercedes does. The electric Memory seats remember the correct Position and help with heating or ventilation at the right temperature. To do this, the good suspension comfort of the EQC – fits Mercedes engineers resist excessive firmness.

The piece of cake in the comfort of the noise, however, is precisely the absence of noise said. Whether at full acceleration, when cruising on the highway or at higher motorway speeds: The EQC is quieter than the competition. The main source of noise are the tires and are quieter than the Tesla Model X. The EQC recommends that these features actually as a relaxed touring car.

assistance systems and Infotainment

The big MBUX-the Display not only looks cool, it also works very good: High contrast and perfect readability, with the excellent control of the language to an impressive Whole. Very good connection to the Mercedes is achieved.Me App on the Smartphone to control all of the meaningful functions.

The driving-assistance systems also work on very high level: The Adaptive cruise control made in the Test error, the tracking detects the lane markings in highway-construction sites, there is cross-traffic detection, pedestrian protection, and lane change-warnings. Here is nothing left to be desired. Practically everything that the EQC makes automatically makes it perfect.

there is One exception, however: Overridden in the dense traffic of the distance-based cruise control by the pressure on the gas pedal, the Mercedes jerk slows down like a real brake engagement, as soon as the driver through the Gas path back to the machine passes. This is a to do the job for Audi and BMW elegant, at the suppleness of a Mercedes, should be oriented.

powertrain and performance

With 300 kW (so 408 HP), the Mercedes have the same maximum power as the Jaguar for the I-Pace and Audi e-tron 55. The perceived performance is, of course, higher than that of the Audi: The EQC starts rabid and plays, especially in the sports-driving program, with its very sharp throttle response with the athlete. Our test managed to take the Sprint to 100 km/h in just under five seconds, and was almost a second faster than the Audi.


Beyond the pure acceleration power of the EQC on twisty roads but no good against the e-tron. The simply offers even more suspension technology (air suspension on the front axle, electric roll stabilization) and heavy power distribution in four-wheel drive by the rear wheel the more agile the car. This comparison of the EQC loses but at a very high level: It's more precise than the Jaguar, Model X is far.

At the maximum speed of the Mercedes is modest: a Maximum of 180 km/h are in there. Useful higher speeds, but will never be, anyway – you reduce the tight range still further.

range and Charge

Daimler made the technical data for the battery technology of the EQC two years ago, the public, were all the criteria behind the competition, which was already on the market. The capacity of 80 kWh, the fast charge-maximum power of 110 kW and the AC charging power of 7.4 kW can be significantly behind Audi and Tesla. The hope is that the Mercedes is catching up with them about more efficient use of electricity again, disappointed of the Test thoroughly.

Up to 445 km range promises to Daimler for the car, the Model X, the WLTP-range test to 520 kilometers. In practice, the difference is even greater. Where you need the range really, so on the highway, the Tesla Model X in the EFAHRER Test creates 358 kilometers with a recommended speed of 130 km/h.

Mercedes Benz EFAHRER

The e-tron with the updated Charging Software, about 310 kilometers, the EQC makes it with 268 miles, suffice it to say. The weak result is not only the smallest battery in the competitive environment, but also the highest power consumption. Around 32 kWh for 100 km of motorway-route through the charging port. In particular, the comparison with Tesla is brutal for the EQC: The Model X is longer, wider, higher, heavier, and offers up to two seats more – and consumes 29 kWh of almost ten percent less than the EQC.

In city traffic and on country roads, the Mercedes makes a few things well: up to 400 kilometers are actually in it – as a pure city - or Shuttle car by the EQC, but has no great sense.

The Mercedes supports the driver at least be very good at the Load-planning, he adapts itself dynamically to the driving style and the current consumption. The load power (measured just above 100 kW) keeps the EQC to over 60 percent of the battery capacity. These good Details, but can't disguise the fact that the range of the EQC is to small. Daimler would do well to increase the battery capacity as well as efficiency.

at the Latest, with the Model Y of Tesla, another competitor is in the start holes to the EQC in the value-in-use equal to him in terms of range, exceeds and significantly less money. At the same time also the Airways, Byton, and Nio the EQC could make life for prices starting at 50.000 euros.

conclusion: A real Daimler - But far not the Best

The EQC may be a true Mercedes in terms of his qualities, he can throw the best sound, comfort and excellent driving performance in the pan. In addition to the range of the Stuttgart-based offers, all of the other properties to trivialities. Bitter for Daimler is that the residue is only to the Tesla in size, but also to Audi. The EQC is late, does not go far enough and is too expensive.


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