Handelsblatt: Ex-Wirecard-Board Marsalek holds close to Moscow

"Handelsblatt": Ex-Wirecard-Board Marsalek is holding close to Moscow Sunday, 19. July, 21.26 at: The volatile Ex-Wirecard Board, Jan Marsalek has droppe

Handelsblatt: Ex-Wirecard-Board Marsalek holds close to Moscow
"Handelsblatt": Ex-Wirecard-Board Marsalek is holding close to Moscow

Sunday, 19. July, 21.26 at: The volatile Ex-Wirecard Board, Jan Marsalek has dropped off a newspaper report that to Russia. The for weeks submerged Manager is housed on an estate West of Moscow, under the supervision of the Russian military intelligence service GRU, reported the "Handelsblatt", citing an entrepreneur, judicial and diplomatic circles. Previously, Marsalek have made substantial sums of money in the Form of Bitcoins from Dubai to Russia.

Wirecard had admitted in June that in the year balance, lack of 1.9 billion Euro and the money probably does not even exist. The market price of the Dax group crashed, the company filed for bankruptcy. In the case of the public Prosecutor's office Munich I.

determines The "Handelsblatt" reported, citing the Investigative platform Bellingcat, Marsalek, it should be flown on the day of his release from Klagenfurt, the Estonian capital, Tallinn, to a Russian Minsk. Due to the political conflict between the Russian leadership and the Belarusian head of state Alexander Lukashenko, it was the GRU too risky to leave Marsalek in the neighbouring country. Therefore, he had been more done to Russia.

The "mirror" had previously reported, Marsalek, could be in Belarus or Russia. In the Russian entry and departure register, which also encompasses the neighboring Belarus, is to be found for Marsalek registration only hours after his release Wirecard to. Accordingly, Marsalek was traveling through the airport in the capital, Minsk, in. A return to Mars, Aleks was not recorded according to "level" yet.

report: Wanted Wirecard Manager Marsalek fled to white Russia

16.33 PM: The missing Wirecard Manager Jan Marsalek, apparently, has fled to Belarus. The reports of "mirror", the forms of investigative Platt "Bellingcat" and "The Insider", as well as the U.S. "McClatchy Report". Accordingly, the Austrians, at midnight, from 18 on. on the 19. June at the airport of the capital, Minsk, bearing travel. Marsalek was on 18. June Wirecard been made.

The 40-year-old Deputy head is considered to be one of the key figures in the scandal surrounding the now-bankrupt financial service providers, which went missing mysteriously 1.9 billion euros in consolidated assets in the Philippines. The money has probably never existed, a lot of international business relations of the company – especially to Asia – were fake.

After his release Marsalek was submerged. The database of the Philippine immigration authority and that he was on 23. June in the Philippines, entered the country, and the country had left only a day later, again in the direction of China. The Philippine Minister of justice Menardo Guevarra has now declared, however, border officials had falsified the data in order to lead investigators astray.

In his escape Marsalek benefited from his intelligence contacts. The "Handelsblatt" reported on Thursday, from the chat logs, in which the Austrians boasted of his Connections to the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad. And the British "Financial Times", according to Marsalek in March to have 2018 top-secret papers of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to the stop on the Ex-Russian agent and a Defector Sergei Viktorovich Skripal in March 2018 passed around. According to the "mirror" have monitored the Russian domestic secret service FSB, at least, the movements of the Wirecard Manager.

considered As Marsalek to white Russia, is still unclear. In the databases, it should be noted, according to the "mirror" any flight number to his entry, instead, only a reference to a "once a flight was to be found". In the chat messages, the "Handelsblatt" reported, to Marsalek on 29. June to a Familiar have written, he's all right, you had nothing to Worry about. "Nothing happens to me here. Not for the time I just fly the same way out as I came in," wrote Marsalek, therefore, in the "business jet".

Particularly instructive a different message, however. On the question of whether the political conditions to its current whereabouts are stable, should Marsalek, according to "Handelsblatt" answered: "Yes, they are still the same people at the helm like 25 years ago." The Belarusian dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka has ruled since July 1994.

report: the Chancellery helped Wirecard transactions in China

Friday, 17. July, 18.12 PM: , The Chancellor's office has used a media report that in the past year for the now insolvent payment service provider Wirecard and its planned market entry in China. The the news magazine "Spiegel" reported on Friday, citing the Chancellor's office. Accordingly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) spoke at the 3. September 2019 to grasp with the former Minister of defence Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg about the company's plans in the Chinese market.

Guttenberg advised the Dax-listed company in its Expansion to China with his Investment and consulting firm Spitzberg Partners. On the same day, Guttenberg've sent an E-Mail to Lars-Hendrik Röller, the Director of the Department for economic, financial and energy policy of the Chancellor's office and the Personal representative of Merkel for the G7 and the G20 summit. Michael Kappeler/dpa, The German Chancellor at the time of their trip to China.

in it, he informed Röller, according to the "mirror" of the intended market entry by Wirecard in China and asked him for "support in the framework of the visit to China" Merkel's on 6. and 7. September, 2019. After the trip to China Röller answered, therefore, Guttenberg, 8. September, by e-Mail, "that the subject had come for the visit to China, and other support promised".

Nearly two months later, Wirecard announced that it will acquire shares in the Chinese company AllScore Payment Services. The company from Beijing, is the "mirror", according to controversial. In 2020, it had to pay, therefore, in China a record fine for links in the gambling industry.

In the Wirecard scandal, the pressure on the Federal government grew most recently, and in particular the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD). This was according to his Ministry on 19. February 2019 informed that the financial Supervisory authority Bafin in the case of Wirecard investigated for market manipulation. Wirecard EUR 1.80 +0,25 (+16,36%) Xetra

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