Mercedes-AMG CLA 45'S: the art of making the bomb | Auto

VERDICT CHRONO If you know the game of the 7 errors, you'll know what I'm talking about. AMG, which is the sports department of Mercedes, became over time

Mercedes-AMG CLA 45'S: the art of making the bomb | Auto


If you know the game of the 7 errors, you'll know what I'm talking about. AMG, which is the sports department of Mercedes, became over time the department cosmetic. With a series of kits that are capable of transforming into pure blood the most wheezing of the diesels, it is able to provide you with a look worthy of the cars of the DTM. With the “AMG Line”, which proliferate, it is a kind of game of hide-and-seek where the key is obligingly shown and the repository carefully eclipsed under the hood, away from prying eyes.

We can not say that Mercedes has done this way to make a bad deck but it is also to pass to the bladders for lanterns. Too many cars in the star today - and it is an opinion also subjective and personal - are part of a "show off" that seems misplaced with what is hidden under this dress, very spectacular. Sedan or, as in our case, Shooting Brake, we take full eyes.


In this game, the “packs AMG-line” will sell like hotcakes the day of the Saint-Nicolas. In France at least, where the traffic conditions and the gendarmerie are not compatible with the car unrestrained. And we're talking about today is beyond what we can imagine, under its hood, 4-cylinder, stuffed full of 421 horses, operated by technology derived directly from Formula 1. Indeed, how otherwise to provide, from a small four-cylinder engine of 2 litres, of the powers than in the past 8 or even 12 cylinder engine were enough to sentence to produce.

Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © MercedesMercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © Mercedes

This is clearly a feat of engineering world engineers of AMG, which goes far above the comprehension of the average buyer of body kit. A pity that these two populations may mix on the same parking. But the marketing department of Mercedes, there is no small profit, and the sale of body today earns just as much or even more than the increase in the range of the mechanical.

there is, However, behind an entrance ticket higher to € 70,000, a version especially sharpened or new class A 35 AMG that title 306 hp and 18,000 euros less in price. However, this version blaring can still receive a kit, additional aerodynamic, made for example of two small wind deflectors in carbon at the front that will not resist long to the first niche in the city. Parking 5 stars recommended before giving up this precious CLA 45 AMG.


That said, it confirms a trend of the brand pocketed the eye, breaking with a tradition of moderation and middle-class where all the cars of the star looked like it is true of taxis. That time is gone yes, it is clear, and makes this car out in the open a promotional tool for young dynamic framework. We can escape, therefore, is not the drift one sport that we are more accustomed to observe at Ford, with its terrific RS.

Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © Mercedes

where all the same Mercedes yet, it is in this approach, while all the world talks of the hybridization and of power, to dare to leave such a car. What straightening a herd of environmentalists on the side of the Hotel de Ville in Paris. Even if it is likely that the owner of this machine for home use, and with a true trunk will be better inspired to ride out of the capital, because the AMG is totally capable, to smoothly and in a flexible way, please.

No, the land of election of the CLA 45 AMG, this is the great curves, turns in a row, the hairpins where its chassis with four-wheel drive excels. In the cabin returned to CLA top of the range with double digital display, chrome satin abound, far from the simplicity if often attributed to Mercedes yesterday. AMG has provided a setting of economic to Race through Sport and even Individual to mix their own settings for the suspension, gearbox, steering and engine and make a bespoke car. On the most permissive, a “drift” is even accessible to the bold. All wheel control at the flat but it is better to assimilate the numerous orders to stop before launching into the practical work.

the VIEW OF The AUTO focus

And that's how it insinuates itself in the driver's seat as if you put on a glove. Adjusted, the bucket, AMG sport and a serious lack of padding in the folder at the point of return an x-ray of the spine after two hours of driving. We will be able to go and save an option. On the other hand, you will appreciate all the more the direction goes on, depending on the setting, a softness and felt watered down to climb, levels by levels, to a more direct steering to the extreme liveliness and the immediate response to the move of the steering wheel.

Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © Mercedes

The robotic gearbox with eight reports, rather long, to pass the certification. A hole is sensitive between second and third but it provides a benefit monumental, digesting the brutality of the 500 Nm of torque and the 421 horses judiciously distributed to the four wheels at any time. One wonders if it is still necessary to manually intervene as his anticipation, his accuracy of responses and passages, lightning will find in all circumstances, or almost the right gear before your brain does not have to make any intention. A necessity of course to assist perfectly a motor sensational.

More progressive than the previous version, it plays on all registers, tolerant city, vindictive and full of boundless energy on roads. The new block structure with a turbocharged double entry, cooled by air, water and oil, the wind is strong in the cylinders (up to 2,1 bars) and this is reflected in every acceleration and refers to the barking from the exhaust. It is recommended, however, cut his vocalizations out of circuit, so as not to alert the gendarmerie to 10 kilometers to the round.

His performance 210,5 hp/litre sprayed the values of the most elitist of the genre, and the transmission 4 Matic, able to defer 50 % of the torque on the rear axle, is not a luxury to curb his temperament. Settings sport, including the adjustable suspension as an option, allow to extract the quintessence of a chassis, efficient, favouring a balance in tacking in order to reassure a maximum of drivers. In expert mode, it switches off the driving aids in order to find a balance, more nuanced and be able to play with the differential multiplate able to send all of the torque on the outer rear wheel. It allows you, as the ex - Ford Focus RS, to wrap the turns with a natural confusing.

Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © Mercedes

All this is an incentive to increase the pace and achieve to such a level that the confrontation with an old radar bbq will go up in smoke. Just like the brakes, yet generously sized, but harshly sought in a descent of the Ventoux. Station, therefore the driving licence, as this car evolves on another planet, an efficiency unimaginable by ordinary motorists.

let's not talk about the member base coming out of his old 306 out of breath. At this stage, it is quite clear that this car is quite a few made for the French or of the French living out of france, in the lands more welcoming. But we can say the same about any sporty posh, two or three times more expensive and only able to carry only one passenger and little luggage. The sides of the sedan CLA, the Shooting Brake can even better play the family and bring down its shameful consumption of sport at approximately 8 l mode of tourism.


- Engine sensational

- Versatility family

Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG Shooting Brake © Mercedes - Performance-off

- Conduct on the gratifying


- Endurance braking

- power Consumption mode sport

- Seats AMG drives (optional)

- Kit aero useless

Under the hood of the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45'S:

Engine : 4 cyl. gasoline turbo

Displacement : 1 991 cm3

Power : 421 hp at 6 750 r/min

Torque : 500 Nm 5 000 - 5 250 tr/min

Transmission : 4 wheel drive

Box : dual-clutch 8-speed

Dimensions L x w x h : 4 693 x 1 920 x 1 413 mm

Safety deposit box : 505 1 370 l

0 to 100 km/h : 4,0 s

Speed : 270 km/h

Consumption WLTP : 8.0 l 9.0 l

CO2 : from 181 g/km (< 4 543 € malus)

Weight : 1 705 kg ( 4,04 kg/hp)

Price : from 73 eur 900

Updated Date: 09 July 2020, 21:33

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