Limit at 115 years of age? So old man can be | health

young Forever and live a long life: This dream connects to many people. As some researchers think, is this dream too far in the distance. a few years Ago, a st

Limit at 115 years of age? So old man can be | health

young Forever and live a long life: This dream connects to many people. As some researchers think, is this dream too far in the distance.

a few years Ago, a study limited to the life span of people on 115 years . Some researchers contradict this Thesis, however. Worldwide scientists are working on methods to extend the life and rejuvenate people.

today many people are over 100 years old. The reasons for this are various: medical progress certainly plays a role, but also a healthier way of life* by a lot of sports, and rich nutrition. Whether that alone is sufficient but, so that we can stay young forever and an age of about 100 years is the Standard? Many researchers are working, at least with the fire of his zeal, to slow down the biological clock - and some of them are of the view that an age of 130 years for a human is quite realistic .

Limit at 115 years of age? Researchers in the life time of the people to disagree

In 2016, a new study in the journal "Nature limited" the life of a man to 115 years. "It is very likely that we have exhausted our options," said Dr. Jan Vijg, age expert at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, according to the New York Times at the time. "From now on, wars the. People will never be older than 115." Nevertheless, there are people such as Jeanne Calment, the on 4. August died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

James W. Vaupel, Director Emeritus of the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research, described the study as ridiculous: "It is discouraging how often the same errors made in science and in reputable magazines can be published." He thinks nothing of the Theory that the life time of people, there are limits.

Worldwide, many researchers are working on methods to stop the aging process, increase lifespan, or even cells to rejuvenate . There are a lot of interesting research approaches that scientists promise a lot.

genes, internal clock and makeover: To these approaches, for long life and youth researchers around the world work

Dario Valenzano from the Cologne-based Max Planck Institute has discovered, for example, the African Killi as an object of study for yourself. Different Killi species vary in length, ranging from five months to five years. In doing so, he discovered that the short life is due to some of the Killifishes, obviously, by a pathologically enlarged genome. In turn, this would mean that the secret to a long life* are available in two, three good genes that provide someone an advantage over others - but in completely free of any genetic defects to be .

bioinformatics scientist and human geneticist Steve Horvarth discovered, however, a completely different, for the research fascinating Detail: In each cell, an internal clock is ticking . It doesn't matter whether it is white blood cells that are newly formed or to nerve cells, resulting in the mother's womb - you show the same age . "Of course, we sincerely hope that you is directly related to aging," said Horvath of the mirror (content behind paywall). "It works just as well as you could have nothing to do with it." The internal clock draw the biological aging better than the actual number of years of life. So regular exercise can also make the so-called epigenetic clock tick slower.

A young Cologne-based researchers have discovered the fountain however, in the intestinal flora. You gave aged fish, with the intestinal flora of young fellows, the new energy of life , and tapered them. In America, however, researchers to write the blood of young mice has a rejuvenating character. So far it is only on animal experiments, but more and more researchers want to test their approaches to people.

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the life time of the humans has the upper boundary not yet reached, my researcher

In any case, these researches make it clear that The boundaries of the life-time of the people seem to be not yet exhausted. In a study by biologists at McGill University, which appeared only shortly after the study by Dr. J in the journal "Nature", came the scientists to the conclusion that there is k a proof for a limit . And if it existed, would have to be found.

"We just don't know what will be the age limit. In fact, we can show by extending the trend lines that the maximum and average life in the foreseeable future ." And 300 years ago you would probably have been declared insane if you had made the claim that people could live to be 100 years old, according to the researchers.

Sebastian Grönke, from the Max-Planck-Institute for biology of ageing assumes, according to the Online Portal Focus also: "On humans, I think, a maximum life time of 120 years, to be realistic, even 130 years are possible." And there's Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua agrees with him Belmonte from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California: " The first person who is 130 years old, is born today already ."

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