Law against the separatism : what prepares the government - The Point

In his general policy speech, Jean Castex, has announced the preparation of a draft law against "separatism" or the decline of community, which would be at th

Law against the separatism : what prepares the government - The Point

In his general policy speech, Jean Castex, has announced the preparation of a draft law against "separatism" or the decline of community, which would be at the origin of the phenomena of violent radicalisation and, in particular, of islam. The commission on the application of the principles of secularism chaired by Bernard Stasi in 2003 had theorized the pitfalls faced by public authorities vis-à-vis islam : "The difficulty is to reconcile the two requirements. The wish to grant the same rights to Islam than to other religions and the fear of open up spaces for influence at a militant wing which cannot be conceived not as a religion but as a political project overall. "

Sixteen years after, the law antiséparatisme is supposed to target this " militant wing ". A terminology defined by the interdepartmental committee on delinquency prevention and radicalization (CIPDR), headed by the prefect, Frederic Rose, now the director of cabinet of the minister responsible for citizenship from Gérald Darmanin, minister of the Interior.

Criterion of separatism

For the CIPDR, islam encompasses all these notions. According to him, " it is a doctrine of sociopolitical aims to submit the members of a group to the standards assumed to be specific to this entity. It leads in some regions to a decline of community ". Aggravating factor : his supporters consider the religious precepts as superior to the laws of the republic. As it is impossible to probe the hearts to know who is God above the common law, the public authorities have established criteria of temptation as a " separatist ". The number of starts within a single neighborhood to the Syria war to make the jihad is the marker number one.

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The bill launched by the new Prime minister, which will be known in September, will build on the existing devices created by the ex-proprietor of the Place Beauvau, Christophe Castaner, and his secretary of State Lawrence Nuñez, under the aegis of the CIPDR. As well cells local fight against islamism and the decline of community (CLIR) should be strengthened. They are intended to be failure " to acts that undermine the principles of constitutional freedom, equality, fraternity, but also secularism, gender equality, indivisibility of the Republic and the unicity of the French people ", according to the ministry of the Interior. The powers of the prefects will also be reinforced to prevent failures as a republican in the management of local public services. Similarly they will need to manage more and drastically even foreign funding for associations organizing the worship service.

Equal woman-man against the separatism

Some sources within the new government regarding the possibility of include in the law the discrimination against women which would be prevented from entering certain shops or even in places of worship, " of the prohibitions, according to them, that would take more of the custom or the culture of religion stricto sensu ". The fight against polygamy is also part of the thinking.

The future bill antiséparatisme should devote equal woman-man in all the acts of social life under penalty of prosecution in civil life, or dismissal in the professional life in the public service as in private companies. Gender equality may now be enshrined in the statutes of all associations.

What about the "boys club" ?

there is hullaballoo coming for the "boys club" as the Jockey Club or the Automobile club of France, forbidden to women ? At least that only the associations cultuelles (read muslim) are referred to. A reconstruction of the ministry of national Identity, which would not tell its name ?

" These are areas for reflection : no decision is taken on this day. But the main idea is that nobody needs to tinker with its own laws and to live apart ", makes know to the government.

Determined or not, he must abide by the law of 1905, which prevents the State from interfering with the manner in which believers organize their worship.

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