'Jesper' put his hand on Cecilies bleeding neck: 'I am appalled at the system'

He never forget the sight, he came up to the apartment. the Woman in the couch that was stuck everywhere on your body. The blood from the neck and tissue from

'Jesper' put his hand on Cecilies bleeding neck: 'I am appalled at the system'

He never forget the sight, he came up to the apartment.

the Woman in the couch that was stuck everywhere on your body. The blood from the neck and tissue from the breasts, which hung out. And the baby, who was lying in the couch – smeared in his mother's blood.

But there was no time to take care of the baby.

the Woman was bleeding heavily from a total of 46 stab wounds, and particularly by hovedregionen was mad, so the 'Jesper' put his hand on the neck, pressed to the and told, that the whole thing probably should go.

"I just want to die," got the wounded woman fremstammet.

If you have read on the B. T. recent days, then you know that there is talk about the 26-year-old Cecilie Danris, in may 2017 was the victim of an attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend.

But who is 'Jesper'?

He was one out of four police officers, who were the very first on Cecilies address the fateful day in 2017.

After reading B. T.'s articles the last few days he's both shaken and tired of the system that clearly has failed the woman whose life he helped save.

In fact is called 'Jesper' not, however, Jesper, but since he is still working as a police officer in the Copenhagen Police, he wants not that his real name is being brought.

Jesper remembers it, however, as of yesterday, when he drove in his police car on Amager, and there came a task into politiradioen.

"We were called to go to Listedvej, because 'ex-boyfriend stood and knocked on the door'. We rushed there and when we arrived, we could see that he just rounded the corner of the street further down," says Jesper B. T.

But as Jesper and a colleague stepped into the stairwell, they could see with the same identify, that it was not just remained with a little bank on the door.

Cecilies mother cried and screamed up from the apartment, and when Jesper came in, was to him a horrible sight.

"I could soon see that it was life-threatening. She was stung everywhere – in the head, the neck, on the body – and running in particular, a lot of blood at the neck. So I put a hand to stop increasing the bleeding," he says.

All the while was Cecilies three months old baby, Cataleya, during a meter from his mother, and was almost covered by her blood.

Jesper and colleagues was by Cecile and got the hang of bleeding until the ambulance came to the spot and took her with.

Subsequently, they had a clear message to the four police officers.

"They told that if we had arrived perhaps five minutes later, so had She not survived, so we saved her life, and I was proud," says Jesper.

today, Jesper is still proud, but am come fly in the ointment.

"I can see that the system has completely failed Cecilie, and it makes me very frustrated as a police officer," says a police officer, and continues:

"If she is to live her life in fear, because the system can't protect her, then my actions of the in vain."

Jesper visited Cecile a few weeks after the attack and got a picture taken with her daughter, so one day she could see who had saved mother's life.

this is Why police officer have also been appalled by the revelations about the leak of Cecilies address, ekskærestens notification to the municipality and the police's lack of information about the end of the year.

"I have spoken with one of the other colleagues, who were in the apartment, and we shook. How can the address be leaked? How can you forget to inform about the end of the year?" asks Jesper.

He believes that in his own workplace, the Copenhagen Police must be better to evaluate from time to time.

In other words. There is a difference between being a victim of a bank robbery and then being stabbed 46 times with a knife.

"the Matter was even in the media, and then you had to come in forestalled and made sure that she got the help she needed. We had to keep an eye on the case," he says.

But it is done, and the failures have been with that Cecile is still suffering.

"I saved her life, but what life have I saved her to live? She will never get completely over such a matter, but if the system is well enough screwed together, so it can help, it goes easier, but it has not happened here, and it is unacceptable," says Jesper.

Copenhagen Police have for B. T. confirmed that you have made a mistake with the lack of information about the ekskærestens end of the year, but to all the other criticisms have politikredsen stated that it was "investigating the matter".

Updated Date: 28 November 2019, 19:00

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