Horsemen have a run - but you don't think your prophecies to the end of

World's example instead of find lots of fault recordings, which are just a brace by unrestrained Monetisierng to. This is, without question, the state financin

Horsemen have a run - but you don't think your prophecies to the end of

World's example instead of find lots of fault recordings, which are just a brace by unrestrained Monetisierng to. This is, without question, the state financing: the stability of a political mortal sin. In fact, the Central Bank, the recent stability of the garments of fall.

De facto, they operate a nudist. However, concerns of the Federal constitutional court a force to bond the ECB purchases, such as Appeals to the Fox, to give away the goose again. So you can stir up a lot of fear of Inflation, currency reform, and, of course, a final Crash in the financial markets, what with book sales, etc. also good to monetize.

And who knows what is coming yet everything to us. We need a second wave of Infection even more economic stimulus programs to Pump? Is not, therefore, reached the end of the debt orgies yet?

Yes, the Horsemen have a proper run. The Person

Robert Halver, the analysis of Capital markets head of Baader Bank.

Amen, I say to you, the impending doom

Ok, let's play it just once. What if our real, existing financial world would collapse? Demo generalization of large Parts of the population, the financial and employment prospects are lost, can quickly lead to free democratic system questions.

Each company is in a figurative sense, but only a few meals from anarchy away. Legal blanks, in which the law of the jungle applies arise then? Or authority with massive Repression is to get the public to rest upright? My grandpa always told me, that the immediate time was after world war II, regardless of supply bottlenecks anything other than a fun.

Finally, is assumed that it is for Europe, and especially Germany, because America wanted to protect the old continent - and at that time the geo-strategically important zone of influence - from the "evil Ivan". But what will happen in a new zero hour? America shows manifestly little interest in holding Europe together. TRANS-Atlantic versus TRANS-Pacific enormously important.

Israel enjoys economic puppies protection of the USA

in Part, Trump has become the enemy in our own Western bed. And then? To be breaking centuries-old conflict and Europe's political collapse? How can claim the Single Germany then geostrategically yet?

we are no longer the undisputed Industrieprotz, you have to go shopping because of technological Superiority. The Chinese make us more and more industrial fields the leadership position - with unfair means to successfully dispute, which means a welfare loss. How are we supposed to defend ourselves because as a soloist against the other dependencies of a country that is 17 Times as many people, and 26 Times greater?

The Argument of the Euro-critics, Israel can do it but alone, is not convincing. Just because the country is in the Middle East for Washington's geo-strategic importance, it enjoys the full political, military and economic, the puppies protection in the United States. Without this assistance, Israel would not survive.

doomsday scenarios need to be thought to be the end of

Against this Background, a collapse is not a child's birthday, and we continue as before. It speaks little for a Happy Hour, more for a break, clearly political, and economic conditions deteriorated. And then what happens to my assets? Is secured its stock or of its exploitation, then? Or it will be decimated in the Wake of a forced state for social justice? Who guarantees in a potential Wild West scenario, the ownership of Bitcoins, Gold, or woods?

To hear this may be a significantly deteriorating political conditions of the black seers, little-to-nothing. But exactly these are the crucial questions. In the extreme case, all the "valuable" advice and preparations on the for over 10 years, prophesied of the ultimate Crash and the supposed protection of the assets for the Katz.

It's damn easy to criticize and to design well-to-file (net assets)solutions on the Basis of suitable milk made a girl bills. The can be after a Crash but faster waste than you think. It would therefore be for black-and-painters are not much more consistent to go with your wisdom and your sense of mission even in the policy to make it better for all of us to earn instead of with the fear of the people money?

faced with the Alternative of collapse I definitely have so much respect, that you do not need to make every effort in order for it to get so far.

Please, not more "oomph" for Germany

That means, however, to grant politicians in Germany and Europe, a free letter. They are elected to act in times of crisis with a cool mind and high responsibility. There's a lot of air is still to the top. China, India, South Korea and America debt, while also Gasping causing. These countries use them, however, to modernization of its industrial sites, in order to raise the sustainable economic potential. You see the crisis as an opportunity. You put the "oomph".

Germany 2020 new debt of almost 220 billion euros. Since you can not repeat this act of violence any, he has to sit in terms of economic policy. But, unfortunately, the German economy are packets are addressed to the recovery of the Status quo prior to the Corona-crisis, with all its structural deficits in terms of education, infrastructure and digitization.

VAT reduction and children's bonus burn like straw in fire

So the VAT reduction - if it is ever passed - and the children's burn bonus as an election populist measures, such as straw fire. The long-term warming effect is not achieved. This is too little "oomph".

Germany needs permanent tax cuts, and the complete abolition of the Solis. In addition, the state should not protect the "old economy" companies just before Takeovers, but attractive framework for the new economy and Start-ups.

in addition to a comprehensive clearing out of the diseased bureaucracy must be made through a well-resourced state funds the way for the future fields of climate technology, and the digitization of the free. The future-oriented companies to stay here, and here, secure jobs. In contrast, neosozialist makes of dirty talk is not for economic gain pleasure. Bernecker exchange - compass orientation for your Depot. Clear. Compact. Competent. (Partner offer) Now for 30 days completely free trial!

the task of The power principle in Europe for the "Boom"

Now do not need to Berlin to give away in the EU money, so the family atmosphere at aunt Isabella, uncle Luigi and Cousin Pierre tilts. These "in-kind" talks forced the European Progenitor, Germany nice that there is the relationship of purchasing power for its exports.

Sounds in the short term, after a good Deal. However, when the free lunch table for the European duration of institution, there is little incentive for Italy, Spain, France or Greece with Deregulation in the labour market and in the administration or with changes in the economy structures itself to stimulate the growth.

Full stomach studied not fond of. To the South is served economically and socially, slowly but surely, to the bottom, which will speed up the anti-European centrifugal forces in the long term.

Without the "oomph" threatens Europe with "Umph". Then it comes to all of us, worse than now. And then you will find that you can't eat under course literature.

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