Ford Bronco : US is back | Auto

The inspiration often comes from a return to the sources which is not in the back. Ford saw it today after having forgotten, during 24 years, the icon of the 4

Ford Bronco : US is back | Auto

The inspiration often comes from a return to the sources which is not in the back. Ford saw it today after having forgotten, during 24 years, the icon of the 4 x 4, Bronco. Without a doubt, stung to the quick by the revival of an all-new Defender by Land Rover and the announcement by Jeep for a future Wrangler Rubicon V8, the manufacturer of Dearborn, suburb of Detroit, has regained the inspiration. He has designed a modern version of the Bronco, true to the spirit, but rid of them, but unlike the Jeep, the V8 energy.

We will return to it, but the Bronco, it's all come to a boil feature which has been masterfully reinterpreted. There isn't a new Bronco, but of the three, apportioning the offer between 4 x 4, because they are not of the SUV, two doors, four doors, and finally a smaller version, the Bronco Sport, which still seems more tailored for Europe.

Ford Bronco © Ford

Ford is remembered to have managed a day of Land Rover and have learned from the lesson. In other words, this range of three different vehicles is destined to live the hard way, with the use of materials resistant to mud, the ground clearance raised to cross the fords rather than the streets, the resistance without damage to the small shocks.

Doors removable

Better still, the adventure is not far away with its body open or closed, its door panels dismantled, its tents roof to the bivouac in the hostile environment, and a range of already 200 accessories that do not fall within the scope of the deodorant compartment. And it doesn't stop there, when we look at the technical nomenclature.

Ford Bronco © FordFord Bronco © Ford

The Bronco is still a 4 x 4, with your choice of a simple system, and another more ambitious reduction based box and blocking of differentials. As for Land Rover, we can adapt a program transmission by means of a rotary button according to the terrain encountered (Normal, Eco, Sport, Sand, Baja, Mud, and Rock). A nod to the nickname for the Bronco, this selector is named GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time (" The best of all time ").

Ford Bronco © Ford

The suspension abandons the rigid axles in favour of independence, and perch the Bronco to 26 cm above the treacheries of the soil. Ford announced an approach angle of 37.3 degrees and a depth of the ford of 85 cm. These basic capabilities can be extended with Bilstein shock absorbers, a stabilizer bar semi-active and tires all-terrain 35-inch. Let us have confidence in experts from the u.s. in the 4 x 4 to add more.

Aim Europe pending

Ford Bronco © Ford

For the time being not expected in Europe, the Bronco could, however, take the risk. For two reasons : it will be offered with the 4-cylinder 2.3 l gasoline-turbocharged Ecoboost seen on the Mustang and the Focus. It provides 305 hp with a maximum torque of 420 Nm. And it has a second weapon, its gear boxes, mechanical seven-speed or automatic... ten reports. What hope to pass the standards without leaving too many feathers. Another engine was proposed in the United States, a V6 2.7-litre delivering 315 hp and 555 Nm.

The production will start in early 2021 and the first vehicles will be delivered in the spring of next year in the United States. The brand with the blue oval gives the impetus to a model introduced in 1966, but the u.s. production was stopped in 2016. It is on a Ford Bronco white that the former glory of american football O. J. Simpson, then suspected of murder, was, in June 1994 criss-crossed the highways of Los Angeles followed by a noria of police cars at a slow pace, fascinating at the time a whole nation.

Ford Bronco © Ford

Announced in 2017, the return of the Bronco was originally scheduled to take place in the spring. But the event was cancelled because of the pandemic of Covid-19, and Ford has presented its new models live on the Internet Monday evening. Jeep has not waited for him to respond : a few hours before the official presentation of the 4 x 4, Ford, the brand announced its intention to launch a model Wrangler powered by a V8 engine, dubbed the Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept.

This would be the first time since 1981 that a Jeep would be offered with a powerful engine. But it is an approach that is exclusively american that Ford has, rightly, clearly not accepted.

Ford is betting on the diversity of body parts, colors, accessories to build a Bronco on measurement © Ford

Date Of Update: 15 July 2020, 01:33

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