Intelligent Robots that make life easier

some time Ago that home automation, the set of technologies applied to control and intelligent automation of the home, is present in more and more homes. This i

Intelligent Robots that make life easier

some time Ago that home automation, the set of technologies applied to control and intelligent automation of the home, is present in more and more homes. This innovative system integrates everyday objects and technology, and helps us to make more bearable the household chores. In this way, we gain free time to do what we like and we make sure that the work in our house you will do exactly as we would do in the us.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 25 million robots sold worldwide, iRobot remains committed in offering the best solutions to help people do more in their day-to-day, and relieve them of the task of cleaning less palatable. With all this accumulated experience in robotics and innovation, the engineers from iRobot designed robots specialized to care for and clean the floors as they would their own people, but without any effort on the part of them. For each task, iRobot has specific technologies to ensure the best results.

This year, the brand has launched the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba i7+ station auto flush, so that users forget to breathe in for months. The appliance is equipped with numerous technologies in such a way that it learns, maps and is adapted to the home: you know which rooms are cleaned and when. Its suction power is ten times higher and has a high-efficiency filter is ideal for pet owners, which captures 99% of pollen, dust particles and allergens, dog and cat. Its low profile design allows you to clean easily under furniture and around the legs.

tap the photo Robot vacuum cleaner 'Braava jet m6'

in Addition, your Roomba i7+ learn how it is in every room, and remembers up to 10 floors or different surfaces, so that we can transfer him to another corner of the house or even the apartment of a vacation, to map a new space without forgetting the previous. When the robot has finished cleaning, empty the tank automatically on your station to be emptied. Roomba i7+ is compatible with the devices voice Alexa and Google Assistant, and along with the new model Roomba s9+, is the only robot vacuum cleaner that allows users to clean rooms and with a station of emptying automatic.

Another revolutionary model is the new robot friegasuelos Braava jet m6. Its new design with maximized reach corners and hard to reach places, leaving the floors clean and with a gentle aroma in the whole house. Your atomizer of pressure jet unembed the dirt and stains, while their cloths dissolve and trap the waste. Like Roomba i7+, Braava jet m6 uses the same system of navigation and mapping intelligent to memorize the layout of the house, which allows users to control which rooms are cleaned and when.

Coordination absolute

The technology of Coordination, Imprint allows Roomba i7+ Roomba s9+ is coordinated with the robot iRobot Braava jet m6 for an extra level of cleaning. The first vacuums the floor automatically, and then the second robot leaves its base and rub the same surface, without the user having to do anything. Because the robots from iRobot are experts that communicate with each other to know when is the perfect time to move on to the next task. There is nothing better than team work for a house that is very well connected.

Robot vacuum cleaner 'Roomba s9'

therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba like robot friegasuelos Braava iRobot ensure that soils receive the care and cleaning specialist that you need in every moment.

The commitment of iRobot is to build an ecosystem of robots specialized in task, able to work together to provide exceptional work within the connected home. With this idea, the company is working to develop technologies that make it possible in the not too distant future the smart home is maintained by itself, in anticipation of the needs the user has. In short, go beyond the mere automation

Date Of Update: 30 December 2019, 16:00