Funds, stocks or physical silver is on the rise, so investors will earn

Together with under-valuation relative to Gold seems to be the breeding ground for a rising silver price is preparing. As depot admixture of silver could be the

Funds, stocks or physical silver is on the rise, so investors will earn

Together with under-valuation relative to Gold seems to be the breeding ground for a rising silver price is preparing. As depot admixture of silver could be the long term of Use, and even a kind of protection for further periods of crisis. A mix of physical metal and the shares of the producers emphasized the precautionary nature, and the return orientation of a portfolio.

the metal of the two worlds

"The Performance of silver this year to about the middle of may 2020 disappointing. It behaved more like an industrial metal than a precious metal. According to our model, it is silver to a hybrid of metal, but lately its strong historical correlation with Gold from the rudder seems to be running,“ says Nitesh Shah, Research Director at asset Manager WisdomTree. Silver price (Spot) 17,45 USD -0,16 (-0,91%), except over-the-counter

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commodities expert Shah is still out, the silver price should rise until the end of the year to 26,50 US dollars per ounce. In fact, silver is correlated historically very strong with the gold price. This ratio could increase again.

Gold serves as a store of value. As the Central banks try increasingly, the economic problems by Creating more and more liquidity to push it, it should stay that way. For the short or long term, at least, the fear of inflationary tendencies is expected to carry the escape to safe havens for capital. This includes silver ranks next to Gold. As the sister metal to be attributed to the properties as a protection against inflation, a store of Value and Liquidity.

Currently, the a side of silver, the use as an industrial raw material is thus due to the Corona - crisis in the shadow. But the other side, which should Shine as a monetary Good. The price ratio of Gold to silver shows, however, that this is Far from the case.

silver has enormous Catch-up potential compared to the price of gold, when it comes to the precious metal side. An increased industrial demand for more, possibly supported by new applications in the medical field, should develop, the price of silver compared to Gold is significantly better. A healthy mix of hedging, liquidity in the event of a crisis, the potential for an industrial Renaissance and the Chance of price gains - investors heart, what more do you want? Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

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Physical silver

Planned course of action is the trump card

in 2020, are likely to be purchased 215,8 million ounces of silver in the Form of coins and bullion investors and collectors. The were purchased by 16 percent more than in 2019, than in Germany alone, approximately 32 million ounces of. Add to that worldwide, 120 million ounces in ETFs/ETCs are likely to come. The monetary side of the white precious metal seem to always get more attention. FOCM silver holdings in ETFs and ETCs in the world, investors should note, however, that physical silver in a tax perspective, treated as the sister metal to Gold, but is at a disadvantage. Although profits are according to a one-year holding period, such as when Gold is exempt from tax. However, when buying the VAT, in contrast to Gold.

In the case of silver bullion in this country is bought and taken over, is not the bypass in the case of private persons. In the case of many common silver coins - only these should be purchased for investment purposes - offer the most reputable precious metal dealer, at least, a difference in taxation.

only the difference of acquisition price to sell is subject to price at the dealer of VAT. Investors should therefore check the possibility of the purchase of silver bullion in the duty-free store and bring it to.

This can be worthwhile in the case of larger sums certainly, since then the VAT is payable at the time of the delivery to Germany, if this is ever made. Even with smaller sums of money using a savings plan can be purchased using fractional ownership, a part of a large ingot, the camp is located in the duty-free, comparatively low-cost. Investors should obtain several quotes, compare the prices and above all on the seriousness of the precious metal dealer's attention. The ETF savings plan comparison of FOCUS Online (display) you will Find the right ETF savings plan, in comparison

silver mines-equity Fund silver focused, with a good mix

There are hardly any vehicle in the funds sector, with German investors focused in the silver mining market to invest in. The Stabilitas Silber + white metals Fund is an exception. Currently, the management of the Fund relies on a relatively strong admixture of gold mines. Therefore, the distribution of the Fund's assets currently stands at 63 per cent, of silver producers, 22 percent of gold mines and 15 percent of the mining in the platinum metals sector and other. Stabilitas - Silber+white metals - P EUR ACC 48,00 EUR +0.03 in (+0,06%) Stuttgart

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To the price data The Fund invests in a wide range of companies, of the big silver producers, through to emerging mining companies. Among the largest silver mine of the items on Fresnillo, Pan American Silver, SSR Mining, which are changing more and more to the gold producers, and Silvercorp Metals. A Top-value is, in addition to Wheaton Precious Metals. This Royalty group wants to move on in the next few years, its amount of silver in the Portfolio with new agreements that significantly. FOCM Stabilitas Silber + white metals Fund: it Goes with the precious metal prices up, the mining stocks disproportionately well. The Stabilitas-Silber-Fund shows this in comparison to the silver and gold price impressively. The price of silver now attracts, it should benefit the Fund. Devisen100 is the ideal consultancy service, if you want to make the first steps on the Forex. (Partner quote) here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

Silvercorp Metals: Old-established in the middle Kingdom,

China is not only in the gold mining industry top. Also in the case of silver production, the middle Kingdom was one of 110,7 million ounces in 2019 to the Top 3, after Mexico (190.3 million ounces) and Peru (135.4 million ounces). A successful and leading silver producer in China, Canada's Silvercorp Metals is . The group has produced in the past 14 years, 69.7 million ounces.

Although this year's silver production lead, zinc and Gold as by-products - by barriers due to the Coronavirus negatively affected. However, around ten million ounces of silver equivalent, is to be converted, the by-products of silver, it should be still. For 2021 are expected to be almost twelve million ounces.

For a greater diversification Silvercorp has made a takeover offer for Guyana Goldfields. This is likely to bring Silvercorp increasingly in the focus of analysts and investors. Silvercorp has also reported recently a semi-annual dividend of 1.25 US cents. Stop Price: 3,49 Euro. FOCM Silvercorp Metals

MAG Silver: New star in the silver country of Mexico

With the large Partner Fresnillo in the back, Silver on builds LIKE in Mexico, the Juanicipio Mine. While 44 per cent is owned by MAG and 56% Fresnillo, the largest pure silver mine, the operator of the earth. Fresnillo produced in 2019, approximately 51.8 million ounces of silver (including by-products).

The Mexicans know in the build-up of silver mines, so with the best of what Silver LIKE you can benefit. The Juanicipio Mine should be in the summer, the commercial production. In the first twelve months, the silver is brought containing ore to a nearby processing plant of Fresnillo. In mid-2021 to take over the new investment in Juanicipio, the processing itself.

Starting in 2022 are likely to be funded significantly more than 20 million ounces of silver equivalent per year with relatively moderate operating costs. In addition to the Juanicipio Mine has a few more exploration and development projects. Stop Price: 9,95 Euro. FOCM MAG Silver

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