How post offices could be saved

What to do when less customers come in the post offices? This question is the Post for a long time. She has made one thing clear: The network of postal agenci

How post offices could be saved

What to do when less customers come in the post offices? This question is the Post for a long time. She has made one thing clear: The network of postal agencies, with the partners steadily expanded, and their own post offices closed.

in 2017, presented the Post in a Plan of what post offices you want to check – that is, which will probably be closed and are secured. However, a guarantee for the secured branches, according to the Plan until 2020. What comes after that is open. The next wave of post office closures could threaten already this year.

the strategy of The Post in the last few years, it could be in relation to the offer in your post, some poles mixed with "everything out of nothing" to summarize. First of all, sweets were removed, then Loose. Now, the Post throws over the next one and a half years, yet the selection of Books from the shelves as a post spokesman confirmed on request. What remains is not much more than a reduced stationery and Communications services. And a lot of space.

cooperation with municipalities

The Post a large-scale strategy adjustment is currently developing under their new boss Roberto Cirillo. An important Chapter covers the future of post offices. A question is whether more post offices into postal agencies converted. Or whether there are other solutions: for example, how the remaining post can be differently positioned to win more customers and achieve more sales.

The trade Union Syndicom has specific ideas: "The postal workers are well-qualified to other services," says Syndicom-Central Secretary David Roth. His idea: Additional Service-public services are to be integrated in the post offices. "Municipalities shorten the opening Hours to reduce costs. Here, collaborations are on offer," says Roth.

Also, it is conceivable that the Post office provides more Services, for example, for insurance companies, banks or insurance companies. "A spatially-based care brings more benefits for all parties Involved. In all of these industries, there are services on the switch, the go back, but not all. And since the Post had a Chance, a very important function and to make its stores more profitable," says Roth.

Post is reserved

Roth is concerned that the state reduces its presence in the country and in the Districts of more and more. "This leads to insecurity, to feeling abandoned, but also more traffic in the centers." A well-developed logistics network, is the availability of financial services, and other elements of the public Service are not Folklore, but the backbone of economic development.

The Post is reserved, when it comes to the communication of its new strategy. "The Post wants to get in the Supplement business with a profitable postal-related products continue to be upright. It is important for us that these products for the customers are interesting and that they respond to a need," says a spokeswoman only. Therefore, the Post-test continuously new products and partnerships and to offer these if appropriate.

In an Interview with the "Switzerland on the weekend," said Post office chief Roberto Cirillo, a similar Opening of the post office, has in mind the Union, such as the Offer of services for health insurance companies.

Less branches, more agencies

For years, decreases the number of post offices. It was 2013, in 1662, there are now 981. In contrast, the number of post has increased in agencies of 569 in the year 2013, today, 1136. Postal agencies and post offices as a so-called controlled access points are also a total decline. Currently 29 cases are in the mediation procedure, the competent Postcom pending. If this is not yet decided conclusively whether post be converted in to other offers.

Since the beginning of last year, new guidelines with regard to the coverage of the population, however, apply. Previously, the country had to be able to far 90 per cent of the population within 20 minutes on foot or by public transport to a post office or postal Agency reach. If the Post office is offering a home service, then there are 30 minutes. This regulation now applies to individual cantons separately, so not in the Federal-wide average. The same, especially in rural cantons, a tightening of the requirements in terms of accessibility.

From several to make one

behind the Scenes Post on your branches. It was restructured on a large scale. From several post, was organizational. With the consequence that a third of all Postmasters not more of the squad belonging to. To a large removal, however, such as David Roth says. About Early retirement, it was drastic removal measures to prevent it. The restructuring is now in the final stages, as it says in the Post. Currently, the recruitment of the Deputy team conducting the course. 1. May, the new organization is in force.

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