Ford Bronco 2021: All images, information and data

Ford wants to return to old virtues with new models and innovative technology. Long years of the great performances of the auto manufacturer from Dearborn were

Ford Bronco 2021: All images, information and data

Ford wants to return to old virtues with new models and innovative technology. Long years of the great performances of the auto manufacturer from Dearborn were rather tired; but the "blue oval's" again. After the Ford Mustang and the electric Mustang Mach-E have herbeigesehhnt the off-road fans for years, a car like the Bronco. The off-road classic in the USA, a climbing legend, such as the Wrangler is to make the own vehicle portfolio, emotional, and models such as the Wrangler target. The all-new Ford Bronco is expected to specifically take on the domestic US market, magnificent; but other markets are rubbing at the thought of the new edition of the classic hands.

the Ford Bronco is a true 4x4 off roader

"We have founded the Bronco family, in order to improve every aspect of the off-road adventure, and with first-class Chassis Hardware and exclusive technologies, to raise the bar in a rugged 4x4 Segment, higher to and to lead the people into the Wilderness," said Ford CEO Jim Farley. Ford Ford Bronco 2021

Bronco comes as Two - and four-door

for the First time, it will give the Ford Bronco not only as a two-door car with a relatively short wheelbase, but as well as the main competitors will be Jeep Wrangler with a longer wheelbase and four doors. Like his ancestor he is to convince, not only as a Recreational vehicle, but also in the tough off-road use. "The advanced all-wheel drive technology of the Bronco is at the core of its off-road capabilities. The focus is on the exclusive Terrain Management System of the Bronco with the G. O. A. T. Modes (greatest of all times) is able to navigate, with the driver in any kind of terrain better,“ says Marketing Manager Mark Grueber. Why is the first Jeep the most luxurious car in its time, FOCUS Online/Wochit was Why the first Jeep was the most luxurious car in its time Here, the Auto-Newsletter subscribe

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So the new Bronco is not only with seven-speed manual shift or a ten-speed automatic transmission, but has a total of seven-minute programs, with which it is safely through snow, mud, Sand, or debris should go. With a newly designed electronics with a Pedal of Gas and brake as in the case of an electric car control to be able to the harsh terrain scrambling. Ford Ford Bronco 2021

in Addition, the Bronco short Overhangs, which together provide nearly 30 centimeters of ground clearance for maximum off-road ability. The fording through water is more than 85 centimeters. Visually, the relationship to the previous Bronco generations is obvious; however, the look has been interpreted in a modern way, without being too playful. "Similar to the model of the first Generation of square proportions, short Overhangs and wide stance of the Bronco for off-road adventures are optimized," said Bronco head designer, Paul Wraith, "the side profile features a flat, sleek surface with crisp edges and sturdy flared fenders. Large, open wheel arches are modular and feature a quick release for easy adjustment.“ BAIC for Daimler - looks like the next Mercedes G-class? FOCUS Online BAIC for Daimler - looks like the next Mercedes G-class?

Monster tires 35 inch rims

Visually and technically spectacular: already from the factory, the Bronco with off-road tires to get up to its size of 35 inches. With a few flicks of the roof modules in Two - and four-door model in each of the segments, remove and store it in the vehicle. In addition to the hard shell roof there is a soft top, wherein the frame-less doors with little effort to remove. In the interior there are animated instruments, rustic Desk, and a Central multi-function display, with the not only the road navigation. The System has more than 1000 Trail maps for the US, the on-and offline available. Ford Ford Bronco 2021

the all-new Ford Bronco will be Powered by old friends from the Ford group shelf. The volume model is likely to be the 2.7-litre V6 with turbo charging, the 310 HP and 540 Nm. Who is satisfied with less, you can opt for a 2.3-litre four-cylinder Turbo that makes after all, also 270 HP / 420 Nm. The Ford Bronco can be in the interior, as well as numerous Details on the vehicle outside a maximum of individualize.

the market launch, initially in the USA in the coming spring of 2021, with prices starting at $ 30,000. Remains to hope he comes to Europe. Because in this country the new CO2 penalty payments in the EU could prevent complexion a market ride quite. The most realistic scenario is a Europe Version with environmentally friendly diesel motor. Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" to see to see in the night sky PCP Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" now in the night sky

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