If You can't get disability insurance or can pay, are the here are the best Alternatives

back A broken, an accident or a mental illness can quickly lead to workers no longer able to exercise their profession properly. Exactly for these cases, an occ

If You can't get disability insurance or can pay, are the here are the best Alternatives

back A broken, an accident or a mental illness can quickly lead to workers no longer able to exercise their profession properly. Exactly for these cases, an occupational inability insurance (BU) is usually. It makes the events undone, but ensures that this is not even a threat of one's own existence is the result.

disability insurance is therefore always the first choice, if you want to protect your work force: you will not or only to a severely limited may be exercised protects you from financial problems if a professional health-related. A jumps if the Insured person cannot work for at least six months to at least 50 percent in his last profession.

  • The experts of Stiftung Warentest had studied in July 2019, the BU-in tariff offers from different insurance companies – here you can see the results along with the winner of the test.
  • And here you can select the offers from different disability insurance as per your needs and compare: display Here you will find the optimal disability insurance!

The benefits of the BU, the experts also stress again now. However, as you note, not everyone who would like to complete a disability insurance, auto quote. "People who work hard physically like many craftsmen, and people with pre-existing conditions have made it difficult," write the Tester now. You have searched for, namely, for precisely this reason, Alternatives to the classic BU and present the findings in the August issue of the "financial test".

the fundamental efficiency and function of disability insurance is becoming more and more popular

Little is known, but it is sometimes worth it, are therefore so-called fundamental efficiency and function disability policies are offered more frequently. Secure the loss of basic abilities such as Seeing, Hearing, or hands to use, and can be especially for people who work physically, makes sense.

The advantage will be lost, the skills - for example, due to an accident or illness for a longer period of time and affected the health of the Insured, this results in strong, get Insured, regardless of their actual ability to work a pension.

"Extremely complicated and difficult for a layperson to

watching" "you often pay lower insurance premiums and can agree, under certain circumstances, a higher pension than disability insurance," explains the Foundation goods test. Display Now free quotes for your private health insurance get and compare!

The disadvantage is that There are variants to be in this Insurance, the barriers to receive services, "very high", especially in the function of disability policies. Both variants were also "extremely complicated and difficult for laypeople to see through".

The basic ability of insurance companies...

the basic ability of insurance companies (GFV) to be offered in Germany only since the year 2000. Finally, the number of deals has risen sharply. You do not hedge the financial risk to the profession not more exercise - does the BU - but a single, defined in the contract, skills such as Speaking, Hearing, Seeing, climbing stairs, or the use of the hands. Only when these skills go for a minimum of six or twelve months lost, there is money from the insurance company. But even then, if you can still work. Another advantage is that Many policies are also available, if you are classified as Care level II or III.

A basic ability insurance, while making less than a classic BU, the rates are usually much cheaper. On the example of an industrial mechanic has the Foundation were calculated to test for a minimum annual contribution of 600 euros.

...and the winner of the test:

have A good protection at a good price, the "financial test"-experts, to write the Collective "Premium basic ability-protection" of the provider Canada Life . The rates for "body protection police E230" from Alliance and "SI Work-Life comfort-Plus" of the Signal-Iduna are also recommended, but a bit more expensive.

The power function of disability insurance...

A function invalidity insurance (FIV) in question comes to serious illnesses, accidents or the loss of safeguard of one or more skills. That means you, if a permanent accident damage, serious diseases, organ damage or the loss of basic abilities such as Seeing, Listening, and Speaking occur-or four-motor skills such as walking, hand use, or stairs climbing is possible. The protection of policies includes often the need for care with. The free comparison of FOCUS Online (display) life Here, find a cheap risk insurance!

Also, here is a monthly pension paid up to a certain age, or until the end-of-life Insured in the case of the cases. In addition, one-time cash benefits are possible. To ensure that the insurance kicks in, however, must be present for at least three years irreversible, significant and permanent impairments. The cost of the Foundation goods test, according to at least 250 euros per year (calculated on the example of a 25-year-old industrial mechanic).

warning : The policies are often much cheaper than a BU or a GFV. However, there is no guarantee that the contribution remains stable. This is particularly true of cheap start-up premiums, the annual contributions to increase, often enormously, warn the experts.

...and the winner of the test:

Under the function of disability policies, advises the Foundation goods test products "Opti5Rente Premium protection" and "Opti5Rente Top-protection" from Barmenia . They would offer good conditions for age-independent contributions.

in Total, have analyzed the financial test experts 31 basic skills policies and 10 function disability policies. The detailed test report of Stiftung Warentest (charges apply) can be found here.

Nothing to it? There are still more Alternatives to BU

Other Alternatives are from the point of view of the Tester, Dread Disease and personal accident insurance or disability policies. The latter jump, if the Insured can not exercise a profession. The policies, however, offer only limited protection, because they mostly cover only selected disability risks.



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