LAfrica Twin, always in track | Car

Verdict chrono It is bikes which the presentation is almost superfluous. The Africa Twin is a part of it. Born on the slopes of the Dakar, it has never compl

LAfrica Twin, always in track | Car

Verdict chrono

It is bikes which the presentation is almost superfluous. The Africa Twin is a part of it. Born on the slopes of the Dakar, it has never completely abandoned this relationship, adding an obvious taste for the road. Honda is riding on the success of the model, relaunched a few years ago, with a pumped up version of a little more power and sharpened by the decline of weight and a more stripped. A machine unbreakable, in every sense of the term.

The Africa Twin is a great traveller, thanks mainly to the large bags (optional). The bubble is unfortunately not adjustable.

The concept

A figure that said the success of the maxi-trail, Honda : the company sold nearly 90,000 copies since 2016. How many models can boast to hold still, forty years after their birth, the top of sales ? At Honda, the Africa has even become one of the few machines for those who like to ride without breaking the bank (this is for the Goldwing), even if the rumors of a new version of the Pan European. The new uses have ensured its success : the time is in the motorcycles, such as the BMW 1200 GS or Kawasaki 1 000 Versys, take his driver all day at work and offer to him the prospects of trips, refreshing weekend. The africa Twin, especially his version of Adventure Sports, has an advantage, among others, on its competitors : it loves the roads and the dust, where its high rates and its engine furious work wonders. In November, the date of its commercialization, Honda has added a little pep to the twin-cylinder engine with a bore increased (1 084 cm3 now against 998 previously), a gain of 7 horsepower (102 versus 95) and, therefore, an improved torque. The manufacturer has also stripped, in the reducing of about 5 kg, the line of its standard model, the one we tested, FIU 1 100 l. It has added several modes of steering, driving aids, and a dashboard touch-very readable.

The dashboard, very complete and readable. It is doubled, because display by Apple CarPlay takes over the entire screen superior.

living aboard

It was like an old girlfriend. Always also easy to handle and welcoming thanks to its driving position natural, the 2020 model does not differ much from the previous. The silhouette has been a bit refined, making it even easier to hold and increasing the impression of ease. The dashboard is complete, very, and perfectly readable, but we object to the complexity of the large paved left-hand side of which the multitude of buttons provides access to the tuning of conduct : "road" (oddly called " cycling "), " urban ", " off road ", as well as the crowd of settings (ABS, traction control, and torque control, suspension set-up, etc). It is, therefore, extremely comprehensive, to the point that you would appreciate almost a little more... simplicity ! Not large-thing to say about the instrumentation and the equipment, as always, was well designed on a Honda. Only the bubble, fixed, calls for a small criticism : if it protects rather well the top of the body, it happens stack height of the eyes, annoying a little vision. Thanks to the gain of a few horsepower, the engine is stunning efficiency, both flexible and coupleux. It is well supported by the box DCT, similar to an automatic transmission that adapts to driving style : nervous, the engine climbs in the towers ; at peace, he takes on a net of gas silky. To tell the truth, the box, the DCT is a companion very useful, especially in the city, but it takes a bit of skill and practice to be tamed. Then, what to say, except that this machine is really very, very attractive !

notice of the Point Motorcycle

We will speak, therefore, for the sake of professional, a few flaws minor enough such the cockpit a bit austere, the lack of a center stand, the box for the DCT to be coaxed, a slight lack of personality, but these are of little weight compared to the assets of the Africa Twin, either the standard model or the plus version typed trail (Adventure sport), a bit more expensive. Once again, Honda did fly. The BMW 1 200 GS, obvious target of the japanese manufacturer, is in sight. She has one last trump card to catch up with it : its price, at least 2 000 euros less than a Bavarian without options.

Africa Twin CRF-1 100 l

- Twin line 1 084 cm3

Power : 102 hp

max Torque : 105 Nm to 6 250 tr/min

Weight all full facts : 226 kg

Tank : 18.8 l

Price : 14 599 euros (promotion to 13 999 euros until 30 July).

We love

The engine


The finish

We like least

The lack of a center stand

A bit high

A bit austere (for the standard version)

Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 19:33