Mercedes 280 TE S123 of the 1979 classic in the driving report

you don't Look at the station wagons of the '60s and' 70s, comes only according to current design standards in most cases, the cold light of dawn. Here, clas

Mercedes 280 TE S123 of the 1979 classic in the driving report

you don't Look at the station wagons of the '60s and' 70s, comes only according to current design standards in most cases, the cold light of dawn. Here, classic sedans in the Three-Box Design have been marked with an unsightly backpack. Practically, the load masters were almost always - and in most cases anything other than presentable. In the US, looked quite different. Here are the combos of two to three numbers were larger, had extensive proportions, and were like their sedan models, an Orgy in chrome and leather with a powerful performance under the hood.

Of Swabia-Transporter from the upper class

One of the first station wagons, in Europe, from the length because the segment broke formation and the Transport activities associated with a design claim, the Swabian, upper-class model, the wore in the 70s, even the addition of E-class. The Mercedes range W123 was the station Wagon to the model T and got the internal model designation S123. Instead of the classic trunk in addition to the cover there was another row of Windows, in addition to lavishly-sized loading door. Who opens it, looks at least according to local standards in the small ballroom of a fancy hotel. press information Mercedes 280 TE series S123, 1979

With the carpet, the mighty charge was to beat compartment is reduced only by the vertically mounted spare wheel on the left side. The spare wheel had found a very special reason for its place under the cargo floor: at the request of, there was a third row of seats, because, contrary to the direction of travel left in the Luggage compartment, two folding seats unfolding, where at least the children found the place. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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How large models from the family-friendly France, the Mercedes T.-model as an official seven-seater Then the load volume, however, was hardly present, while the otherwise stately 520 litres of load space available, if there are five people traveled. Significantly download the S123 was made, among other things, by a pneumatic level control system, which provided together with enhanced dampers, the optional 15-inch rims and different springs for the payload, generally 560 to 700 kg increase. Plush Alarm 1977 Mercedes station wagons back then, and today, FOCUS Online/Wochit plush Alarm 1977 Mercedes station wagons then and now

T-model, Mercedes is also successful in the USA

No wonder that of the nearly 4.70 Meter-long S123 was in other countries as a model of success. Especially in the USA, he was a luxury station wagon with a star. A chic combination for the leisure-oriented Americans - the fit to the decades of change 70s / 80s very well. So the family customers had in the United States also completely different demands on the drive, motorization and, in particular, equipment for the E-class T-model. In Europe, and especially Germany, the S123 was moved mostly in small engines and preferably as a Diesel. The 72 HP Mercedes 240 TD, enjoyed a similar popularity among the customers as the 100-kW / 136-HP Mercedes 230 TE, brought on the highway, serious propulsion, and significantly more customers are found than the range-topping 280 TE. press information Mercedes 280 TE series S123, 1979

In the United States have not been offered to the small engines anyway, because of the luxury claim of the brand Mercedes left Benz with small engines and, in particular, in this country, the ubiquitous-saving equipment agree. In the USA, especially in the flagship state of California, the Turbodiesel not only in the German upper class. So the Mercedes was 300 TDT, with its 125 HP great popularity and this is then compared to the European Compared with most completely decked out. Electric Windows, rear headrests, air conditioning, sunroof, Radio, and even heated seats made the S123er at least in comparison with the German competition to the precious models. Here there was often much more of a book holding facilities, which was extended with thin Details, such as a sliding roof, a second mirror, or color of glass cumbersome. From time to time found at least wheels your way to the four wheel hubs or a Central locking system, made sure it broke when Opening the rear doors of the wrists.

to find As a classic today

Unusual exceptions are to be found on the market today rarely. Anyway, the market is severely depleted and a good T-models are not only rare, but also very expensive. A model such as this Mercedes 280 TE from the spring of 1979, in-efficient equipment with less than 50,000 miles is, therefore, a wood pigeon, which is not likely to give it. Since the nameplate is missing on the rear cover, alone, the rectangle headlight, and later for all models of series information, that here is a Top of the range model is on the way. The magnificent six-cylinder power, the model T, although, even today, powerful legs and pushes the speedometer needle on the 200-km/h mark. But otherwise, the upscale travel claim of the driver is unheard of to a large extent. No tinted Windows, no sunroof, and not even a tachometer was ordered by the original owner. The corridors are manually switched, and after all, there is a rear-view mirror on the passenger side and a Radio, the tinny his tones in the interior of the rinsing, after you got the rod antenna by Hand from its anchorage. As a car, freedom of driving was The craziest cars of the 70s, FOCUS Online/Wochit As the car does not drive, nor was freedom: The craziest cars of the 70s

Given the low mileage and care of the state, it is not surprising that the nearly 1.6 tons, 280 TE leaves in brilliant white is hardly any different than after delivery in the Rhineland town of Bergheim, near Cologne, Germany 41 years ago. The M110er engine running bassig in the Background and the suit is even after more than four decades, is still a Look. You do not need to get used to the imprecise recirculating ball steering for a long time. It is more comfortable than ever, and so the smears are at any kind of precision is not a Surprise, but rather an expression of the then feeling of traveling the vehicle. press information Mercedes 280 TE series S123, 1979

The space inside is more than ample, even if in the rear, even the life-saving headrests are missing. After all, the two models W123 / S123 offered from the factory that was at the time exemplary safety features. As a pillar of Security belongs to the standard equipment of the first model series with a malleable corrugated tube, retractable belt guides on the Seats belt mounted locks, a fuel tank and a battery outside of the deformation area of the bodyshell-crumple zones, as well as an independent switch-off heated rear window and door handles with the mass balance, the acceleration to prevent a strong cross-the automatic Opening. From 1980 onwards were offered because of the US market - even ABS and Airbags for the 123er.

On the highway, the Diesel died of hunger

As a driver, you can enjoy the comfort of the soft schunkel the chassis, and from all the dynamic claim of the 2.8 Liter six-cylinder Injector, the made 136 kW / 185 HP, and this is a role model doing this. On the highway, where models such as the 200 T or 240 TD, died at the rise of almost starvation, has to keep the 280, thanks to its 240 Nm of maximum torque and Bosch K-Jetronic no trouble with new models step. The consumption of around 12 liters of Super per 100 kilometres, but can only be realized, when not on accelerations, and the combination of his his breathed comfort to roll. Terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in the generations-duel FOCUS Online terror of the slopes meets luxury-ship: BMW 5-series in generations-the duel

of Course would fit an automatic better than the four-speed gearbox; but in a fleet gallop, one learns to appreciate the quick gear selection by Hand quickly; finally, the Converter machine had devoured a good part of the power of the motor in its interior and the speed 200 would be a maximum tempo as much a pipe dream as the sprint to 100 kph in barely more than ten seconds.

is found On the classic market a good Mercedes S123 to, due to the small production number of 199.517 vehicles difficult. Of the sedan more than 2.3 million cars were produced. Especially sought after are the versions of the 280 and 300 TDT with generally better equipment. A good model with under 150,000 kilometres, costs about 30,000 euros. But if you want to enjoy the family Lifestyle in the late 70s, it has excellent everyday car with plenty of space and a good supply of spare parts.

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