Marianne Crebassa, lanti-diva - The Point

Salzburg, 1958. We played Cosi fan tutte in the courtyard of the Residenz. Storm, as there are out there. A downturn in the library - the key-key, necessarily.

Marianne Crebassa, lanti-diva - The Point

Salzburg, 1958. We played Cosi fan tutte in the courtyard of the Residenz. Storm, as there are out there. A downturn in the library - the key-key, necessarily. August 2020, everything has changed : the festival celebrates its 100 years, it took place in spite of the pandemic, but public and a number of concerts are reduced. No key-key : Cosi is given with the distances required and broadcasted on Arte,*, visible in a scene extremely simplified, of the world. In the scene, portraying Dorabella : Marianne Crebassa, 33 years old, and the beauty of the devil. Young star, French in addition. But very international already. She lives half in Vienna, now. Vienna is the centre where are going to be confirmed, in Mozart especially, the blazing hopes that tomorrow will be the stars in London, New York, Milan, Munich. New look at the opera, new values, new ambitions : Marianne, who has studied piano and singing at the conservatory of Montpellier, did not want to play the " diva ". She is a woman, she is an actress of the opera, she wants to, a, do its job, and, also : to live his life. Two priorities, which will arrange one to the other.

Game of dupes. Marianne Crebassa interpreter Dorabella in "Cosi fan tutte" staged by Christof Loy and conducted by Joana Mallwitz, a first for the Salzburg Festival.

Voice is ample and warm. Paris the review in December. The Comic Opera takes up the Fantasio mounted on purpose for it : to be both an irony to the Musset and the artifices of the best Offenbach. A disc released in 2016, Oh Boy ! (where she traveled in the air of Mozart or other composers who were assigned roles of young boys to a mezzo-soprano), would have been able to hone in on the "roles in trousers," as she said. Orpheus of Gluck, in a sense, is one, but the version of Berlioz adds vocal prowess to the measures of Pauline Viardot, the true " diva ". Orpheus is the great part legendary, to which all they aspire, mezzos becoming adults, who still do not know where will lead to the natural development of their voices. Marianne does not want to see so far. "I listen to my voice, I stand by what I said to my voice. I'm not in a rush. At the age of 33, I have the time. This winter, I will be both Marguerite The Damnation and Rossini's la Cenerentola. Two extremes. Sing in its color, in its sensitivity, that's the pleasure of singing. "Marianne, obviously, like this fun-there. Silhouette long and flexible : the Cherub of the Marriage of Figaro earned him a standing ovation at its recent new york debut. In New York, star of the opera, she likes the daily. Walking, breathing, running, museums, dying of cravings among the gallery owners. Forget the sunlights. "I love to move, be in motion, to the city as the scene, I take advantage of it. I'm in music for the past twenty-five years ago, the piano, choral singing, everything. Kid, I have earned my vacation by the terraces of the Midi. I was singing popular songs with some friends. I don't know, since, what it is that the trac. But I still prefer the long journeys by train. There, I think. Silence. I put myself in order. In a sense, I contemplate... "

Video. Marianne Crebassa saves " Asia ", from the song cycle " Shéhérazade ", from maurice Ravel, accompanied on the piano by Fazil Say. Album " Secrets ", published in 2017.

On the operatic stage, today, we move, we breathe, to hell with decorum, artifice, accessories. Cosi, a dramatic geometric six characters, is an exemplary case. Salzburg manages its centenary. And Marianne, on the stage, radiates, not the star but the champion. It carries in it her strong roots, the Cévennes, the most distant Spain. And in this Cosi, under the velvet of the voice is ample and warm, the steel feels. The eye is black and knows how to be oblique, pungent. There are the Carmen behind this "black eye" that " looks at you ". It asks for anywhere, this Carmen. But "I would prefer a Charlotte from Werther : a simple, human, femininity..." in The day that it will be, if possible, in the same count, the same absence of fuss that offers him the Cosi of Salzburg, the map of the world lyric has been found for asset master §

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Simon Fowler – Monika Rittershaus/Salzburger Festspiele/SP

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