Liverpool is a master: Klopp won the title on the Couch - Sane at City on the bench | football

Liverpool champion: thanks to the Chelsea Klopp and his team may cheer now, on the Couch on the title. Sane sat for City 90 minutes on the bench. The Liverpoo

Liverpool is a master: Klopp won the title on the Couch - Sane at City on the bench | football

Liverpool champion: thanks to the Chelsea Klopp and his team may cheer now, on the Couch on the title. Sane sat for City 90 minutes on the bench.

The Liverpool FC and Jürgen Klopp after the 4-0 win against Crystal Palace before the championship Because Manchester City at Chelsea FC could not win the title now prematurely fix. In the meeting in London of the German national team, Leroy Sané was not allowed to answer.

Update from 25. June : The Liverpool FC is 19. Time English soccer champion. The team of the German Coach Jürgen Klopp benefited from the defending champion Manchester City on Thursday evening away match at the Chelsea FC with 1:2 (0:1) lost. Thus, the Reds can no longer be obtained seven days prior to the end of the Premier League season from the table second. In order for a lean 30 years , as her last master was completed for the Liverpool. In addition, Liverpool is the first spirit-master of the story - because of the Corona pandemic the games without Fans are also taking place in England.

frontrunners Liverpool had increased his points account on Wednesday with a 4:0 victory against Crystal Palace on 86 points and celebrated the long-awaited winning the title in front of the TV on the Couch. The lead on Man City is after the 31. Round 23 Of The Counter. The Team of Coach Pep Guardiola can play in the remaining season, but only for a maximum of 21 points.

Liverpool is a master: Klopp first German Trainer, the the manage in England

Klopp is the first German Coach , which was in the mother country of football masters. After winning the Champions League and the world Cup, the 53-Year-old is the third title with the Reds - and the most important. Now the profit of the FA Cup in his collection is missing him. This season, the fifth under Coach Jürgen Klopp , Liverpool has so far won 28 of 31 Games, two draws played and lost just one match.

Three decades , the Fans had to wait for this Moment. A few times Liverpool close to it was. Especially tragic is the season of 2013/14 will be remembered as Brendan Rodgers' Eleven seemingly certain title two games to playful before the end. In the pre-season, the Reds were already seven points clear at the top. But in the end, you missed the first title since the introduction of the Premier League as the best runners-up with 97 points just.

the Power of all the Chelsea Klopp to the master? Sane waving starting line-up-Comeback

London - The title of Liverpool seemed to be many months ago fix. Then the Corona of a pandemic * to beat, and Liverpool had to tremble for the continuation of the season. Now, the Club is the first championship for 30 years

Chelsea FC - Manchester City Celebrates Liverpool the title from the Couch?

The output position is clear, after the Liverpool FC Crystal Palace clearly with 4:defeated 0. Wins Manchester City in London, the Liverpool FC master. Currently, the Reds have 86 counters, a lead of 23 points. In only seven Games, could not catch up with the Team of Pep Guardiola this projection is also computationally.

Jürgen Klopp , however, is not in the mood yet ready to celebrations. "I'm not watching the game, a Ceremony to prepare. I look at it, because we play a week later against City. So I have to look at it, especially against Chelsea , we also play, the Liverpool Coach at a press conference. It should be noted that the championship, Liverpool is only a matter of form, whether in this or in the next week.

+ After the 4-0 success against Crytal Palace the Team all the reason to be happy©Reuters / Phil Noble, Nmc swimming Pool

Chelsea - Liverpool: Plays Sané for the first time since his cruciate ligament tear from the beginning?

After the Leroy Sané* was already against Burnley after a long injury break for his Comeback, wants to make the national players in a duel with Chelsea the next step. Against Burnley, Leroy Sané just under 15 minutes of playing time got, now it could be, however, considerably more.

Whether it's for the starting line-up ranges, is still uncertain, but the show did Pep Guardioa well because Leroy Sané* that he relies on him. After the negotiations with FC Bayern * last again Stalled, it is not excluded that the wing players of the last year's champion but longer. * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

section list image:©Reuters / Phil Noble, Nmc swimming Pool

Updated Date: 25 June 2020, 17:35

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