In terms of income, East Germans are catching up fast

For several years, the income grow in many East German regions is faster than in many Western areas, such as the "world" reported. This also includes pensions

In terms of income, East Germans are catching up fast

For several years, the income grow in many East German regions is faster than in many Western areas, such as the "world" reported. This also includes pensions, which, in the East rise faster than in the West, so that from July 2024 in Germany, a uniform life conditions – at least for retirees.

Also interesting: pension increases - pensioners more than 50 Euro to get from July in addition,

Western regions in economic Distress

for a long time known that the Ruhr area cities, such as Gelsenkirchen, Germany, by high unemployment and economically, more and more are left behind. The loss of mining could never be compensated.

However, statistical Figures showed that all the provinces fall behind. This applies especially for the Saarland. The state suffers from a structural crisis as a former mining region. The cripples economic growth.

of Brandenburg and Saxony climbing in the income ranking to the top

Therefore, the two East German States of Brandenburg and Saxony are at the height of the available income in the ranking in front of the West German tail light, in the Saarland.

Brandenburg profits from the metropolis of Berlin. In the future, the settlement of Tesla's Giga is likely to be of benefit to the state of Factory. Tesla Boss Elon Musk is planning in the start-up phase, with around 10,500 jobs. World, national statistical offices .

Saxony had, however, led to the development of largely self-induced. The Figures of the statistical offices of the länder, the report would result.

Each Saxon citizens has had an average 20.335 Euro per year

After that, each inhabitant of the free state recently, a disposable income of 20.335 Euro in the year. Under the "disposable income" to understand Economists, the net income after deduction of direct taxes and social bar along the lines of those. Brandenburg as a Champion under the new länder is achieved even 20.475 euros per head of the population.

The Saar countries are only 20.277 euros in the year, down about 0.3 percent in Saxony.

The above amounts calculator to apply for all citizens, and also pensioners and students. The value in Saxony, is twelve percent below the nationwide average of 22.899 Euro.

Disposable income per inhabitant Paycheck: gross-net-calculator 2020 So much of the net

Saxony catching up remains to you from the gross

Saxony's economy is booming, Carsten Brzeski, chief economist at Germany, ING, explains: The state, have blossomed "in the last few years, a small growth of oasis in the East". Particular growth in science, high tech and automotive, "says the expert, be the driver" according to the report.

Very different is the Saarland. There there was "still a lot of industrial sites, from which the economy was less dynamic," says Brzeski.

East German länder to get to the West

This is also confirmed by the Figures: In the decade between 2008 and 2018, the Saar countries experienced a Per-capita income growth of 17 percent . The German average is at least 23 percent . All East German Federal States came in the period referred to higher growth. You have to put between 29 percent in Sachsen-Anhalt and 26 per cent in Brandenburg.

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However, the Saarland, in this ranking list, not even the final light: The city-state of Bremen have managed just once 11.9% growth in disposable income, the report says.

So Bremen was the only land that is a development of Income, which was below the rate of Inflation. Their value added between 2008 and 2018 is 13 percent. As a result, the net income of Bremer declined in this period. Drastically said: The Hanseatic city-dwellers were poorer in the period.

Corona-crisis could exacerbate the Trend

Because the current Corona pandemic, millions of citizens forces in short-time work, are likely to the average income in the current year. This is also why observers expect these Trends to intensify further.

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