Island of Ré : to the rescue, the Parisians are back ! And the virus with it ? - The Point

The Parisians, a real scarecrow to life rétaise, always have the chic to invite them into the conversations. "To the rescue, they come back ! "It is, in subst

Island of Ré : to the rescue, the Parisians are back ! And the virus with it ? - The Point

The Parisians, a real scarecrow to life rétaise, always have the chic to invite them into the conversations. "To the rescue, they come back ! "It is, in substance, the message sent by some islanders to Germanopratins of passage this summer. Cars scratched, fake prefectural order and notes the flight marked the containment. It is now the rumor, insidious that we owe the best pages of the local papers : "Covid-19 : the island of Ré, under the wind of the crazy rumours ", to the South-West. "There is no outbreaks on the island of Ré ", for The weekly le Phare de Ré. The virus, this spring media, short again and with it the tensions of the containment. A controversy that annoys many among the islanders, happy to reconnect with a tourist season already amputated. Miscellany.

"there are idiots everywhere," breath Arnaud, chagrined by all the fuss. For the merchant, installed in the outskirts of the village of The Fleet, there was much danger in the home : "a Few, stupidity, are going to fuck up our reputation. "Opened during the confinement, in full hysteria, the head of the company is categorical :" It is fear that explains these behaviors. It showed the island of Ré by the small end of the telescope. Me, I prefer people to come in their own secondary residence instead of typing on the kids in a 30 m2. in Paris " a few damage and antisocial behaviour identified during the containment ? The work of a minority disturbed by this neighborhood forced moderates Arnaud, looking forward to reconnect with a turnover of summer.

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The world of Yes-Yes

" This is human ", adds Maxentius at the head of a small fast food business. At his table, of the ré island historical but also many tourists – belgian, German, Dutch or French – all tanned and smiling. "I've never seen so many people in the month of July," says he, " after weeks of closure. A real improvement in the economic landscape devastated. The national Assembly was releasing this Thursday, 18 billion euros more to the destination of the tourism sector after a spring spent in the bottom of the containment. But at a time when Europe reconfine way confetti, the occurrence of an event of Covid-19 in a campsite on the île de Ré was an austere reminder, there are few, the fear of a "clustering" of the island. At the risk of summoning the bad habits of the containment.

"the Island of Ré, this is the world of Yes-Yes," insists Elise, landed with a bang on the shores ré island last march 15, two days before bell in the country. Parisian and proud of it – " we have the sense of respect of the rules ", this the mother of the family was not surprised by the hostility encountered at the option of its rare outings. "It's been 27 years that I've been. The island of Ré, this is a microcosm but like everywhere, there are also the pettiness and the media love the island of Ré. "The images of cars bottled at the entrance to the bridge, sometimes forced to turn back to the eve of the containment, not give to him wrong. "We measure the chance that one has, but to be told by an agent municipal, at my daughter, you do not want to touch his attestation to the risk of falling ill, it makes you think," says this owner of secondary residence, yet far from the guns of the offender experienced. "It is like saying of the ré island that they are rednecks inbred, it is not helping anyone. "The war would rage between bohemians fans of pictures instagramables and slobs eating potatoes ? An old controversy which could not be held to be according to most of the residents of the island aware of living in "a little paradise" in the shade of the maritime pines.

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marriage Contract

"there are not many of the ré island strain," exclaimed the telephone Sandrine, manager of camping. A ringside seat to accommodate the juillettistes 2020, she noted that the ile-de-france " have homes, pay taxes and have every right to come ". That act, since tourism generates the most of revenues of the island, in the balance, thousands of seasonal jobs. "Tourism, it is an illness to be ashamed of the ile de Ré then why bang on the tourist already that we have a picture of rich ?" asks Sandrine in the heat of this summer to say the least, abnormal. "For me, they are called "our island" because they repeat it all the time, " she adds. That ? Hard to say, but the confusion is easy as many tourists walking the streets of city centres. "The other day, I was told to go home," said a woman passing by, " but I live here ! "

"The island of Ré, this is a contract," says Elise, a little long memory for old mistakes. The development of an economy which is still very rural at the inauguration of the bridge in 1988, the marriage of reason between the islanders and tourists, more or less wealthy, will not have varied in terms. But as in any marriage, it is sometimes moments of doubt, or even harassment. Not to mention the containment, the source of tensions. Been 2020, better to leave ?

Updated Date: 13 July 2020, 07:33

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