INFO THE POINT. League 1 : Mediapro has paid the LFP - The Point

will Pay, will pay not ? For the past few weeks, doubts about the ability of Mediapro to adjust the rights tv of French football. But this Friday, the audiovisu

INFO THE POINT. League 1 : Mediapro has paid the LFP - The Point

will Pay, will pay not ? For the past few weeks, doubts about the ability of Mediapro to adjust the rights tv of French football. But this Friday, the audiovisual group sino-Spanish has silenced the rumors as he has made the first installment of the "mega contract" that commits it with the professional football League (LFP). Mediapro – or, rather, Téléfoot, his chain – will provide the major part of French football, while Canal+, broadcaster history of the League 1, reserves a few prestigious confrontations.

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The biggest check ever cashed by the LFP

1,250 billion euros per year, or $ 5 billion at the end of the four-year contract : this is the astronomical amount that will be charged each year the professional football French as soon as the season 2020-2021, against 728 million previously, representing a sharp increase of 60 % ! Primary holder of the rights, Téléfoot, the new channel launched by Mediapro in France, will distribute 80 % of the matches of Ligue 1, including 10 big shocks of the season and 80 % of the meetings of League 2. The remaining 20% returning to Canal+, which will feature 28 of the best posters.

The distribution of matches on each day between the different broadcasters. If a doubt remained on the faculty of Mediapro to pay such an amount of money, the first instalment in the biggest contract of French football has finally been made this Friday. The broadcasting group has made a deposit of 143 million euros before tax, that is to say 172 million including VAT. The addition is completed by the payments of Canal+ (56.4 million HT), beIN Sport (7.5 million) and Free (7.1 million). In total, more than 257 million euros that will iriguer the French football, as well as the coffers of the State. The money will be redistributed to the clubs of League 1 and League 2, by August 15. On the eve of elections for the president of the LFP, which promise to be hectic, Didier Quillot – current chief executive officer of the forum, has succeeded and signed an undeniable success, and silenced the doubts about the solvency of the group sino-Spanish Mediapro.

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Téléfoot, the new chain reference

On Monday 17 August, a few days before the resumption of the championship, a new channel dedicated 100% to football, will make its entry in the French homes. His name ? Téléfoot, by the name of the mythical show aired on TF1 from 1977. The weekend will now start on Friday evening with the first meeting of League 1 scheduled for 21 hours, preceded by a magazine launch. Saturday, subscribers will be able to combine the displays of 17 hours and the multiplex Ligue 2 to 19 hours. Finally, the Sunday will be the busiest day. Téléfoot will launch the day with a magazine opening. A game will be proposed to 13 hours, before the multiplex of 15 hours. Then, the new sports channel will offer an appointment on the Sunday night starting at 19 hours, presented by Anne-Laure Bonnet, which looks back over the nine meetings already held and bring the viewer to the last shows of the weekend, including the 10 dating the most expected. Heads of gondola, the chain, Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu will comment on these posters. Finally, the evening will conclude with a magazine of debriefing. To note that Téléfoot has the exclusive rights on the broadcasts during the week, which would allow him to produce three daily appointments dedicated to the League 1.

To deepen Media : the channel Téléfoot full mercato

But Mediapro does not stop in so good way. The Spanish group has recently struck a major coup by getting the rights to tv's the League of champions that belong to the group SFR/RMC until June 2021. This agreement will allow the future chain of codiffuser the entirety of the competition during the season 2020-2021.

Canal+ saved, beIN SPORTS well-placed, and RMC Sport threatened

Among the competitors, the picture is mixed. Canal+ has recovered only 76 games of the season in Ligue 1, only 2 per day. But to keep in the breath of its subscribers, the encrypted string has chosen to bet on meetings of top of the table with 28 of the best matches of Ligue 1, to which is added the whole of the Premier League.

For his part, beIN SPORTS holds an intermediate position. The chain qatari recovers 20 % of the fees for League 2, but retains its european championships (Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga). Finally, to RMC Sport, the future darkens. The chain of the group Altice, which diffuse in the entire Premier League has seen snaps up the rights of the champions League by Canal+ and beIN SPORT for the period 2021-2024. No new championships or exclusivity, RMC Sport short inevitably to its loss.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 10:33

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