Kirsten was toppled by the bike and turned: 'I'm afraid of what he might find on the now'

Kirsten Didriksen is quickly his handlebars and pedaling, as she on Wednesday on the way home from work and discovers who is going cycling in the opposite direc

Kirsten was toppled by the bike and turned: 'I'm afraid of what he might find on the now'

Kirsten Didriksen is quickly his handlebars and pedaling, as she on Wednesday on the way home from work and discovers who is going cycling in the opposite direction.

But the 'Rod of iron' – as he is called – has also seen Kirsten, so he sets up the pace and runs towards her.

Two seconds later, hitting the 59-year-old woman, so she goes down on the asphalt.

Kirsten stands up and grabs for his mobile, but the man in the black leather jacket is now right in front of her and raises his fist.

Knytnæven he draws back and flying towards Kirsten. He hits her on the shoulder, so she smokes a few steps back.

She gets the pressure on the red record button on his cell phone.

"Have you understood it? Your lorteforening owe 25.000, and you'll just have to pay. Have you grasped it?," yell, the heavily built man on the video, as Kirsten when to record, and as you can see at the top of the article.

'Rod of iron' leaves the site, and Kirsten stands shaken back.

for nearly a year and a half, the man in the leather jacket terrorized the small west jutland village of Bonnet. Many of the threats have gone beyond Kirsten and her husband Peter, and although he also once chased Peter with a motorcykelhjelm as a weapon, so she would never believe that it would end with an assault.

B. T. described also yesterday, how another citizen of the village Bonnet, Maria Kiesbye Damborg, that is adjacent to the 50-year-old man has experienced everything from the numerous threats to an experiment on serious violence with cast iron bars, which also has resulted in the nickname 'the iron Rod'.

the Former have the 'Rod of iron' also twice assaulting his neighbor for a year and a half ago – one of the corridors with a rod of iron – but the last victim is, then Kirsten Didriksen.

But why should it just go in addition to Kirsten, when she last Wednesday was cycling out from his work in the Bonnet?

the Answer is to be found in her partner.

Kirsten is gf and live together with Peter Sonderby, and he is the chairman of the Borgerforeningen, as the 'Rod of iron' has been very sour on the.

And the feud trades, among other things, a midsummer-fest several years ago, as Borgerforeningen held.

back Then, it was namely normal, there come two musicians, and played the party up a couple of bottles of red wine, but the 'Rod of iron' would like to hear any other music, so he suggested that he could take his music to the party, so they could play from it.

How it ended too, but several months after the party, he came suddenly with a surprising claim.

"you owe me about 4,000 dollars for that we used my music system, but with the interest rates and fees it is now race up to 25,000," he said.

Borgerforeningen refused, and subsequently began the 'Rod of iron' to threaten and harass, in particular, Peter and his wife Kirsten.

once hunted he, Peter, the 30 metres through the city with its motorcykelhjelm over his head, and a lot of times he has been out in front of the matrimonial home and screamed threats out.

"See and retrieve your cats, or I come and clap you with a baseball bat," cried he, for example, to pair the 6. august 2018.

Peter and Kirsten was recommended to gather it all in a mail and send it to the police, which they also did.

But nothing happened.

And on Wednesday it went so out of Kirsten, which has since been hugely affected by the attack.

"I can't sleep. I'm crying. I'm afraid of what he might find," she says.

Wednesday's assault was reported to the police, and they took on the evening of 'Rod of iron' with at the police station for questioning, but two hours later he was again at home in the Bonnet.

B. T. spoke with both Peter and Kirsten over the phone on Wednesday, and since B. T.'s reporter tells that an other citizen in the city calls the situation "a nightmare", there are several seconds of silence at the other end of the tube.

"Yes, it is very hard for you," says Peter, before Kirsten, with tears in the voice features in:

"It feels like a nightmare. It has come too close, and I thought not at all, it would be so hard. I am deeply shaken."

In the Bonnet, lives are approximately 200 citizens, and many of those who are affected by the 'Jernstangens' terrorizing, is good to warn each other when he walks around in the city streets.

And here there has also been a help to Kirsten.

"When I have cycled home from work since the attack, people have the hint from the window, or gone for a walk on the street, so I can feel at ease, even though it is only two minutes home," she says.

If you were one of those who saw the just-completed DR-series 'Peace for land', you will surely have noticed that the current situation in the Bonnet reminiscent of the fictional series, and it by the couple, Kirsten and Peter also.

"We have chosen not to watch the series, because it is too uncomfortable. We have seen a few clips from it, and it is unfortunately our reality," says Kirsten, who adds:

"How can he be going around? I don't understand. He has assaulted several people and threatened many more. It has moved so much in my legal certainty and legal awareness."

B. T. has contacted the Mid - and Vestjyllands Police inspector, Ole Henriksen, who said:

"This is a terrible case for all parties, that we are aware of. Therefore, we will also be more visible out there, and it was also in the Monday."

elaborate on the matter he will not come.

B. T. has also attempted to get a comment from the 50-year-old man, the other residents in the Bonnet calls the 'Rod of iron'. Unfortunately, without result.

Date Of Update: 11 December 2019, 19:00